Sunday, December 08, 2013

Hello from our group!

Ruhpolding_Dec2013 071

Last night’s dinner as a group in our hotel in Ruhpolding!

The food is amazing ---and we are having a great time, can you tell?  I’m sure you can even see that we have hubbies with us as well as mother/daughter pairs, sister pairs and friends!

We are from all over the USA ---coast to cost from Southern California to Rhode Island and everywhere in between and around.

These are just a few photos of our first night in Germany together.

Many napped during the afternoon and look a bit more chipper than those who didn’t!

Ruhpolding_Dec2013 070

Most of the rest of the group!

Ruhpolding_Dec2013 072

Jim West giving us a welcome speech!

Several have asked to see photos of the inside of our hotel – so I’ll oblige!  It’s not ALL old style inside, there have been renovations to upgrade things.  I’ve got myself a very modern room:

Ruhpolding_Dec2013 029

Two folded duvets at the end of the bed.

Ruhpolding_Dec2013 030

From the entrance door

I have a love/hate relationship with duvets.  I love them – cozy warm!  And in the middle of the night I hate them because I am sweating like nobody’s business, and if you throw it off, you freeze –because there is no “in between” with just a sheet – it’s all or nothing, baby!  Too hot with it on, too cold with it off!

Ruhpolding_Dec2013 028

The shower produces lots of drenching hot water though ---lovely!

There are large windows both in the bath, and the bedroom side – with the most magnificent views!

This is what I woke up to this morning:

Ruhpolding_Dec2013 073

From the bedroom window

Ruhpolding_Dec2013 074

From the bathroom window!

Ruhpolding_Dec2013 067

The reception desk is on the 2nd floor ---

Right next to the guest lounge:

Ruhpolding_Dec2013 066

Cozy and quiet – most of the time!

There is no hotel-wide wifi, so if you want connection you come here.  We’ve started referring to this area as the “cyber café!”   You can buy a 24 hour pass for 5 euros.  It’s worth it – I have a lot of work to do behind the scenes on our off hours and I can’t afford to be disconnected for long!

Ruhpolding_Dec2013 075

One of the entry doors…love this!

Ruhpolding_Dec2013 076

Under the eves at the front, outside.

If you look close, there are dates written on the underside of the eaves along the center beam.  These are main dates when things were added or changed to the holel – some of the dates refer back to the 1400s ---amazing way of keeping record!

We had a fabulous day out  on Lake Chiemsee, Ferrying across the lake to Herrenschiemsee Castle, and visiting the Christmas Market on a neighboring island --- all by ferry! Photos for those to come as soon as I can get things edited down and uploaded on a very slow wifi.

So here I sit in the little cyber café area trying to take care of photos – and uploading some videos I took today.  On a very slow wifi connection – which means this may take hours!

I want to send this post live and go to dinner, so the videos will have to wait for another time in the next few days.

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I’m headed out to find dinner – have a great day, everyone!

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  1. I see towels :) are there any washcloths? We never stayed in a hotel in England or Wales that had them. I bought a stack of cheap ones and left the wet one in the trash when we left.

    Looks like a great group, thanks for sharing. Sharyn in Kalama

  2. Lovely hotel. Reminds me of the Hotel Post we stayed at in Mayrhofen in Austria a couple of years ago. Looks like you have a very cheery group with you so I am sure you will be enjoying yourself. Have a drink for me, cheers!!

  3. Enjoy your stay!

  4. boy those beds dont look to comfy...but im sure they are better than they look...enjoy

  5. I love the European duvets but always ended up sticking my foot outside the covers to cool down! Hotel looks lovely, town picturesque. My sister was in Koln 2 weeks ago for the Christmas market and had a great time.
    Here in Michigan we have our own Christmas market in Frankenmuth, little Bavaria.

    1. I stick my foot up to it helps to balance out the heat and cold cycle of the duvet.

  6. Hello Bonnie,
    welcome to Germany :o)
    About the duvets - I guess they are fether-filled, aren't they?
    They are ment to warm you, sleeping in un-heated rooms. So try it. Turn the heater down all the way and open the window. I bed you will not be sweating under them anymore.
    Have fun while you are here.
    xxx Doris

  7. Looks like fun....DH and I always ask for a cotton blanket and remake the bed without the feather beds on top of us.......since you will based there for several days go ahead and ask they usually do mind one bit. Most of our European friends tell us they sleep under them year round. :0( too hot for me!
    Love the pictures, I hope you all have a great time. Happy Sewing

  8. It looks like you're having a great time. One of these days Keryn and I will get to take a trip with you I hope!

    About the linky thing, if you don't have post titles, which I don't bother with, you can scroll down to the time at the end of the post. If you click on that it will bring up the individual post and be a permanent link. Just another way, especially if there is no title.

  9. OOPS that would be they DO NOT mind one bit :0)


  10. Sieht sehr Deutsch aus! (Looks very German!) The feather beds are meant for unheated rooms and the suggestion to turn the heat down and open the window is a good one. Germans are crazy about "frische Luft" (fresh air). When I was a college student in Germany years ago, my German roommate always had the window open, even in the winter. I came home late one evening in the dead of winter to find her snoring away, the door to the balcony propped open, and the snow blowing in! You would need a feather bed under those conditions.

  11. Too bad there's never enough room in the luggage for a nice quilt to come along for the journey. The pictures are great - thanks for taking us along with you.

  12. Anonymous4:50 PM EST

    Think of how your quilts would look as the duvet covers. I've made the last three mysteries as queen size duvet covers as all my bed have duvets. The bonus is that the cover alone is perfect weight for summer on all but the hottest nights!
    Annette from Australia

  13. I guess that I watch too many crime shows, but those beds look like they have bodies under the covers!

  14. Herrenschiemsee is gorgeous, no? Ludwig may have been crazy, but he could build some wonderful castles. :)

  15. Love our duvet but sometimes I need to stick my foot out to cool off.

  16. This looks so amazing! Have a fun quilty time!

  17. My great grandma was German she love the country, someday I would love to see this as you are. You will have lots of new ideas for quilts when you return home.

  18. Bonnie the reception desk looks like the one out of Fawlty Towers!!!


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