Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Sneaky Little Book Secret!

Cabin_Mar2014 035
About 500 of you should be receiving your book orders in the next few days if you haven’t already--That is the number of books I have sent out "on the secret" so far!

I have spent much of each day since Tuesday printing invoices and mailing labels, signing books and stuffing mailing envelopes and boxes, shipping globally!

I kept this secret under my hat since arriving home on Monday because I wanted just a few quiet productive days, and to surprise as many of you with an early book delivery as I could before the word got out ---

By last evening I was reading on Facebook from excited quilters posting pictures of their new arrivals and I knew it was time – that Cat BOOK was out of the bag!

I am very excited about this beautiful new book…the photography is terrific, the editorial staff did a fabulous job on an exciting layout and, oh I know you are going to love it as much as I do!

Cabin_Mar2014 042

30 cases on my driveway when I arrived home Monday evening!

Cabin_Mar2014 043

30 cases and mailing envelopes lining one wall of my living room!

My goal has been to stuff envelopes until it’s time to run to the post office before they close ---any time after that 4:30pm drop off is MY time for the evening, and that is when I’ve been working on the pieced backing for Wonky Wishes.  I’ve been sleeping like a log, and up and back at the mail order the next morning as soon as the morning blog post is out ----

Cabin_Mar2014 038

Yesterday my post office closed at noon, and I decided that I needed a WEEKEND…so the Hubster and I drove in the rain to the cabin for a day and a half of respite ---To really get AWAY from work and have a weekend, I needed to leave the untouched cases of books where they were until Monday morning! 

Cabin_Mar2014 039

Where are my mountains?

Foggy, rainy, cold, windy and miserable.  Perfect for holing up!

Cabin_Mar2014 041

That roll by the machine?

That is the columns for the backing I’ve been piecing.  Today I lay them out and stitch them together…..we will be heading home after dinner tonight.

Up here in our little mountain community of Buck Mountain, they do a “Last Saturday Buck Mountain Night Out” where residents can head to a designated local eatery and enjoy a meal together and get to know our neighbors.  Last night was the first time we had the opportunity to be here on a Last Saturday of the month – and we went!  What a fun time.  We had such a great time that after dinner, several of us headed to a local sports bar where there was a DJ and continued the party ---

I completely missed doing an evening blog post!  Imagine that!

We do agree that us old folks require a bit of early to bed ((And I was tired from order filling!)) and we were home by 11pm ----and I am so excited.  I’ve made new friends!  That feels good.

SO needless to say, there will not be Quilt-Cam this afternoon.  I was hijacked away.  ((I didn’t fight it)) I am thinking Wednesday Evening at 9pm Eastern will work for this week…..

It will take me at least Monday and Tuesday to get the rest of the pre-orders out the door.  Wednesday should be good for it --

AND…if you’ve been waiting until books were IN STOCK before placing your order for More Adventures with Leaders & Enders – now is the time!  Click HERE to visit my book order page!  Did you know that orders of 3 books or more ship FREE within the USA?

You can see all of the quilts found in the book by clicking HERE.

Love from Buck Mountain ---

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  1. Morning Bonnie! Glad you had a great night out!. Can't wait to see the new book
    Aileen in Florida

  2. I really liked your idea for a backing - talk about being able to use both sides of the quilt and both being so pretty. Your cabin get away always sounds so nice.

  3. What a job getting all those books out! The community sounds wonderful and you should enjoy it.

  4. I know I am not the only one of your fans who is actually happy to hear you say you missed a blog post because you were out having a fun evening with hubbie and new friends. Yes, I love reading your posts, but it allows us to see a little less "Wonder Woman" and a little more "like me." You accomplish so much in a day, you amaze us. And inspire us--yesterday I stitched on the outer border of a UFO and cut and stitched three simple simple baby quilt tops--all on the treadle 66 Redeye. Got 'em lined up to get in some practice on the LAQ finally. Your pace kept me inspired to not get distracted, but to keep treadling away until they were done! Thank you.

  5. Glad you had some decompression time. Got my books in yesterday's mail. The new one is great!!! Can't wait to see you at Stitchin' Heaven in October. Have a great week.

  6. Kathleen12:23 PM EDT

    Yayy, my book is in there somewhere. I knew I wasn't in the group of first orders, so I wasn't expecting it soon. Now you tell me you've been busy. :-) I love it when other people are busy. ;-) Thank you.

  7. how wonderful you took time for yourself! Everyone needs some time to recharge... even a superwoman like you!

  8. I'm so excited,can't wait to get my BOOKS,plural. Glad you had such a great time.Love the Bonnie quilts I've done and can't wait to do more.It's all good.

  9. Love that brand new book smell! I got my book!
    Love it!

  10. You making new friends is no novelty - but new friends that are neighbors is a good thing as well as shared friends with hubby!

  11. I received my book and immediately read about your inspiration with each quilt featured. What a great way to share why you created and how each quilt evolved. One of my favorites is Midnight Flight and I am clearing up some UFO's so I can start working on this quilt once I decide what colors I want to work with. Thank you for keeping me inspired.

  12. I love the idea of a set night out where local folk can get to know each other! And isn't it great you have a cabin to escape too, away from WORK!! I do like that misty pic too BTW.

  13. Oh what a surprise it was to receive my book yesterday, I wasn't expecting it until April. I have a mess of spools that are going to go together soon, then it is on to the friendship cross. I still think that your "At a Glance" section is the best thing since sliced bread.

  14. Waiting patiently for mine...it will make my day whatever day it arrives! So happy that they are out!!!!

  15. Will you be bringing the new book to Williamsburg, VA, this weekend? I am hoping to get a chance to meet you there, finally!!

  16. Oh, I love a surprise, thank you!

  17. Love my copy of the new book. Midnight flight is underway, I have solids in red, cheddar and black already cut and several boxes of blue scraps to check out...Thanks Bonnie for the wonderful surprise!

  18. I was one of the lucky ones who has received your beautiful book. It was signed and I was even more excited by your autograph. It truly is a beautiful book full of illustrations. I've had the best time planning new quilts. Thank you very much- great job!

    Denise in NC

  19. Glad you & hubby got some time out and met your neighbors. I'll put $$ on it that you will have some of those neighbors quilting before long!

  20. Got mine yesterday when I got home from working out Quilt show all day long. Such a nice welcome home gift. Winston Ways and Midnight have been on my bucket list since I first saw them. Now I have directions!!!

  21. I'll be watching for my copy of the Book. I hope there wasn't trouble with my payment. the paypal account had to be changed right after I ordered it when I got a new Bank card. You've been super sneaky sending the books out and still finding time to play and stitch up the scrappy Orphan blocks for the backing. Glad you could spend time at the Cabin again. Enjoy it while you can. QuiltCam will be fun whenever you have the time. We will wait and watch.

  22. Oh how exciting!!!! I have something wonderful to look forward to in the mailbox this week. I had preordered my copy of your new book. Thanks for 'letting the 'book'" out of the bag. Am eagerly awaiting it's arrival. Don't you just love the smell of anew book. Right there with fabric.

  23. looks great, have to wait til next payday, sounds like you had a great time, just got off vacation for a week, tried to straighten out sewing room, huh?? what a disaster it still is, son stained my new dresser for crafts, have to wait for that to dry!! looks nice!

  24. You are going to be one extra busy lady. 500 books on the "sneak peak" status. Wow, that is a lot of shipping...but also a lot of happy quilters. :)


  25. Can't wait to get my book. I've already seen it; our local quilt store received their copies late last week!

  26. Got mine on Mnday and have already pciked my Favorite to start on Narragansett Blues. Time to starte cutting some blue bricks and some more scraps to add to my 2" bucket for 4 and 9 patches. LOVE the New Book !!!!!!

  27. I am so glad that you and your hubby took some time for yourselves. Everyone needs down time to recharge their batteries!
    I can't wait to get home to see if my book is waiting for me, we are visiting the kids right now and head for home tomorrow !!!!!!!!!

    Can't wait to start another of your patterns. JTAW is on the board for me now with the fabrics pulled before we left town! I can't wait to get started!!!!


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