Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Day at Painted Pony N’ Quilts!

Houston_TX2014 045

Many times, guild workshops are held in community centers, churches, conference centers and other public buildings ---

But if the guild is very lucky, they get to use the classroom space at awesome quilt shops, which gives ME a chance to pet the fabric, and marvel at all that is out there for us as quilters, adding variety to our palettes, choices and options we NEED, of course!

The Painted Pony is a large shop and is easy to find!

Located just Southeast of Houston, in La Porte on Galveston Bay, they are near NASA and Space Center Houston, the Kemah waterfront and new boardwalk, cruise lines to Mexico, and convenient to Houston-Hobby Airport, and travelers on Interstates 10 and 45.

Their motto?  "Quilting Tomorrow's Heritage Today".......I love that!

Houston_TX2014 040

Friendly staff!  Hi Tanya!

Houston_TX2014 041

Bright lighting and rooms to wander!

Houston_TX2014 042

Wonderful displays to inspire!

Houston_TX2014 043

And sample quilts hung EVERYWHERE!

Houston_TX2014 044

Beautiful Batiks in one corner room --

Houston_TX2014 045

Civil war and primitives in another!

Houston_TX2014 046

Unending walls of choices!

Houston_TX2014 047

In every color of the rainbow and more!

Houston_TX2014 049

A huge SALE ROOM!  Yippee!!

Houston_TX2014 050

And if you are looking for the Downton Abbey Fabric Line – They’ve Got it!

Houston_TX2014 051

Oh I just LOVE these!

Houston_TX2014 055

There is a room for brights, and kiddie fabrics! Sweet!

Houston_TX2014 057

And Oh Boy!  Strips and scraps BY THE POUND!!

Houston_TX2014 058

Too bad my luggage is already at weight limits after this trip!

Houston_TX2014 019

If you have a chance to visit Painted Pony n’ Quilts you won’t be disappointed.

Houston_TX2014 048

Visit their website HERE for more info.  And if you visit, tell them Bonnie sent you!

This morning is the monthly meeting of the Coastal Prairie Quilters Guild in Missouri City, TX followed by a half day Playing with Jacks workshop ----it’s going to be a full and fun day, and tomorrow – I’m off to San Antonio!

Have a great Thursday, everyone!

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Quiltingloulou said...

Oh boy, what a fabulous store. I could spend hours just looking. It makes my nearest store look like a cupboard in size. I am so jealous. Thanks for letting us see inside. Happy teaching.

Anonymous said...

Painted Pony is one of my favoritest, is that a word, quilt shops in the U.S. Visit it every time I go to Houston.
Linda G

Sewing Junkie said...

If I was there I would have to leave cash and credit cards at home. We have a store close that has over 7000 bolts of fabric and it is sometimes overwhelming. Have fun! Chris

buzzquilter said...

Painted Pony has 10,000 bolts! I asked last time I was there.

Myrna said...

Oh my, another self-addressed flat rate box might be needed. Enjoy caressing the bolts and your classes.

Betty said...

My friends and I visited there both trips we have made to Quilt Festival in Houston. It is a beautiful shop and scraps by the pound was so much fun! It's a good thing we were traveling by car!

Anonymous said...

I love going to PPNQ when I visit back home. Can't find a better selection of books you can look through than anywhere.

Sharon said...

What a beautiful shop. I love the fact she has quilts displayed everywhere! I have been to a lot of shops that just have 1 or 2 quilts on display. How is that supposed to inspire you?

Julie Vernon said...

What a great shop ... and how on earth can you leave without overbuying!
I like the quilts displayed, and it seems to be an easy shop to walk around in and browse to your heart's content. Don't you love shops like that?

Have a super time. Smiles, JulieinTN

Barbara Sindlinger said...

I just became program chair for our guild and one of the first teachers I contacted said she won't teach a guild class at a quilt store. I was shocked. Not sure how to handle that since that's the only place our guild has classes since the owner gives us the room for free. (I'd love to have you teach but your schedule is booked until 2017 and not sure who will be program chair then. But if you'll be in central California anytime from now through 2015, let me know--we'd love to have you.)

PalmerGal said...

I was there one year when I was at Houston festival. It's a GREAT shop!

Chris Donaldson said...

Oooh! That would be way to tempting for me...luggage at the weight limit or not. It'd be "UPS here I come."

Lynmar said...

Oh for a shop like this in the Chicago area. Yummy!

Debbi said...

What a nice surprise for me when I saw this post. My husband did some research when we were in the area for a conference he was attending, and he found this shop for me. I left with LOTS of lovely new fabric. I can't wait to go back again next year!

MJ said...

I got a chance to visit Painted Pony when I attended Quilt Festival one year and took a bus tour. They were so kind to our group, great fabrics and ideas, just lovely, even a gift for all of us. Good luck on your quilt show taping, you will have fun, another great life experience!