Saturday, March 08, 2014

What a Difference a Day Makes!

Cabin_March2014 047
24 Hours ago we were piling into The Hubster’s pickup truck, going to Lowes for more flashlights, and grabbing Jeff from his job to go out to dinner at the Mexican restaurant ---

And then afterward coming home to a dark house, living room warm and cozy from the wood stove insert in the fireplace, but cold every where else inside!

Tonya left this morning, I got busy gathering all the quilts together that need to go on this next road trip with me, boxed up class supplies and even was able to get some mail order out – My post office at least had power and was open until noon!

This is one of the culprits that has taken down the power in my area.

JUST ONE of the downed trees – someone at least has come and cut half of this tree away, opening up one lane on the road.  Yesterday you couldn’t get anywhere on this road, it was blocked in more than one spot, so we couldn’t turn right and go anywhere, nor could we turn left….Trees prevented you from passing, and there were downed power lines on the road.

Cabin_March2014 049

Just outside of my neighborhood.

This fallen tree has caught the wires and has bent them unbelievably low!  My van was just barely able to go under the limbs arching over the road.  Notice that blue sky? The snow is melting quickly at this point…temps are on the rise!

Cabin_March2014 050

I still needed power – I need time with a computer and a printer to make the copies I need and contracts, invoices and labels printed before leaving on Tuesday.  Not knowing when the power would come back on at home necessitated me throwing a few things in the car and making my way to Quilt Villa.

What a BEAUTIFUL day.  Blue skies, sunshine, and WARM!

Cabin_March2014 055

Who would guess that we’d be looking at THIS today?

I unloaded the contents of the home-fridge that had been kept on ice in coolers on the front porch at home into the fridge here for safe keeping.

Suitcase dropped in the bedroom, laptop backpack deposited in the dining room, sewing stuff in the sewing nook ---and hiking boots ON!  

It’s perfect for getting in the rest of those 10,000 steps needed for today --

Cabin_March2014 051

Look, Ma – No Snow!

Cabin_March2014 056

Hiking trails beckon!

Cabin_March2014 057

If only you could smell these outdoors ---Spring is on the way!

I’m back in now as daylight is fading…don’t forget to set your clock forward tonight!

I’ve had my hot shower ---my ipod is playing through the stereo, the lights are on and I am grateful.

Oh, and I just got a message from The Hubster – the power is back on at home as of now! LOL!

No, I’m not going back down until Monday morning – tomorrow is a work day for me.

Have a great night everyone!

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  1. Yeah!! So glad you are safe and sound in a place where you can take care of business.

    All the best,
    Carolyn from Texas

  2. glad to hear things are better and you are able to relax

  3. Where are you located? My dad's family is from the Shelby area of NC. I know you are ready for the end of the bad weather for this year!!

  4. Little did you know when purchased Quilt Villa that it would be a refuge from the ice storms and no power! You will get so much done without anyone else to care for...and the guys can clean up the mess back home!!! Enjoy the respite before you head back out to the world of teaching!!

  5. Remember the mystery quilt related to a woman's death (murder) in the San Jose ca area?
    New news her husband and his brother have been arrested 25 years after the crime
    They are mentioning the quilt but no details as to how it helped in the case

  6. So glad your escapade was relatively short compared to what some of your followers reported. I am sure it won't take you too long to get things back on track, especially as you are alone and don't have the distraction of having to look after the Hubster or the boys. Good luck with catching up. Have a nice weekend.

  7. A large electric start generator has improved our life here in the mountains. I know it was in the W-S area you were having power out, but consider getting a generator big enough to run EVERYTHING but maybe your oven in both places. Worry about storms will drop right away.


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