Sunday, March 23, 2014

Heading Out with Two Tips for the Road!

PigeonForge_Mar2014 390
There are more photos to edit of yesterday’s class.

There are photos of quilts I loved in the quilt show!

I have some fun shots of the vendor’s mall ---

But It’s almost 8am and I want to get this long drive home started, so I am figuring that I can take Sunday off and leave those for something to post tomorrow!

Instead, I have a couple of tips from a quilter that just might fit in your own scheme of things!

This little thing that looks like a pen is a “swag bag” hand sanitizer spritzer – usually you can find these at fairs and conferences –sometimes they come with advertising labels, in this case Trevecca University, but in other cases, something else…

PigeonForge_Mar2014 391

Empty, refill with water, and spray your project for pressing on the go!

You could refill it with a bit of best press or even just plain water for when you need a bit of steam.  I thought this was a cool idea – it’s small enough to fit in a busy bag!

PigeonForge_Mar2014 353

How Old is That Blade?!?

Affix a label to your rotary cutter, telling you when you last changed that blade!

I have several rotary cutters going – one by the machine for quick trimming, one or two at the cutting table for when I’m doing stand-up cutting ---and a couple at the cabin.  I have no recollection on which one has the newest blade, and I always seem to grab the bad one –lol!  This would solve that problem!

Of course, run it up against a ruler or over a pin and all bets are off!

PigeonForge_Mar2014 402

Relaxing after a long busy week!

Hollis Chatelain, Marsha McClosky and Jan Krentz!  We’ve had a good time this week and have all gone our separate ways.  Jan and Marsha left for the airport at 5am!  I did NOT get up to wish them farewell!  Hollis said he was planning on hitting the road around 6am this morning, so I’m a couple of hours behind her, riding roughly the same route as she lives just down the road from me a piece.  ((That’s Appalachian talk, ya’ll!))

My stuff is all packed on a hotel luggage cart and all that is left to do is hit send on this post and I am on my way.  There may be antique mall stops – that is IF I can find anything open on a Sunday – but mostly---I’m looking forward to a long soak in my hot tub and a sleep in my own bed tonight!

Heading Home ---

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  1. Safe travel Bonnie. Neat idea about the hand sanitizer sprayer. I have one in my handbag that I need to use up soon! ;-)

  2. Faye Couch8:37 AM EDT

    Be careful on your trip back home,,enjoyed your class and hoping you are close enough in this area to meet up with you again..

  3. I saw a quilter with a small spray bottle the size of what glasses cleaner comes in that she had filled it with water. Worked great. We write the change date on the blade with a magic marker. Be careful going home and maybe one day you'll be close enough to my area that I can attend one of your classes.

  4. Anonymous9:25 AM EDT

    I like those ideas. I have lots of eyeglass cleaner bottles around the house. Next empty goes in the sewing go-bag!! I like the idea of marking your rotary with date. Roanoke McDonald said she writes on the blade with a marker. I am going to try that. I use FISKARS and they have a oily coating (I guess to prevent rust). I usually end up wiping on a paper towel before inserting, so imagine a sharpie would work for dating the blade. Great ideas all around. Safe travels. Enjoy that hot tub.

  5. Wishes for a safe trip home.

  6. Loved your classes - had so much fun and learned a lot. Safe travels to you!

  7. Safe travels to you, Bonnie. I've so enjoyed your trip!

  8. run it up against a ruler or over a pin and all bets are off!
    ًWhat did u mean with that . Is it a tip to renewing the plead?

  9. NICE TIPS and I'm visiting for the first time. Actually what caught my eye was the word Trevecca as my hubby graduated there in '69. Maybe a coincidence but greetings from Jax Fl


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