Monday, December 02, 2013

Walking Buck Mountain

Cabin_Dec2013 006
It was relatively warm today!

Lisa had to pack up and leave by 11am –and I was left sewing away on my project.  Leftovers for lunch, Miss Marple on Netflix – I’m good to go!

But the sunshine beckoned..and I obeyed.

I've always loved long walks, and with the temps hovering around 50 degrees and sunny, it was a perfect way to get out and break in the new Columbia hiking boots I bought in hope of them keeping my feet warm and dry while walking the Christmas Markets in Germany and Austria this coming week!

I bought them on Saturday after dropping my dad off at the airport…I have been wearing them since I got home with them --that means I am wearing them all day every day to get them nice and comfy.

Yes.  I am even SEWING with them!  Real girls sew with hiking boots!  I can hear the teasing now!

Cabin_Dec2013 002

Walking around the bend.  That is quite the drop off to the left!

Going down is easy – walking UP steep hills is a bit tough. 

I’m a wimp when the weather is nasty.  I’m a fair-weather walker, and I've gotten out of the habit of getting myself outside and burning calories just moving my body forward.  Time to get back on the band wagon.

What amazes me the most up here – is the difference in the view between summer and winter. 

With hardwood trees, you don’t really even SEE the mountains in the distance, they are all hidden by leaves in the summer.  But when the leaves are gone – Wow…it’s a beautiful panorama!

Cabin_Dec2013 004


Cabin_Dec2013 005

The sun was at an interesting late afternoon angle causing streams of light on my photos.

Cabin_Dec2013 007

Turning around and heading back down toward the cabin.

There are an equal amount of ups and downs along the path I chose – this is the main road.  I’m happy that there are plenty of pines to give us our green-fix through the winter months before the hardwoods leaf out again.  And ohhh, do those pines smell good!

Cabin_Dec2013 009

The sun was getting closer to setting as I reached the end of my drive way!

Cabin_Dec2013 013

The blue ridge really IS blue after the sun sets!

And while taking this photo off the front deck in the darkening dusk – I heard more than saw –deer crossing the road and into the brush down the road a ways.

Yes, it’s a magical place!

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I’m back to sewing!  I’m more than 1/2 way on the block quarters for Boxy Stars, but I’ll need to spend time tonight cutting out some more block sets.

Miss Marple and I have a great evening planned!

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  1. Well, after a frustrating start and even more bad news today on my primary machine, I have about 1/2 the sewing done.

  2. I have to admire a woman who can sew in hiking boots. I can barely sew with shoes and do best in socks! Enjoy your solitude this evening and have a safe trip back home tomorrow.

  3. Hiya Bonnie! Thanks for another great mystery tradition of the Linky Party! I always link up but my link has an asterisk visible on my link in case I wish to delete it for some reason. But it looks different from everybody else's. Is that okay?
    I love orange and blue combinations, so I'm loving this step especially, thanks! Vic in NH

    1. I think it is normal for your own link to look different to everyone else's.

  4. You pictures make me feel restless to travel again. Your views are amazing. I have friends in Lenoir and have wandered that area, but never with the eye for beauty you have.

  5. Your walk was beautiful. I wish I was close enough to join you. I walk every morning at our local community center. Great when the weather is cool but I love to be outside. I am cutting blue fabrics tonight for the mystery and watching Charlie Brown's Christmas. :)

  6. Ooooh, I loved seeing the sights from your walk. The blue ridge is just gorgeous. You are too funny breaking in your hiking boots even while sewing. I admire your dedication in ALL the things you do!! So glad you are getting fresh pine air into your lungs too. Hugs, Allison

  7. OMG!!! It looks so nice there. It would be calling me too. We are in the middle of a blizzard in southern Alberta! Right now there are approx. 100 flights cancelled out of Calgary. I am from Lethbridge and lots of times we don't get the storms but...today and tonight it is just getting colder and the snow drifts are getting higher. Some highways closed. But I want to thank you for your mystery quilt and to bad for those that can't figure out any way to do it. I will use templates.
    Enjoy the walks.

  8. I have been having fun today cutting out my blue side triangles (I already did the triangles) I got all 188 pairs cut! I had to keep a running tally on a notepad so I didn't have to recount them. Tomorrow I get to finally sew! Hope you enjoy your peace and quiet tonight....

  9. Your pictures are beautiful, Bonnie. I live outside of Burnsville, NC at the base of Celo Mtn. I have mountains all around me. Half a mile up the road from my house is a beautiful waterfall. It is like living in a state park. You can see four levels of mountains up behind my house.

  10. Your lovely walk made me want to don hiking boots and join you. We had a great balmy day today (almost 60 degrees) and they are predicting freezing rain and snow for 2 days from now. I'm still cutting and sewing alternately on Celtic Solstice and wondering how it will reveal itself. Have a wonderful time in Germany. You must try their beer (even if you are a non-drinker). It doesn't taste anything like beer here (at least to me when I tried it many years ago).

  11. Great photos, Bonnie! I crossed the Blue Ridge Mountains this past summer while on holiday in the USA, and this is quite different! Thank you for making me remember such a good moment.

  12. Fabulous pictures, so wish I was there. I envy you your quiet sewing time. Since we retired, my husband has just stagnated. Never seem to get much time to myself. Can't seem to persuade him to take up a hobby. Still, I shouldn't complain, I would be lost without him and he does make me my cups of tea during the day!!

  13. Thanks for sharing your mountain hike with us. Walking outdoors and getting fresh air is a great way to rest our bodies and eyes when we do lots of sitting as we quilt. Of course, it helps to have beautiful scenery, but even a walk around a city block is beneficial. Our eyes will thankful.

  14. Anonymous9:06 AM EST

    Love the walk along the mountain, we were visiting our daughter in NE Tennessee for thanksgiving with the beautiful snow. I really can appreciate the beauty - thanks for sharing, Cindy

  15. Beautiful pictures. The first year we lived in Maine I was amazed when the leaves fell and I could see the ridges all around our house. The woods are dark and dense in the summer and filled with knee-high ferns, so this opening up in fall is...magical. Love your picture of the blue ridge mountains. Gorgeoous.


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