Monday, December 16, 2013

iPhone-o-Gram! Post Office Run!

This is what it's like to play catch up after being gone over a week!

Today is the last major "ship it today if you want it there by Christmas" postal day---and it started out with a thud as Stamps.com, who I use for printing my stamps was down for the count --as iirate customers in a panic from all over the country flew into fits of rage and frustration due to their inability to print the postage needed to avoid long holiday wait times in line!

This bin is not as bad as it looks--

The problems are fixed, the stamps are printed and I am waiting in a line to get them off to their destinations on time!

No one is grumbling, it's just one more thing on a long to do list that everyone is clambering  to get done. And smiles and laughter and animated conversations while neighbor converses with neighbor can  actually be a nice break in the daily holiday bustle and routine. 

It feels like home!

Now if only I could get time to sew!


  1. So glad that you had a nice experience at the Post Office. That does not always happen even on a nonstressful holiday season!!

  2. You are so sweet to turn lemons into lemon aide. I on the other hand snapped my husband and the grandchildren with their parents and myself are going to Disney land for Christmas. That's the background, today we had to meet with our $ investment guy, handle a jury summons change(for husband),get replacement insurance card ( for me), talk to social security office ( for him),drug store stop for a pain relief over the counter cream for him, then he wants to go to Costco ok we get what he wants
    Come home get the mail as I am going over his retirement papers that came in the mail that we need to show to social security ( after waiting to talk to someone for 45 min) per his request he (my husband that darling man) asks me how much an item he bought at Costco ( I had thought we could buy a less expensive bottle of booze) I said I didn't know ( and I really didn't know the price I only noticed the one on the left was much less $$) so he asked me for the receipt I gave it to him ( of course I am being interrupted by him while I am trying to figure out if the papers we got do have the information SS needs)then he asks to use my glasses I am using so he can read the receipt.
    I admit I snapped stood up put my glasses down on my seat (with a swift hand) got up and walked out
    He was saying okay I get it as I was going
    It ended well ... although my glasses are still missing I don't care
    After I cooled off I walked back and he was putting the cover on the car I stopped and helped him
    I could have done better I can say I've improved in the past I'd have raised my voice said mean things and slammed the door driven away ...for hours
    This time I said nothing, no door slamming, no driving away only a walk to calm for a few less than an hour
    I still need work to learn to make those lemons in to lemon aide


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