Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Showin’ & Sharin’ in Oliver Springs, TN!

OliverSprings_March2014 147
We had TWO days of really great Show & Share during our break times in Oliver Springs, TN!

Each quilt was so beautiful, and showed us all just what can be done with a bunch of otherwise unassuming scraps ---GORGEOUS!

This first one is Anna’s Oklahoma Backroads. 

Doesn’t that blue border just set it off so nicely?

I came a couple of years ago to teach for the Ritzy Thimble Quilters in Oak Ridge, and it was so nice of them to invite me back – extra nice since we were able to piggy back this visit with near by London, KY and follow it with A Mountain Quilt Fest in Pigeon Forge – an easy traveling trip for me and Shamu!

OliverSprings_March2014 145

Anna’s GARGANTUAN Pineapple Blossom!

She has a king sized log bed that is quite high off the floor, and she needs a quilt this large to cover past the box springs…isn't it pretty?  Love all of those bonus triangles used in the outer border.

OliverSprings_March2014 079

Another beautiful Pineapple Blossom, this time without sashings!

OliverSprings_March2014 069

Anna also brought in her Purple and Green Star Struck!

We are kindred BIG QUILT lovers! I just love it!

OliverSprings_March2014 083

This is ALSO Star Struck

Look how changing the colors changes the pattern!

OliverSprings_March2014 071

Next up is Anna’s Scrappy Mountain Majesties!  LOVE these browns!

OliverSprings_March2014 141

Helen Marie brought HER Orca Bay from String Fling.  Look at those colors!

And check out the back:

OliverSprings_March2014 142


OliverSprings_March2014 144

Anna brought her Orca Bay, A Work in Progress…on the to-do list – FINISH Orca Bay!

OliverSprings_March2014 068

We had a Celtic Solstice finish! Hooray!

OliverSprings_March2014 074

And another Celtic Solstice in a controlled red/grey/black color way!
((We were so excited to have 3 Alabama girls join us!))

OliverSprings_March2014 076

Celtic Solstice with the “inside out” block version!

OliverSprings_March2014 072

And a terrific Easy Street!

OliverSprings_March2014 081

And one more in a different color way!  Awesome!

OliverSprings_March2014 143

And Purple Easy Street strikes again!  Glorious, Ladies!

OliverSprings_March2014 077

Myra’s Winston Ways top!

She was in my Williamsburg VA Workshop at Quiltmaker’s Block Party when she started this!

Easy Street and Winston Ways are both found in my new book! So Excited!

OliverSprings_March2014 148

Connie’s postage stamp!

Check out those diagonal chains…cool!

OliverSprings_March2014 150

Connie’s flannel crumbs –Sweet!

Connie does a lot of crumb and string quilts, keeping them in her car to hand off to first responders, or if she happens across someone who “just needs a quilt”  What a great thing she is doing!  Here are some more of her beauties:

OliverSprings_March2014 151

Connie is saying “I just can’t help myself!!”

OliverSprings_March2014 152

Love this one in columns – someone is going to love this!

OliverSprings_March2014 153

Simply Strings!

If you’d like to make a simple string quilt, check out the String Quilting Primer under the Free Patterns tab at the top of the blog for ideas!

Thanks for bring the quilts to share, ladies – each and every one of them is spectacular!

My thanks also to the Ritzy Thimble Quilters for hosting me and doing all the work behind the scenes, securing us the Oliver Springs High School Cafeteria for our weekend workshops – it was a great facility and I am so appreciative of all the work that goes on behind the scenes to pull off a weekend event like this!

This morning I am headed over early to the quilt show --- it’s a Crab Apple workshop day!

Let A Mountain Quilt Fest 2014 begin!

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  1. Patricia6:52 AM EDT

    Fantastic quilts ladies I envy you all being able to do workshops with Bonnie
    I'm excited waiting for my copy of More adventures of leaders and Enders to arrive

  2. Anonymous7:47 AM EDT

    WOW These quilts are amazing.

    I am wondering how these quilts can get laundered, since they are so big? Once quilted and bound it would be difficult to get it into a domestic washing machine?

    Kind regards

  3. What great examples of yuorpatterns and their talents! Like each one...please send to me :)

    The new washing machine makes putting very large quilts in for a wash difficult. My daughter has an older style with ALOT of space and water! I use her washer. But this is getting to be a problem for many.

    See you soon Bonnie...
    I hope
    Smiles, JulieinTN

  4. These quilts are beautiful. Such a difference in the various color choices. Everyone has done a great job.

  5. That was an awesome Show & Tell,one of the best inspiration kick starters I've seen.You can not sit on the sidelines after viewing such wonders. Terrific Bonnie patterns.Ladies you rock.

  6. i'm really lovin the trunk shows. xoxox

  7. Wow! Gorgeous quilts, each and every one! Next on my wish list is Pineapple Blossom.

  8. It always amazes me how the same pattern looks so different when different colorways are used.

    Love them all!

  9. I've enjoyed seeing the sights and92 quilts from Oliver Springs and should have asked this earlier. Are any of you ladies old Piece Good Shop customers. I'm former assistant manger and often remember the good old days fondly.

  10. Sewing so slowly, I am an old piece goods customer. I assume you are talking about the one that was in Oak Ridge. I visited that store slot. Only back then I hadn't started quilting yet. I miss that store.

  11. I love those gorgeous big quilts. I especially love Winston Ways - I think it's the red and white checkerboard that does it for me.


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