Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Quilt-Cam 3/25/2014

Studio_March2014 071

Can you believe it’s been about 3 weeks since our last Quilt-Cam?

Holy cow, what a wild journey I’ve been on ---

Since the last Quilt-Cam I had my friend Tonya over, deboning shirts while we were without power for 2 days ---

I’ve been in Kentucky, and Tennessee ---and twice to the cabin on either end of that journey ---

I’ve finished the top for Wonky Wishes, but it still lacks a backing.

I’m STILL Binding on my Split 9-Patch Leader & Ender Challenge ----

And when I was thinking of what to do for Quilt-Cam tonight….this quilt kept taunting me.

I showed it to Tonya while she was here.

“It’s not done.” She said.
“I KNOW it’s not done!” I said.

I’ve pondered about it, and while putting away the leavings of all the shirts she cut apart while here…I found a left over border length of 4.5” string blocks.

Would it? Could it?

Studio_March2014 073

If I separate the quilt body with a 1” narrow red solid inner border..I think it just might!

Studio_March2014 070

The border length is almost as long as one long quilt side!

I’m already 1/4 the way there!

Studio_March2014 072

More String Block Sewing!

I’m sewing on my 1957 pink Atlas machine tonight.  She hasn’t had a workout in a while and with all the trees blooming pink outside, I’m in a pink mood.  I’ve cut myself some 4.5” foundations and am stringing away from my bottomless bucket of recycled shirt strings and strips --

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  1. I am a galaxy user and love it. I had a the original one and now I have galaxy 3.

  2. hi bonnie, its been too long! it will be crumb sashings for me tonight! hope everyone is having a great evening. from you quilt cammy in beautiful birch bay washington

  3. Hi Bonnie, I am a Galaxy user, started with a Galaxy 1, Galaxy 2 and now have a Galaxy 4. I love it and will eventually get a 5.
    Ana in East Texas

  4. Hi Bonnie,

    Your #1 fan is working tonight so I am filling in with the #2 fan position watching quiltcam. I guess one of us has to earn the bacon.... or fabric money.... Great to see you...


  5. I am at work watching you when I can...will be watching later from archives, but nice to catch you some! Wishin I was sewing with you, but this is the next best thing!

  6. Hi Bonnie, Just wondering if you use only 100% cotton shirts or do you include any poly/cotton blend shirts? Thanks for quilt cam tonight. Working on Celtic Solstice.
    Linda in Mississippi.

  7. Anonymous9:21 PM EDT

    Hi Bonnie! Will keep your friend in our prayers! So glad for Quilt Cam! I'm making extra blocks for my Scrappy Trips I was working on in Pigeon Forge last week, think I need another row on my quilt top!

    Kay Pucciarelli

  8. Lisa in Iowa9:23 PM EDT

    First time watching live!! Hoping this motivates me to get quilting in my craft room tomorrow!!!!

  9. Working on cutting my neutrals for your Star Gazing pattern. I am working on it in tandem with my good friend Vernie. Thanks again for your shout out......blocks are coming in like crazy for the QOV Block drive! We are going to be able to cover so many veterans now! Welcome home!

  10. Your machine and I were born the same year ! :)

  11. This my 3rd quilt cam. Love it!
    I have my strips for Celtic solstice cut. Can't wait to get going on it. I hope to work later tonight in it. I have a tennis practice in an hour if it doesn't rain.
    Happy stitching!

  12. Becky Pyle9:47 PM EDT

    I had been looking for a Singer 301 gear driven(no belt), slant needle machine w/ a fold down extension bed. A week or so ago I was chatting on FB with a dear friend, Maryann. She said she had a sewing machine that belonged to her late Aunt. I asked her what it was. She said she would check & let me know. She had no idea what I was looking for. Later she emailed that it was a Singer 301. I just couldn't believe what she emailed me. I wrote & asked it it had a fold down extension. It did and she told me she would gift it to me. What a gift from the heart! Today UPS delivered it. It is beautiful in its original case w/ every attachment made for it. I oiled the gears & lubricated the motor. It is stitching just perfect! Her aunt was known as Aunt Bunny, so this machine is named "Bunny".

  13. Mary Ellen Hopkins, that was my first book too....she was so fun did you ever get to hear her teach or speak. Just a fun loving lady!

    I'm making scrappy doll quilts tonight for swaps. Thanks for keeping me company.

    Happy Sewing

  14. I am mystified with the number of quilt designs that you come up with. Do you use EQ to make your designs come to life?

  15. Bonnie how did quilt cam come about. Always look forward to watching you. I have learned so much and ding your praises to my quilt guild friends. Keep up the good work.

  16. I just ordered one of those wonderful surrounds for my Kenmore. I was amazed to discover that it will fit any machine. When I bought a new sewing table I ordered a new insert which cost way more and had to wait over 6 months for it. You have the best info on your blog.
    Sharon in East TN.

  17. Bonnie I love quilt cam!! It's so fun...How do people send you messages?? I tried through hangouts...is that not right? I'm working on Wonky wishes stars...I have a few questions but just going for it lately and letting it become what it may. I love it and love scrappy quilts. :) Thanks for quilt cam tonight. :)

  18. Will have to catch the repeat as I'm at work but hey it's looking good.

  19. Bonnie, you make a lot of lovely scrappy quilts. I was wondering what you do with them after they are finished? Do you use them for your classes, trunk shows, your books? you must have dozens of quilts, if not hundreds. I have made a two of your mysteries. Always fun!

  20. Anonymous10:37 PM EDT

    Did you post the quilt feed date to your you tube post of did they? It says 3/35/2014. I figured you travel so much that you never know what day it is. HA HA !

  21. Hi bonnie. Im so excited to b watching you live. Im from mittagong , a small town in the beautiful southern highlands of australia . Im sitting in hospital with my son and have lots of hand stitching with me. Im so delighted to tell you my husband just gave me a 1926 singer 66 treadle in beautiful condition for our 36 th wedding anniversary. Who needs diamonds hey. Im planning on making a quilt out of recycled clothing and scraps to keep in the spirit of the machine. If only it could tell the story of its life. Keep up the quiltcam, its so inspiring. Sue costelloe

  22. Bonnie, the date on Quilt-Cam should be 3-25-14 ~ thank you!

  23. your Cheddar Sampler will be great with those borders. You could use some of Grandpa's shirts in the borders or sashing for the new grandbaby, huh?? More Grandchildren time in my plans this week. Spring Break and Spring raining all around. The landslide that you spoke of is very sad. My quilty friend Julie H knows your Julie and Tracy that you have seen at Sun River. I hope they find them soon. Deathtoll is rising fast. :( Word verification wants me to spell calamities...

  24. Bonnie, a little late,but I have a question. When using shirting is it all 100 percent cotton or a mix. I have looked at shirting here in our used clothing stores in Canada and can only find polycotton. Love all you do and your fantastic ideas that you share.

  25. You are a wild woman! How you can keep up your pace is beyond my simple brain :).

    So happy that quilt cam is archived. Had to be out last night. Gonna get a cup of caffeine and watch today!

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Just watched this Quiltcam on archive as I was stitching some Drunkard Path blocks. Funny thing - just as you said you had run out of bobbin thread, I looked down at my stitching and realised I had run out too!! A very opportune place to stop :)

  28. I've missed you so much! I want you to know that although I've never been fortunate enough to catch you in real time, I do look forward to watching you after the fact. I live in Seattle and look forward to your visit to Washington in 2017. I will be there with bells on. I wish your friend Julie and all who know her love and peace.

  29. So is there an order that you stick with when you string piece, or is it completely random and totally scrappy?

  30. Hi Bonnie, Maybe it is mentioned here somewhere, but on my end when the light went on, the focus improved.

  31. Have you considered using a narrow cheddar border instead of the red? Just a thought.

  32. Hi Bonnie: I caught up with Quilt Cam tonight and wanted to say i really appreciate the attitude you bring to sharing your play time with us! I agree that with the crazy world we live in, we should all just give thanks for today. I worked on my Celtic Solstice blocks while listening. I am still using the small spool blocks as my leader-ender project and I'm getting about one done per Celtic Solstice block. Very cute. I think I may be the only one doing the mystery that enjoyed building the chevron block parts. I am considering making a bunch more for a second pieced border. I like how paring a dark green with a brighter or lighter green gives a 3-d look to the "V" in the block. Thanks again for such a great mystery pattern. Jane in Liberty Lake, Washington. :D

  33. Seeing you put your PINK Atlas through it's paces reminds me I need to dig my 1959 Atlas out and give her some use. Her name is Angela.

  34. Great to see live from South Africa how you do your binding! Love all you do!


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