Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Projects Round Here!

Cabin_Dec2013 012
Just a reminder that there WILL be Quilt-Cam tomorrow night, Wednesday Dec 4th at 9pm Eastern Time!

Lots of emails asking when, and I guess I did bury it at the bottom of some post a couple days ago that folks may not have seen!  It’s been a  while since we’ve had a chance to do it –Thanksgiving week with my Dad got thrown into the mix, and it was nice to be away from it for a while.  Miss him already!

See this pile of bonus triangles?  I have close to 80 block quarters done on my Boxy Stars quilt for a class I’m teaching in Mc Kinney, Texas in January!  Each block quarter gives me TWO bonus triangles that measure 2” square.  All I had to do was trim dog ears.

All of these lovely units without a project ---and then!  I find out that my sister Joy is expecting a baby and due this JUNE!  It was a Thanksgiving announcement, and we are so grateful!  And instantly, Auntie Bonnie knows just where these bonus triangles are likely to wind up. 

Just a few more months down the road and we’ll find out whether the baby will be a pink one or a blue one –and I’ll be off and running!

Bonus units like this are GREAT to have on hand even if you don’t have a specific project for them YET.  They just become part of the “Quilt Seeds” until the right need and project come along!

To find out how to save your bonus triangles in USABLE SIZES, click HERE.

Cabin_Dec2013 010

My block quarters coming along!

You will find Boxy Stars under the Free Patterns Tab at the top of the blog above!

Cabin_Dec2013 019

Oz & Alice!!

This might be my favorite unit of all time in this quilt – I had a short strip of Wizard of Oz fabric left from teaching a guild in Kansas ---and some “card guys” fabric from Alice in Wonderland – gifted to me by ALLISON WONDELAND!

I love putting weird and funky fabric combos in my quilts!  Yeeehawww!  All of the bonus triangles above came from behind these little flippy corners. 

Cabin_Dec2013 011

And LOOK!  My Leader & Ender Split 9-Patch Challenge pile is GROWING!

I’m working the Boxy Stars quilt in sets of 4 block quarters – so things are kept in a manageable chain, and these blocks have a chance to grow rapidly  as Leaders & Enders in between the seams of sewing of  the Boxy Stars units.  Win/Win!

The tutorial for Split 9-Patch is found under the Free Patterns Tab at the top of the blog, too.  Have you started one?

Remember Saturday I went table shopping on the way home from the airport?  It was brought to my attention that I neglected to post the promised photos of the table that came home with me:

Cabin_Dec2013 022

All mine for $39.00!!

The basket on top has current sewing notions I am using:  Thread, needles, needle threader, scissors, seam ripper and my thimble. 

Cabin_Dec2013 023

Nothing in the cute little drawer yet, but that won’t take me long to fill up!

There will be more sewing through the morning here while laundry runs –washing all the linens from this past week up here.  This afternoon after lunch, I’d like to do another hike before heading down the mountain, but that is weather permitting because it is starting to look kind of iffy out there.  We’ll have to see on that.

I woke up this morning, counting on my fingers – and realizing there are only THREE MORE SLEEPS until I head to Germany and Austria!  We have a group of 26 of us – and it is going to be a blast!  I’ll keep in touch as often as I can, wifi permitting, but if there are blank spots in between posts, you’ll know why Smile

I will have the Friday Celtic Solstice Mystery posts written and ready to post ahead of time so those will go as scheduled!

Now what’s for breakfast around here?

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  1. Love the table. I have one similar I got at a flea market foe $25.00. Have a great, safe trip to Germany and Austria.

  2. That's such a great table. It's just what I was looking for to set beside my reading chair in my office. I ordered a small table online and it arrived (via the "brown" carrier) smashed to bits - faster to bring it home yourself, and definitely safer for the table. Bon Voyage for your trip to Germany; if you pass through Berlin you can shout "Merry Christmas!" out the car window to my nephew and his family!

  3. The table is perfect for one who stitches while relaxing in a comfy chair. Love the bonus triangles and can't wait to see what quilt you make with them. I have 12 left from sewing Boxy Stars too. Hmmm....I'll just have to make more Boxy Stars to get more half-square triangles. Boxy Stars is one of my favorite patterns!

  4. Love that Table! My flat surfaces are destined to be covered with Nativities right now. I'm so glad that Quilt Cam is tomorrow night! The Bonus triangles from my Midnight flight are waiting to be part of an Ocean Waves quilt. Gotta work on cutting more of the border units I have left to make, they will be the L/E for the Mystery, then it will be DONE! Hopefully before it becomes a true UFO. I haven't put it totally away since March, so I'm not counting it a UFO,yet!

  5. Have fun in Germany and Austria. Seems like you are seeing every part of the world in just the last couple of years... What's your next big destination? Haven't seen anything in South America yet...

  6. Hope you have a great time on your Germany trip.

  7. Was rearranging things around the treadle machine this morning and counted my split 9 patches-over 120! Right now just playing at making them to use up all those orphan HST's from previous projects! Used quite a few in making the start of Crystalline blocks-but still have too many left!

  8. Love the table, just the kind of thing I would buy. I'm sure it looks lovely by your chair. Hope things go well for your trip to Europe and enjoy. Thought quiltcam was the 2nd so glad to know I haven't missed it like I did the last one.

  9. Have fun in Germany. You must be way more organized than me that table would be to small for me LOL. I just seam to spread out where ever I am.

  10. Hi... I a new to your site... what is Quilt Cam??

    1. Spyder, Quilt Cam is Bonnie live on her computer web camera, chatting with all of us while she sews. Seems to be more talking than sewing, but that is all good with us!! She will read questions and statements from some of those who post to the blog at that time as well.

  11. You are rockin' the scraps Bonnie!! Bonus hst, split 9-patch and Boxy Stars . . .so productive. "ALLISON WONDERLAND" pretty funny and always happy to share. It delights me to see some of my stash in your blocks. Cute side table you scored on your antique run! Have a safe trip to Germany while making new memories. Hugs, Allison

  12. Anonymous10:54 PM EST

    Have a wonderful trip!

  13. I love Germany. The people are very friendly and the scenery is beautiful. Have never been to Austria. The table is beautiful. Have a wonderful, safe trip. Blessings.

  14. Really like your cute table. I could use one like that next to my chair. Maybe I'll go shopping after Christmas when I have more time. Have a wonderful trip to Germany. One of my good friends is there now visiting her new grandbaby and military son. They are enjoying the Christmas markets all over Europe this time of year.

  15. Ok i love all what you write and I loved the exprecion when you said "Quilt Seeds"
    Its true.
    Nice table either.

  16. The Wizard of Oz block is very cute! I am enjoying working on your mystery quilt. The tri recs ruler was easy to use, I had them for over a year and never had them out of the package until your mystery. Thank you for all that you do. I hope you have a great time in Germany and Austria. You deserve to have fun!

  17. Have a safe trip to Germany, have a blast and come home safe.


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