Monday, December 16, 2013

Celtic Solstice Mystery Monday Link-Up, Part 3!

We are ready for our THIRD Mystery Monday Link-Up!
How are things coming along?  I hope you are loving spending time with your units, having fun with the scraps, and finding some de-stressing time for yourself during the holidays.
I have some fun photos to share, and the story that goes with them from Andee in AZ and the Mystery Quilters from “IN STITCHES” in Goodyear, AZ who gathered together for a Celtic Solstice Kick-Off party with the release of Clue 1.
Get a load of this cake!
They even went so far as to duplicate our paint cards on it…doesn’t that look fun?  And yummy :)
Andee writes:
We would have loved to have you with us, but there was lots of Bonnie energy there!  All told, twelve ladies (Andee, Kathy K., Becky, Kathy C., Barb, Ann, Andrea, Kelli, Jacki, B.J.. Jan, Limbania and Roslyn) gathered at Jan’s shop (In Stitches in Goodyear, AZ) along with Jan who assisted everyone with cutting. 

Her hubby carried things in and out and got the door for us and manned the shop so Jan could play a bit too!  I have done EVERY mystery and we had a few gals who were doing their very first one too!  We even had a few gals come in from the shop to say they are also doing the mystery and they really wished they had been in on our party too.
We had tons of food and a cake and each of us got a Celtic Solstice colored stocking ornament (and we will be sending one to you too!) and we shared fabric and stories all day long! 
One of us even finished the clue—everyone else made lots of fun progress.  We plan to get together for the last clue or to share our finished tops down the line.
It really was SEW much fun and I do believe it will be an annual event—as long as you are doing mysteries!  We even got a few pictures with the rotary cutters for you!

THANK YOU for all the fun and excitement—much love from,
Your number one fans!
Andee and Kathy in AZ and the whole group from In Stitches

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  1. How fun all the Mystery Quilters from “IN STITCHES" had! And that Celtic Solstice cake seems very Yummy. Hugs

  2. "In Stitches" looks a fun place to be. Would love to have a store near me like that one. It's great to see all the people joining in Celtic Solstice and seeing the differing effects the fabrics are creating.

  3. Your number one fan does not live in AZ but in AR: Arkansas that is!!!!

    1. The party looks really fun, though!

    2. The back of my Quiltville shirt says #1 fan...I know that Bonnie has a millions #1 fans, but I brand myself as such anyways! :) Love all the other Bonniacas too!

  4. Love the ornaments! That goes on my 'to do' list today.

  5. A question for Bonnie or anyone else. How do you wash a king size quilt? My machine, while large capacity, will not handle it. Any suggestions. What works for,you? Thanks one and all.

    1. Terry, have you checked at the laundramat for an over sized machine. One near where I live has a couple that accommodate sleeping bags and such. They are huge and easily handle king size quilts. Just make sure the inside of the machine is clean before you put your quilt in. I always wipe and sanitize them before I use them. Good luck, hope this helps.

    2. Thanks Cindy, especially the tip about cleaning it out first. I will be scouting laundromats in my area. Merry Christmas!

  6. Thanks for sharing our kickoff party with the other Bonniacs. I hope it is the first of many more kickoff parties to come (not just for us but for Bonniacs around the world!). Loving my Packer (Celtic) Solstice!

  7. What fun to have a guild sewing together on your Mystery. I think there are 3 that I know from my guild. We will confer in January to see how much we have done. We are all on Facebook so we can see progress there too. I had to find my Christmas-y Beanie to help guard the pieces.

    1. Turns out this is EVEN more fun in a group, or groups!

  8. COLORFUL! The quilts will just have to be gorgeous with these colors and fabrics.

    Looking at the photos, I did notice someone had used blue painter's tape on the FW over the gold decal. I did this too, and when removing the tape, also removed that portion of the decal with it.

    I am knee deep in several Bonnie type quilts in the making... Solstice will have to wait ... but I do enjoyed seeing the progress.

    Smiles, JulieinTN

    1. I think the blue tape is on my machine..I can't sew a quarter inch without some guide...I have Bonnie's quarter inch seam thingys on my Christmas list and hope to be using that soon! My machine isn't too pristine though so if I lose some decal I am okay with that, but thanks for the heads up!

  9. so fun to watch the process and that eventually get :)

  10. Great photos, it looks like you ladies had a lot of fun! "In Stitches" is a fun shop and Jan and Lester do a wonderful job as shop owners!

    1. Yes they do, I just wish I lived a bit closer to the shop! I need to make a point to get out there more often!

  11. Can I just say, I love the idea of a kick-off party sewing day. This would have given me a good head start. I will join the turtles in the back, just loving this mystery (a lot).

  12. I had to laugh out loud to see the typical Bonnie style picture of all the quilters holding up their rotary blades. That was perfect.

  13. Tracey Honig10:00 PM EST

    I wish you had a "Like" button for some of these comments!! It would be fun to sew with a group of ladies. My MIL is teaching me all about quilting, and we are going to start working on this when she comes back from her Christmas trip. Can't wait to get started!! So fun seeing where people think you are going with these blocks, though!!

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Help needed! I have a question on clue #3!
    I am almost done with it but then I've started panicking: which way must the pinwheels turn? Clockwise, counter-clockwise, or is it absolutely random, or is consistency required? If you compare e.g. Linda (link-up #66) the upper left orange triangle points to the left (counter-clockwise oriented), and the next one made by Sadie (link-up #67) the upper left orange triangle points towards the top (clockwise oriented). Does it matter?


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