Sunday, March 16, 2014

Antiquing My Way to TN!

OliverSprings_March2014 002
When you see a sign near an interstate exit, and find a place like this on your jaunts to your next location – you JUST gotta stop!

Can you pick out Shamu in the long line up of cars?

My antiquing forays up to this point on this trip had not been very rewarding –but maybe my luck would change.

I’d never know unless I went in to check out what was inside.  I was right on schedule with my planned arrival time in Oliver Springs, and had some time to spare so I got out to see what was what in Clinton, TN!

OliverSprings_March2014 003

Quilts right inside the door!

The red and white feathered star was very nicely pieced, but it was a tied quilt, and the price was pretty high…still, I love seeing that there, don’t you?  A lovely grandmother’s flower garden to the right a very worn red churn dash with close cross hatched hand quilting to the left.  This looks promising!

Looks can be deceiving.  LOL!

OliverSprings_March2014 004

This was lovely, but there was no where to get it out and unfold it ---

Still look at that tiny piecing!

OliverSprings_March2014 005

Four Patch Nine Patch!

OliverSprings_March2014 006

I love pink ginghams and indigoes!

This was a top only, and I am guessing with the indigoes, ginghams and the pale lavender solid that it could date from between 1910-1920.  The shape wasn’t great but the price was equal to that of a completed quilt, so not that great of a deal – still – love looking at each and every one of those indigo blues!

OliverSprings_March2014 008

Singer 66 electric in a cabinet.  Already have one….catch and release day!

OliverSprings_March2014 010

Oh my goodness!

This is the mother lode of heavier than heavy vintage granny square quilt ((I always knew this as an album block??))  pieced in the 1970s out of textured double knits and hand quilted.  I kid you not, this king size beauty weighs at least 47 lbs!

OliverSprings_March2014 012

I instantly posted photos of this quilt to my facebook wall, tagging my friend Bill Volkening as I know he has a “THING” for vintage double knit quilts.  This thing WILL survive the Zombie Apocolypse and any natural disaster that comes thereafter!

OliverSprings_March2014 011

One square slowing fabrics and cross hatching.

OliverSprings_March2014 013

Another 9 path top…FUN scraps and a shirt-like plaid sashing.

OliverSprings_March2014 014

Close up – Great scraps!

OliverSprings_March2014 015

This was fun!  string blocks in a 9 patch layout!

OliverSprings_March2014 016

Fun quilting texture – great masculine scraps!

OliverSprings_March2014 017

Blocks turn no rhyme no reason….and quilting lines march where they may.

Nothing came home with me  but photos for inspiration.  And I’m okay with that.  It’s always a treasure hunt, and it was great to spend relaxing wandering time among these treasures from days gone by.

From here I headed into downtown Clinton, TN where there were more shops too wander.  Too many photos to include along with these, so will continue this post later!

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  1. What fun! I love going antiquing.

  2. Just curious Bonnie did the double knit one have batting? The ones I have do not but have a plain muslin backing! Looks like you had fun..

  3. Love when you show quilts from antiquing!

  4. Hi Bonnie! I think it's getting late in TN but I have a question so I thought I'd throw it out there...today on the free Quilt Shows I heard Ricky say that my scrappy quilt scraps should "play nice together"...is this something you teach too...I have been merrily cutting and grabbing and sewing and trying not to over think my wonky wishes stars and just throwing everything together...am I doing it wrong??? Do you only put colors together that play nice...and I am struggling a little with my lights...I had to actually buy some neutrals I had so few but she also said to be careful not to make your star belly heavy...too dark in the middle...afraid several of mine are...whaaaaa (Lucille Ball cry) help!!

  5. I don't know if you can get to my email or not...it's swedie@tampabay.rr.com

  6. Bonnie, I hope that you answer Ness' question openly. I would love to hear your take on this.

  7. I agree with Lilac Joan. There are many questions on your blog that I wish I knew how you responded. You have so much insight to share. 48226928

  8. Nettie Sebastian8:43 AM EDT

    Beautiful old quilts, there you are again, having way to much fun working lol but that's why I follow you . Keep up the hard work . Drive safely

  9. Clinton is a SUPER place to go antique shopping. Once a year they have a main street closed off and antiques outside everywhere...usually in April.

    Getting closer to Pigeon Forge, you are!!!!

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  10. Bonnie, thank you so very much for taking the time to photograph all the antique quilts for us! It is a virtual quilt show and I always learn something new. The pink gingham and indigo four-patch/nine-patch made me squeal with delight! I made that pattern on one of my early scrap quilts and wondered if anybody had ever done it before, LOL! Now there is proof that it is a real pattern! Thanks so much.

  11. ooh, love that red sashing on the string quilt. i'd be in trouble if I saw as many cool quilts as you do.


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