Saturday, March 15, 2014

She Sews Tonight in Tennessee!

OliverSprings_March2014 124
This goes up on the list of really interesting places to lodge!

I am staying in Oliver Springs TN  at the Windmill Inn, and yes, it used to be a church before it was converted into a really great B&B.

That is my Shamu, parked right out front!

Staying in odd out of the way places really adds some fun to long trips.

Upon checking in, I was told that the church body had outgrown the building and wanted more contemporary facilities, so they moved the swelling congregation into new digs in a renovated shopping center closer to the center of town.

The old church building came up for sale, it was purchased and has been running as a Bed & Breakfast for the past 4 years –which is great, as the town is small enough to need lodging for traveling guests---there is no hotel chain in the immediate area.

OliverSprings_March2014 123

Beech Park Baptist church was organized in Oliver Springs, TN in 1904!

I am staying here at the Windmill Inn while I spend the weekend with a great bunch of gals from the Ritzy Thimble Quilt Guild of nearby Oak Ridge, TN.

OliverSprings_March2014 120

The sanctuary with it's beautiful ((And slanting)) wood floor now holds stadium seating and comfy reclining sofas ((With CUP HOLDERS!)) for watching big-projector style tv and movies on what was once the back wall behind the pulpit.

Are the old founding pastors rolling in their graves?

There is a pool table and a table for playing poker close at hand at the back of what is now called the “community room”.

OliverSprings_March2014 121

A large open dining area serves breakfast with seating for up to 30 guests at one time.  There are 19 guest rooms at hand, some with king beds, or queens, some with two doubles per room.

OliverSprings_March2014 122

Other end of the breakfast room.

OliverSprings_March2014 046

My room is so cozy!

Wood floors, painted walls, comfy bed and beautiful furnishings.  Can you see that I have already set up my folding table to use as a desk and for my sewing?

OliverSprings_March2014 047

Closer look of my busy corner!

I travel with a power strip, my weighted base IKEA light, a wooden tv tray holds my ironing pad and a vintage travel iron.

I’ve got the mocha 301 long bed with me and after this posts you’ll find me doing more of this:

OliverSprings_March2014 045

A tall dresser has ample space for my small cutting board!

I’ll be trimming up more flying geese strips, and then piecing some more.  I need another 60 strips or so to do what I want to do with them.  The tv will keep me company, and I have wifi  ---what more could a girl want?

How about some microwave popcorn from the kitchen and a tall icy beverage.  I’m as comfy as I would be at home ---

If you happen to need lodging anywhere near Oliver Springs – give the Windmill Inn a call.  They’ll treat you like family and you’ll sleep like a baby ---

Tomorrow I get a bit of a sleep in.  Class doesn’t start until 12:30 pm, and we’ll busy ourselves with a half day Dancing Nines workshop!

Monday I’ll head to Pigeon Forge ---I wonder if I ask nicely if they’d let me do my laundry here tomorrow morning so I have clean clothes for the last leg of this journey?

I’ll worry about that later – for now, I’m itchin to be stitchin!

Night everyone!

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  1. Anonymous8:59 PM EDT

    Bonnie, when you do your string piecing, how do you choose whether you'll be using telephone book paper or 8 1/2x11 paper?
    Linda in Alberta, Canada


  2. I use plain printer paper if I am going to be sewing on lines on the paper, as in paper piecing. If I am doing string piecing, just covering a shape and only need the paper as a size to shoot for, I'll use the phone book paper.

  3. What a neat B&B! Such a unique setting and a great way to utilize a building instead of letting it go to ruin. Best wishes going to you for a nice relaxing evening!

  4. Bonnie!! We were snowed on most of the day so I have been in my basement with the fire place going and sewing away all day AND watching back to back episodes of The Quilt Show!!! Thanks for posting that...it was great fun and I learned so much. Going to do the same tomorrow! :) Have a good night sewing.

  5. PIGEON FORGE TOMORROW!!! QuiltFest time!!!! with Bonnie!!!!
    Smiles, JulieinTN

  6. Absolutely charming! Great idea! I'll bet there are many empty churches out there that would make wonderful B & B's. That looks like a rope lasso on the wall????

  7. What a neat place to stay...especially the converted sanctuary! I imagined a hot game of ROOK going at that card table.

  8. I love this B&B. It looks perfect for the sewing..Had a lady in yesterday from Danville, KY. Her friend had called her from Wisconsin and told her she "had to be close to the shop Bonnie had written about". She stayed for hours and signed up for classes and loves Civil War.......thank you so much!!! Paula


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