Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Best Gift of Christmas

Cabin_Dec2013 103sm
The best gift of Christmas was having both of my sons here and watching them interact with each other.

Nothing brings such joy as watching siblings not only love and care for each other, but watching the teasing, the laughing, the way they handle their differences –most of all just knowing that they will also be life long friends.  

That blood is thicker than water – to watch how they give to each other.  Oh yes, they give each other quite a bit of grief too –but that’s what brothers do.

The big hit of Christmas for them, however, was not how sentimental their mom was feeling ---because boys will be boys!  And grown up boys still act like little boys when it comes to boys with toys!

The surprise gift of Christmas came as a pair of four-wheelers we had arranged to pick up on Christmas morning thanks to a craigslist ad that came at the right time:

Cabin_Dec2013 105

It doesn’t look like it – but it was only 28 degrees on Christmas morning!

The cold temps didn’t stop them though….off they went to go see the waterfall!

Cabin_Dec2013 106

There they go!

When they got back, their noses were frozen and their cheeks were red with cold, but it wasn’t anything that hot mugs of coffee couldn’t fix!

Cabin_Dec2013 107

Christmas dinner was a simple affair ---

Spiral ham, scalloped potatoes, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes and all the fixings filled our bellies to the brim.

And the BEST part of Christmas?

Cabin_Dec2013 109

Jason napping on this couch – still wearing the hat I brought him from Salzburg!

Cabin_Dec2013 110

Jeff and Sadie crashed out on this couch….he was so worn out he didn’t even stop to take off his shoes!

Both boys left shortly after dark – as both are working today.  It was so wonderful to have them both here, for our first Christmas up at the cabin. 

One bit of conversation over heard between them ---Jeff said “I guess I’ll have to come up  more often now that there are 4-wheelers here.”  Oh yes – that’s the whole idea, son!

Today there is not much on the agenda.  Who wants to go out shopping the day after Christmas?  NOT ME!   I want to sew!

We will head  back home tomorrow – I need Saturday to pack up everything I need for Dallas over New Years. 

I’m thinking if everything goes right, we might sneak in ONE MORE Quilt-Cam in 2013 – how about Saturday afternoon at 2pm EST ?  We haven’t had an afternoon cam session for quite a while, and this way the Europeans can join us in their afternoon time?  I’ll let you know more by Saturday morning whether that will work or not.  I’m hoping it will. 

One of my gifts to myself was a new web cam – A CHEAP one – it occurred to me that the cam I have may be so “high end” that it has made the focusing too hard..I need one I can adjust, not the auto focus kind that focus on the closest thing in the cam view – which turns out to be the back of my sewing machine.  I bought a lower end one just to try – to see if the picture is any better.  We’ll give it a shot and see!

But in the mean time, I’m going to enjoy every bit of quiet solitude and peace found in these mountains that have become balm for my soul.


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  1. Hey Bonnie...Great idea on the 4 wheelers. I am sure the boys will love them for years to come. It seems you take parenting just like teaching...meet them where they are and entice them into more. I really do think the boys will be home more just like I think you inspire people to quilt more by teaching classes and being so helpful. I am so happy for you that the cabin is becoming all that you wanted it to be!!

    1. Well said, Jo! I totally agree! Love seeing your boys having a great time together. Enjoy!

  2. Thank you for the many ways you make my life richer. I appreciate the time you invest, the knowledge you share, the entertainment you provide and so much more. I hope you have a wonderful, recuperative and peaceful time at your cabin in the woods. I'm headed out to my studio for some of the same.

  3. thanks Bonnie for trying to fit in another quilt cam... I am finally back to my fave part.. slow stitching and would love to make lots of feathers during quilt cam before my bedtime :) I know I go to bed early but it would be fun to catch one when I am in productive mode not wind down mode :)
    Also a thanks for teaching me so much just in the way you converse with us during quilt cam and blog posts... so many things just make sense to you... and by watching you I can pick up on little helpful hints to make my quilting easier and more accurate! Thanks for all you have done for me indirectly in 2013!

  4. You have a great plans for Boxing Day. Fingers crossed for Saturday cam.

  5. Bonnie, you are one smart cookie getting those 4 wheelers to entice your kids to come to the cabin more often! I am going down to my lady cave to finish clue 4 today! See you Saturday I hope.

  6. Sounds like you had an awesome Christmas! I love the pics of the kids napping, Sadie looks very content cuddled up with one of her guys.

  7. Thanks Bonnie for the peak at your wonderful Christmas. I understand the wonderful feeling of contentment having all the offspring under one roof. All mine were together for Christmas celebrations for the first time since 2008. Even the youngest, now living in Paris was here with her husband! We all took naps as well. Thanks again for all the joy you provide to your followers. I love your attitude toward life and I find it spilling over onto me! Happy New Year!

  8. sounds like a wonderful way to spend Christmas!

  9. Bonnie, I had the very same thing with my kids this Christmas. They are 52 and soon to be 55. We are spending the week in a timeshare at Duck NC part of the Outerbanks. They started off the first day we got here, just like the little kids they used to be. But really are the best of friends although so different in temperament. I also spent the last three rainy days working on clue 4. Brought fabric etc. and stripped and sewed and cut and sewed and ironed. I have enough done ready to sew the last stitching row for the 4 patches, I am doing the large quilt so will have a long way to go. . Eileen from Boonsboro. Maryland

  10. My boys would be in heaven with 4-wheelers to play with! All three were home for Christmas and have been having the best time. They've been playing jokes on each other, playing Catan, laughing and talking as only brothers can do. Makes a mom's heart melt.

  11. Great to see your boys enjoy themselves; what a super-gift those four-wheelers!
    Love to see you live again on Quiltcam!
    Greetz from the Netherlands, Ria.

  12. Spent Christmas with my nephew and his family (wife and two boys) also my deceased niece's son who, in contrast, seemed so much more forlorn, it almost broke my heart. Still, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I also had my daughter and my husband together with my sister who, unfortunately, seems to be in the early throws of alzheimer's. Very worrying but we will try to get on with it.

    It's great your boys were both able to enjoy the time with you and the hubster.

  13. What a great gift for you! So nice to see the pictures of them having a good time together, Bon!! The cabin will become a family spot…just you wait and see!

  14. You described my favorite type of Christmas. Basic dinner and relaxation spending time with family, we were fortunate to have all the grandchildren and great grandkids home for Christmas. I also am anxious to get started on my Celtic mystery quilt as it took a back seat for the holiday.

  15. I know exactly what you mean when you describe the relationship your sons share as I'm blessed to have two grown "boys" who are 'thick as thieves' too. Nothing warms my heart more than having them both in my home at the same time. I'm so glad your Christmas holiday was all you'd hoped for and more.

  16. Sounds like a concentrated time of Christmas goodness at Quiltvilla. Lots of smiles on those 4wheelers! And I love the quilts under or over the 'boys' at naptime! No matter what, there is much to be thankful for. Hope to be able to catch Quiltcam if you can fit it in, thanks for trying in your busy days. Safe travels to Texas and enjoy every minute with your brother.

  17. Anonymous9:41 AM EST

    Thanks Bonnie for all the time you give to us quilter. I live in a small town and don't have any quilting friends near me. I love the Quilt-cams and everything else you do. I hope some day I can meet you in person. Have a nice New Year in Texas.


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