Saturday, December 14, 2013

St. Peter's Cemetery and Catacombs, Salzburg

Salzburg_2013 097
Still editing down photos of Salzburg, Austria.  SO much to see – SO much history!  And SO many scenes from the Sound of Music debunked!

((But isn’t this gate gorgeous?!))

How many of us remember the scene where the von Trapp family escapes from the music festival to hide behind headstones in the graveyard?

The scene where Rolf finds the family and Liesl begs him not to tell...and he blows the whistle!!  How heartbroken we were that he betrays their love that way. ((Heavy sigh!!))

That never happened in reality.

German headstones are not as big and “monumental” for lack of a better word than ours are in the USA ---The scene was set to have happened here at St Peter’s church cemetery –they used the images from the gates, etc ---

While in actuality they had to build a set back in Hollywood to give the depth to the catacombs that would allow a family to hide behind the memorials.

Salzburg_2013 200

This looks like they COULD hide here – but in fact there is no space between the memorials and the back walls:

Salzburg_2013 095

There is no space to hide a family!

The gates are beautiful, the whole place so very well cared for and serene.  I took many photos while walking around and have uploaded them into a slide show for easier viewing.

Click the image below if you can’t view the slide show on your mobile device.  You will be taken directly to the photo album.

St Peter's Cemetery, Salzburg 2013

By the time this posts we will already be on our way back to the states.  According to the weather there could be a snow storm arriving into NYC about the same time our plane lands -- so please keep us in your thoughts and close to your hearts.
I've got a few hours worth of layover time at JFK -- but I don't want it to be any more than that! I want to be home in my own bed by midnight!
Auf wiedersehen, Deutchland!  It's been wonderful!

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  1. Safe travels! The last time I was in Germany, my parents were living there. I did the ugly cry in the airport, as I wouldn't be seeing them for another year or so. Oh the memories of such a beautiful country.

  2. I really enjoyed your trip to Germany! Thamks for sharing.Wouldn't that gate make a beautiful center to a quilt.....

  3. Thank you for the wonderful tour. Now I wish you a safe and speedy return home and pray the weather will be kind to you with no delays. Sleep tight tonight!!

  4. Safe travels to all of you as you journey back to home & loved ones. Love the gate picture. Seeing quilt-y possibilities there...

  5. Great pictures. I've been there too!

  6. Thanks for a great trip down memory lane in Salzburg. Janet in WA

  7. Prayers going up for a safe journey for you all. I have really enjoyed going along on your trip with you via your blog. Just watched the live musical of Sound of Music and find all of this info and your pictures fascinating! (PS I finished clue three yesterday, loving doing the smaller quilt and feeling like I am ahead of the pack, lol I know, it isn't a race, but still!)

  8. Sound of Music movie had many inaccurate details to make it a fun enjoyable "story"... besides that, Julie Andrews didn't look a thing like Maria lol.

    Still the underlying story was a good one, and thankfully the family did get to safety.
    We enjoyed visiting the various places filmed. Movie-making is a fascinating world. I appreciate the technical qualities so much!

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  9. Just so you don't feel totally misled, there are German cemeteries that could hide people. The one in my town is quite large, stones and monuments of all sizes, plus lots of trees and bushes. It's a great place to wander and explore.

  10. Anonymous1:31 PM EST

    Beautiful! Travel safely!

  11. wow!
    amazing photos!
    hope you get home safely to your own bed!

  12. More great pix--thanks so much, when we were there last, the longtime conductor of the Berlin Symphony , Herbert von Karajan, had just passed away and black flags were draped all around the open courtyard. I loved seeing Mozart's home --not to mention those chocs--yummy! Hope you arrive home safely and have a wonderful holiday season...hugs, Julierose

  13. Have a good travel back home.

  14. Wouldn't those scroll designs be beautiful as quilting patterns???? thank you for the travel along-I have enjoyed your trip very much! Welcome home and enjoy a peaceful weekend relaxing and getting your body clock back in wack!

  15. As soon as I saw that gate I thought it was gorgeous!!!! Great pics!!

  16. wonderful pictures! what a fantastic trip! that is one of the places i wish to visit.the sound of music is an epic lovely movie. it is one of our fave. thank you for sharing these memories you just made and pictures.

  17. get home safe and sound and sleep well tonite!


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