Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Crab Apples at Mountain Quilt Fest, Day 1!

PigeonForge_Mar2014 042
See this excited smiling face? 

This is Marnie and not only is Mountain Quilt Fest in Pigeon Forge her first quilt festival, but our Crab Apples class was her first quilting class EVER!

Doesn’t she look like she is having a great time?  We all were!

Pigeon Forge is now the home of the brand spanking new LeConte Center, a beautiful conference facility –and this year is the first year of moving the show into the new center.  It’s BEAUTIFUL!
Previously the show was scattered about town with classrooms in one area, and the show and vendors mall were a driving distance away.

Now everything is under one roof and it is so convenient.

My classroom fit 20 students comfortably with each student having their OWN table to themselves.  BONUS!

PigeonForge_Mar2014 027

Check out  this rare little featherweight!

PigeonForge_Mar2014 030

It’s a black side!

The last time I saw one was back last June in Monroe, Louisiana.  Check out that post Here! This machine dates to 1942, made during the WWII era when chromium was not as available for machine parts and a black finish was given instead.

PigeonForge_Mar2014 029

Even the original presser foot had a black finish!

There were other vintage babies in class ---and after talking to Marsha McCloskey about the benefits of a Singer 301 over a featherweight at lunch time, I encouraged her to come sit at one that my student Frances had brought to class:

PigeonForge_Mar2014 060

She’s giving it a go!

PigeonForge_Mar2014 061

Who knows? Marsha may become a 301 convert!

Afterward she went back to HER class to discover that two of her students also had 301s ---and she hadn't paid them any mind before...I told her WHY I would trade a featherweight for a 301 any day. Slant needle, no belt, gear driven, internal motor, the ability to drop the feed dogs for free motion quilting, and they sew 1300 stitches per minute! I wouldn't be surprised if she finds herself one soon.

I do love my featherweights, I just love the 301s for the workhorse that they are.

PigeonForge_Mar2014 041

Crab Apples!

The pattern for Crab Apples is found in my book Adventures with Leaders & Enders.  We had a great time with our checkerboard tree tops in the morning, and moved on to paper piecing the tree bases in the afternoon – a perfect day with just the right amount of stitching and accomplishing!

Click the image below if you can’t view the slide show on your mobile device.  You’ll be taken to the photo album for viewing.
PigeonForge_Mar2014 094

We even had THIS sweet boy, Jack join us at the end of class as folks were packing up!  He’s 4 months old and the cutest thing ever!  Thanks for sneaking him in so I could see his sweet face!

Today is my double duty day.  We've got a Jamestown Landing workshop from 8:30 to 4pm, and then a half day Playing with Jacks workshop from 5:30 to 8:30.
We will fill the day full with fun students, great scraps, and Quilt Fest excitement!
Love from Pigeon Forge, TN ---

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  1. Awww, Jack is adorable! Just look at that face!
    Everytime I see pictures of your workshops I want to make that exact quilt. Now I want to make crab apple blocks! I just have to find the time, where did I hide that?

  2. I have one of those Featherweights with the black side and foot. My sister-in-law got it at yard sale for $10.00. It's in pretty bad shape, so I don't use it, but it's a great collectible.

  3. And my 301 cost $99 whereas my FW cost $385!

  4. Little Jack is so cute! Now you have me thinking of a 301. I have a light blue coloured Singer not sure what it is but it is a workhorse too. I do love my featherweight!!!

  5. I always wanted a FW but never found one at a price that wasn't crazy. I did find a 301 for $50 in a cabinet and I love it. It is so easy to take to class and sews beautifully.

  6. My, you certainly have a busy day today. Looks as though everyone has been having fun with all you do. Would love to have been a part of it.

    Oh boy, isn't Jack adorable?

  7. Every block looks perfect! Pretty. Is Jack a daschund?

  8. So glad you are sharing the Vintage Machine Love with others. I have yet to find a 301. Our Quilt Show in May has the Class time the day before it opens. I hope you have a bit of time to enjoy the show and take pictures.

  9. Carole D4:01 PM EDT

    I am sew excited. Funny that you should mention the 301 today. I went to a meeting Monday night for Church and was helping the hostess clean up afterward. When she sent me to put the left over soda in the garage refrigerator, standing against the wall was a card table with a machine cut-out. I thought it looked a bit larger than the FW size, so I asked about it and if she had a machine to use with it. She told me that she did have the machine, but never used the table unless she needed a card table for guests on her patio. Long story short, she offered me the table in exchange for a wall hanging to go over her piano in the living room, and she showed me a pristine 301 in a case that she wants me to have whenever she doesn't need it anymore. In fact, she put my name inside the case with it and told her daughter that it is mine. I already have a 301 and will probably use the table, as it is in a cabinet and not very portable at present. Doing the sewing machine happy dance!!

    Carole D
    Central PA

  10. Just love Jack, looks like my Tucker

  11. Wow, did you notice the Seams Perfect on the Featherweight? Just ordered two from Houston St. Mercantile in Granbury TX. They're $7.50 each. No affiliation just thought they were neet.

  12. I am a little late seeing this but I had noticed that you used a 301 often and thought that you must love the machine as much as I do. My husband came home from a yard sale and told me there was machine but he wasn't sure I would want it. He remembered that it was a 301 and I sent him right back to get it. He paid $25 for the machine in a beautiful light maple cabinet with every attachment imaginable! There was even a list of every time the owner oiled it. It is the best machine I have ever owned and I have 10 (including a 2170 Pfaff with a fried mother board that died after less than 5 hours of embroidery)! My favorite thing about sewing with it is that you never have to worry about a snag or tangle when you start a seam. I wish I had the hours back that I spent pulling thread out of a tangled bobbin case on other machines. You are truly an inspiration and I learn so much from you every time I visit your blog. Thanks for all you do.


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