Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Love can Lock a Bridge!

Salzburg_2013 007

Our walk through Salzburg took us through many interesting sites, and past so many gorgeous historical buildings, each with it’s own flair and detail. 

The size of these ginormous buildings, more than a block wide, and more than three blocks long ---what an amazing feat!

I loved the brick paved streets, the sound of the traffic going by and the hustle and bustle of locals heading to their destinations – on foot, in cars, on bicycles, by bus ---people were on the move and it was move with them..or get out of the way!

Salzburg_2013 008

Church facades are a favorite.  Some we got to go in, others we did not – but I love them!

Salzburg_2013 049

Roads are not always straight, often they wind and traffic can come at odd angles, so watch for traffic every where you go!

See the domes in the background? There are domes everywhere!

Salzburg_2013 054

Lover’s locks on the bridge!

They were all over the bridge spanning the Salzach River, a wall of padlocks attached to the fence just below the railing of Salzburg’s heavily traveled pedestrian bridge, the Makartsteg.  ((Old Salzburg is in the background, the fortress visible on the hill.))

Salzburg_2013 055

The tradition began that lovers would pledge their love to each other, attach their lock to the bridge and throw the key into the river below, to show that nothing could ever break them apart.  I love the romantic notion!

Salzburg_2013 056

A bit blurry – this pair belongs to Felix and Lisa.  I wonder if they indeed have lasted forever!  Their keys are somewhere at the bottom of the river, or have found their way to the sea.

Salzburg_2013 078

I, on the other hand..chose to hug a pickle for good luck!

As for the padlocks…I like that idea better than I like graffiti – but whatever happened to just carving your initials on a tree, or casting flowers out to sea, or a note in a bottle?

Love from Germany!

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  1. There's a place in Boston on Commonwealth Avenue covered with locks as well. Unfortunately, there's no river below in which to throw keys!

  2. What is the significance of the pickle. It must be cold there ~~ it is cold here in western Michigan ~~ waiting patiently for part 3 of your mystery ~~ have a safe journey!

  3. Hi Bonnie,
    I guess you enjoy your trip.
    The problem with the locks is their weight. The city people had to get them all removed here, because a bridge was going to brake with the added tonnes of metal. (That shows once more the POWER of LOVE *g*).
    And by the way, Salzburg is not Germany, but Austria ( You signed "Love from Germany).
    xxx Doris

  4. My friend has a Christmas pickle ornament and each year the grandchildren race to the tree to see who can find it first. Loving the travelogue Bonnie.
    Joan from frigid Central Michigan.

  5. you really must explain the gigantic pickle. !!

  6. Bonnie, I love your reports. I feel like I'm vacationing vicariously through you. Hope you continue to have a great time and new experiences everyday.

  7. Good to hear that you are enjoying your trip! Thank you for posting your great pics!! I was in Salzburg a few yrs ago and absolutely loved it!! It is a fascinating place! Wonderful history, architecture, Mozart & the arts - also has a great outdoor market and monastary brewery. Hope you get to see it all :)

  8. Not too much sun in Salzburg it seems but I am sure you will have enjoyed it any way. Doesn't time fly, it doesn't seem a week since you were ready and packed to make the journey. Enjoy the time left.

  9. The streets seem rather empty! Maybe folks are enjoying family time.

    You are getting around, that is great. I really liked tour buses. We had always done our own planning, driving etc, then went to the Christmas Market on a tour bus etc. How relaxing that was. And that way John wasn't always watching traffic, he can sightsee too.

    Can't wait to see what you will be bringing home with you. We loved the tiny hand made wooden ornaments. Plus they pack so well ;)


  10. Anonymous1:58 PM EST

    I live in Lockport, NY and they are trying to get the same thing going on our big bridge. Hope it takes off. There's a bridge in Paris, France that's packed with locks.


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