Thursday, December 12, 2013

Of Give-Aways, Quilts & Quilt Shops!

Hi everyone!

I’m just back to the hotel in Munich after a very fun dinner at the infamous Hofbrau Haus and walking the Christmas Markets!  What a fun time.  More photos to come of that later – I even took a little video of the Oompa band that needs to be uploaded to youtube.

I’m still on hotel wifi only in the lobby area, it’s 25 Euro per day to have wifi in your hotel room….and that just blows my mind in this day and age, so here I sit tapping away!

First off, I have drawn the winner for Judy Martin’s Extraordinary Log Cabin Quilts book!

Our winner is Betsy in Bethlehem!

I am assuming this is Bethlehem, PA – but no matter, I’ll send it where it needs to go!

Betsy wrote:

  I have both Scrap Quilts and Scraps, Blocks, and Quilts among my quilting books. I think Scraps Blocks and Quilts was the one that opened my eyes to the myriad of possibilities we can achieve in our individual quilts through fabric choices, and there are some pretty cool log cabins in that book! I'd love the new one.

Betsy, you are going to LOVE this book ---I’ve emailed you for your snail mail address.  get back to me with it and I will mail it to you upon my return home from Germany!

innsbruck_2013 002

We had our Hexagon Pincushion class in one of the dining rooms at Hotel zur Post in Ruhpolding!

Most had not done any English paper piecing before, and from the buzz I hear, it won’t be the last!  These little projects are so portable ----just one little extra baggie or even an eye glasses case in your purse can hold all you need to keep your hands busy for hours.

We’ve spent a lot of time on the bus –viewing the mountains and surrounding country for sure, but it’s better when hands can be stitching while we gaze out the windows in awe and wonder over the beauty of this magnificent country—we are driving through the alps and it is so inspiring!

Some have brought knitting, or crochet, or even some embroidery ---stitching hands are happy hands!  Many have brought their class project on the bus to finish up the hand work while we go from place to place.

innsbruck_2013 003

Don’t they look like they are having fun?

There is our class sample on the table –and I brought parts of my current hexie project for inspiration too!

innsbruck_2013 004

Happy, laughing and joyful!  We’ve got a fun bunch of quilters on this trip!

innsbruck_2013 005

Several ladies I have met before as I have taught for their guilds.  To see them all becoming friends with each other is really fun!

innsbruck_2013 006

Class was only in the morning ---we had an agenda we needed to stick with ---we were headed to a Quilt Shop in nearby Chieming!

Salzburg_2013 236

We found out about the quilt shop in a round about way ---Maria, standing next to me on the left, lives not far from Ruhpolding!  When she saw the photo of our hotel that I posted, she grabbed her quilt, and her hubby and told him they were going out for dinner.  At our hotel!  She brought her Easy Street quilt, hoping to share it with us!  It’s like a drive-by show and tell!  Isn’t it wonderful?

Maria also told us about the little shop in Chieming –and we arranged with our bus driver that we would head to the Quilt Shop the next morning before heading out to Innsbruck.

We begged and pleaded and twisted some arms to get our bus driver, Adriano to make a 15 km detour so that we could get our collaborative fabric fix.  It worked!

innsbruck_2013 020

Cutest little quilt shop in Chieming!

innsbruck_2013 012

The shop is quaint and cozy and we barely fit!

innsbruck_2013 016

we loved seeing the traditional  German fabrics!

innsbruck_2013 019
westfalenstoffe is what I’m after!

innsbruck_2013 014

Extra help came in to cut for our group!

innsbruck_2013 017

Thank you so much for making us feel so welcome!

innsbruck_2013 015

If you are anywhere in Bavaria near Lake Chiemsee –make a trip to Cheming and visit Manuela at Manus Bunte Stoffe

we all left with little goodies to pet all the way home!

Tomorrow --- Part 3 of Celtic Solstice goes LIVE!  I hope you are having fun following along. 

Entries for this week’s Mystery  Monday Link-Up will END at 11:55pm EST tonight – so get that blog post written and link it up before it closes.  If you miss it, don’t worry – you can link up NEXT Monday!  Currently there are over 180+ Linkers joining us and sharing their progress!  Check it out HERE.

Have a great day everyone –tomorrow is our last day in Germany, we start our journeys home on Saturday morning Germany time.  I’ll be back home in my own bed by midnight on Saturday night ---if all my connections go right!

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  1. I wondered when you would be able to post the quilt shop pics. It looks great in there, probably different from your stores in the US that seem so much bigger. Still, all your quilters look as though they are really enjoying themselves. Great to see all the photographs you take.

  2. How awesome to get to go to a quilt shop on the trip!

  3. "Drive by show and tell" - You sure have quite the following of people. So wonderful that people give the love back to you that you provide to everyone.

    Love the pictures of the quilt shop - bet they didn't know what hit them. :-)

    I have really enjoyed the pictures and history lessons from your trip - thank you for sharing them with us.


  4. Anonymous6:12 PM EST

    This is Judy Martin. I've had fun reading all your kind comments and following along with this incredible trip to Germany and Austria. Congratulations Betsy! I can't wait to see the first quilt you make from Extraordinary Log Cabin Quilts. And a big thank you to Bonnie for running this giveaway.

    1. Hi, Judy! This giveaway caused me to go to your website and 3 new books fell into my shopping cart! They'll be in my hands soon. Cannot wait for this new, wonderful inspiration to join your other two books I have in my library. Love your quilts.

  5. I would LOVE to go to Germany. I am 3/4's German. Those fabrics…oh my!!! I envy you your trip and celebrate with you as you post about all the things and places and people ! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love exploring the world with you, even it's only as an observer. I wonder how near this locale is to "my" Germanic heritage, I'll have to map it. I better hurry and get my chevrons finished so that I'll be ready for tomorrow. Congrats to Betsy in Bethlehem :)

  7. Now that is fun to run into Easy Street at dinner! And to get a chance to shop a German quilt shop....

  8. looks like you had a blast. congrats to betsy

  9. Bonnie, I am so enjoying following along on this trip with you. I would love to have that westfalenstoffe, too. And I think that may be one of my very favorite colorways for Easy Street. So fun that she took the chance to bring it to your hotel! Quilters are quilters the world over!

  10. I just love those quaint little fabric/yarn shops. When I went to a shop in Germany it was in the back of their home and then you had to go up into the attic. I was in heaven.


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