Monday, March 10, 2014

Go Take a Hike!

Cabin_March2014 074
More blue skies and a gentle breeze prompted me to leave the cabin’s sewing nook mid-afternoon and explore my surroundings on foot.

It’s been such a LONG winter, and I was one of the lucky ones – I got to spend parts of January and February between Florida, Alabama, Arizona and Texas.  That little hint now and then of really nice warm spring-like weather has made me so eager for spring to really arrive –but here in North Carolina, it’s been slow to come.  Last weekend’s ice storm was proof of that!

I’m hoping that we have seen the last of that really nasty stuff ---I’ve just checked the weather for the three places I’ll be hitting over the next couple of weeks. From London, KY to Oak Ridge, TN to Pigeon Forge, TN ---and things seem to be warming up a bit as well, but it looks like the sunshine will be interrupted now and then by rounds of March rain.

With that on the calendar – I figured I really needed to get out and do what I can….

Cabin_March2014 072

Follow the trail where it leads!

Cabin_March2014 071

Walk on, and don’t forget to look up!

Cabin_March2014 073

Enjoy the surrounding mountains while I can because as soon as these trees leaf out, you won’t even know there ARE mountains out there!

Cabin_March2014 075

Keep putting one foot in front of the other and you will get there!

Cabin_March2014 077

Once these trees leaf out you won’t be able to see these mountains through them either!

Cabin_March2014 078

See the moon in the center of the picture above the bare trees?

Cabin_March2014 079

And when you are back home again…take time to enjoy a rocking chair and a beautiful view from the front porch!

Cabin_March2014 065

Piecing a top together while watching Foyle’s War on Netflix!

Cabin_March2014 068-001

Ironing Rows!  Yeah! I’m loving this!

Cabin_March2014 082

And an evening spent binding my Split 9-Patch while watching back to back episodes of NCIS!

I’m headed down the mountain here in a few minutes – I’ve got an appointment for Shamu to get her oil changed and tires rotated before I take off tomorrow morning for Kentucky!

And just a heads up --- TOMORROW I am posting a trunk show of quilts in the new book and opening up the website to pre-oders!  Exciting stuff – be watching for that in tomorrow morning’s blog post!

Catch you later from home!

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  1. I loved Foyles War - I only wish there had been more episodes of it - I think I have watched every episode of NCIS more than once - listen more than watch

  2. You need to get the hubster to make you a big board that fits over your ironing board. My husband made me one and I love it. I even like it better to iron shirts on than the regular ironing board.
    Just a little plywood, batting and a fabric cover. It will change your ironing world.

  3. Lovely surroundings at the cabin. Lovely weather too for walking. Should image 10,000 steps should be relatively easy to achieve with those views. Quilt looks as though it is coming on great. Happy travelling tomorrow.

  4. Anonymous11:08 AM EDT

    u r making me miss our cottage we sold years ago
    Bon Jo E

  5. Will you be at the quilt show in Pigeon Forge? If so, I'd love to come and meet you!

  6. Just the mention of Pigeon Forge in your blog made my tummy flutter. Am so looking forward to the Mountain Quiltfest and to meeting you when we travel from UK.
    Pauline, bjplatham@aol.com

  7. So very excited for tomorrow's post! Your hike looks like great fun! I have been using my new elliptical...am up to 12 minutes (in increments) but it is a start!

  8. March and YOU will be in EAST TN!!! Pigeon Forge that is. HURRRAH

    Might I ask, did Sadie get to go on the walk with you. Sweet Pup was in the cabin .. getting canine cabin fever too.

    Smiles, JulieinEAST TN....

  9. MAN, I wish I could accomplish just 1/4 of what you get done!! WOW!


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