Thursday, March 13, 2014

Playing at Paula’s Quilting Pantry!

KY_March2014 054
Down sleepy country roads in East Bernstadt, Kentucky –not far from London, Kentucky ---lies a little hidden gem of a quilt shop!

This lovely old home once belonged to Paula’s grandfather and has been in the family for generations.  The outside is quaint and cheery, and inside…oh my! It’s a fabric bonanza!

Paula started her foray into quilt shop ownership in a round about way.  She now lives across the street from Grandfather’s old house – and had intended to have her long arm machine here.

This eventually lead to Paula carrying things like backing fabrics and battings for customer’s quilts…which lead to carrying OTHER fabrics for borders and bindings and sashings and ---before you knew it, it became a whole full fledged quilt shop!

The house has been added on to, and a large open and airy classroom is now part of the business.

KY_March2014 036

1930s fabrics beckon!

KY_March2014 043

Bight and happy!

KY_March2014 044

One corner of red and blue Civil War Repros  bring to mind an earlier time.

KY_March2014 045

More civil war fabrics flanking the original fire place –an old farm table is used as a cutting table.

KY_March2014 046

Chocolate browns and shirting fabrics!

I need to say also that Paula’s prices are fabulous.  Fabric on the bolt is $6.00 a yard.  I’m good with that!

KY_March2014 040

Another fireplace becomes a focal point in a room where notions and thread are showcased!

KY_March2014 038

And I love the many drawers in this old cabinet where notions gather!

KY_March2014 041

An old buffet, one that Paula grew up with,  stands in one corner.

KY_March2014 048

Juveniles and black and white along side modern polka dots!

All $6.00 per yard!

KY_March2014 049

Wide backing fabrics, just right for that quilt that needs a back!

KY_March2014 050

Class room space, with room for MANY!

There are many different groups that come and use Paula’s classroom space.  She is a Project Linus drop off center and a Project Linus group meets here often.  They have a stash that they can pull from:

KY_March2014 051

Fabrics on the back tall shelf are for Project Linus….

However, the table in front holds SALE fabrics at $3.00 per yard!

I got busy choosing some backings for my own future quilts!

KY_March2014 035

Debbie took our photo while Paula and I were having quite the comical time!

KY_March2014 057

THESE four pieces are coming home as future backings….awesome!

KY_March2014 037

Paula’s is only open on Tuesdays and Fridays and some Saturdays.

Call for directions and further information.

KY_March2014 056

And even though it was frigid cold, I had to run and get this photo of the quilt blocks on Paula’s barns across the street!

In the process, I woke these guys who were keeping warm in a pile of hay:

KY_March2014 055

Sorry to disturb you!

They mooed back at me…..”Y’all come back now, ya hear??!

I’m in a hurry and a scurry to get this posted and get out of the hotel and head over for a Love Shack workshop today – with 50 women!  OH MY GOODNESS! It’s going to keep us warm and happy inside while the weather is dreadfully nasty outside!

Have a great Thursday, everyone!

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  1. I love quilt shops that are in old houses - so many rooms to explore they have such atmosphere - such nice prices she has! I will have to keep that place in mind if I wander through Kentucky

  2. Anonymous8:40 AM EDT

    It's so charming! I shared it on my facebook page so my KY quilting friends can see.

    Amanda in KY


  3. Such a fun little gem tucked down the road! Have fun today and tell everyone Hi from the crowd peeking in on FB!

  4. Wow I wish we could get fabrics that cheap. Most of our shops prices range between $20-$25

  5. I would love to open such a shop

  6. OMG--love the chocolate browns and shirtings section! hell, I love the entire store!!!thanks for sharing!!!

  7. have a great day!

  8. My kind of quilt shop! I love all the fabric tucked into all the nooks and crannies. Good luck, Paula. Hope the day brings outdoor sunshine some time, Bonnie. I know you will have sunny times teaching today! Janet in WA

  9. I want to live next door or across the road! Wonder how long it would take me to pack up my stash and move!! OOOOH, too much trouble! Will get on line and see what is what-I think I am about to fall in love with a distant dream!

  10. Anonymous9:51 AM EDT

    I just love the character of Grandpas house. So neat to know that it's still being loved & used to make so many people happy. Sounds like your having fun.Stay warm.
    Sandy Royal

  11. Anonymous10:37 AM EDT

    Wow wish I could visit that shop. Looks great. Plus the prices are wonderful not mentioning the fabric itself. Enjoy.

  12. Nettie Sebastian12:17 PM EDT

    Oh Bonnie what a wonderful trip you are having,did they know who you were. ( a super star) try not to work to hard.

  13. The quilt shop is terrific, but I LOVE the house it's in. That white fireplace with flanking cabinets, and the floors, and the outside... lovely old place!

  14. What a great supply of fabrics. It would be heaven to mooch around this store. I wouldn't know what to choose.

  15. Looks like a wonderful place to visit and I could really get the wants there, too!
    Hugs, Chris

  16. Such a treat! Would love to make a visit here. Putting it on the wishlist map. :)

  17. Bargain days today! You made good choices. Backings are what I've been shopping for lately. It means some quilts are getting Finished!!!
    Love the Barn Quilt Block and sweet calves mooing at you. I DON'T miss living on the Farm however. Happy to be in a Bigger town. Glad to hear you are coming back to the PNW this year. You'll be meeting some of my good friends.

  18. The price of these fabrics is amazing. Here in UK we pay £13 pounds a metre. It is an expensive hobby here. You have to surf the internet to find bargains.Paula's shop / house was great.

  19. Love the shop and the barn quilt photos...too fun!

  20. Quaint quilt shop, $6 a yard fabric, country roads, and cows across the street! MY DREAM!!!!! Glad you had a nice visit there!

  21. Thanks everyone for the nice comments about my shop/farmhouse. We have all had such a wonderful time with Bonnie and she ranks #1 with us......right up there with the KY Wildcats!!! I am planning to set up a website and will tell Bonnie when we get it ready.Thanks again for being so nice. Paula in KY

  22. Paula, your shop is lovely and I hope to get to visit soon. Thanks for all you did coordinating our class with Bonnie. It was great!!

  23. Anonymous10:35 PM EDT

    My paternal grandparents lived for many years in East Bernstadt. That is the Grandma that taught me my first stitches. :) I'll have to go back to visit! (haven't been there in several years)

    :) Linda

  24. What a fantastic looking shop. So many beautiful fabrics ... and the prices, wow! So wish I lived closer :)

  25. Wow! Thanks Bonnie! My sister and I are enroute to New Orleans from Washington, DC for a quilting cruise and planned our drive to include a stop at Paula's!

    What a blast! Today was their Linus sew in day and there was a wonderful group of ladies there.

    The fabric was fabulous, the friendship divine! What a fantastic day we had!

    Thanks for telling your followers about Paula! We'll be going back FOR SURE!


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