Tuesday, December 17, 2013

On the Patchwork Home Front!

Germany2013 226

This was my last night’s activity.

I had not sat at a sewing machine in TEN DAYS!  Do you know what kind of withdrawals that can cause?
I play Netflix on my old laptop ---the same one I use for Quilt-Cam, and I had a whopping good time with Miss Marple and Nemesis!

I was finishing up the gazillion 72 Square in a Square cornerstones needed for my cheddar sampler quilt.


I finished the string sashings about a month ago – the blocks are also all done – I am ready for assembly!

Germany2013 245

Sometimes quilts just take a long time.  And that’s okay.

I’m planning on heading up to Quilt Villa on Friday – I need to stock the cabin fridge with all the food we’ll need for the week –including Christmas dinner stuff.

I’m packing this project with me, knowing I might not get to it because I need to finish the Boxy Stars project that is already up there ---I teach it right after New Year’s and I promised myself to have it to TOP STAGE when I travel.  ((Which reminds me, I better go pull sashing fabric!)) But just in case I have a chance to lay this out and get it webbed together – it’s coming with me.

I am celebrating!

And since I just returned from Germany, I’ve got an Oompa Band playing along in the background!

This was from our fun evening at the Hofbrau Haus in Munich!


We had such a great time!


When in Germany – do as Germans do!


You have NOT experienced Munich until you have survived the Hofbrau Haus!!

Quilt Cam TOMORROW night (Wednesday, Dec 18) at 9pm EST!

See you there!

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  1. Glad you finished your square in a square cornerstones! Good luck with the assembly. You're sure to really enjoy that. I enjoyed the Oompa Band at the Hofbrau Haus. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Perhaps you could show us what you bought - any goodie is fun.

  3. Anonymous5:57 PM EST

    I love your FB posts! And I love the idea of playing DVDs for company in the sewing room! I don't have a TV in my sewing/office space, so the movies are a great alternative. Otherwise, it seems like I am isolated from the family.

    Barbara Webster

  4. I hope to catch quilt cam tomorrow night. Working on the Celtic mystery. Its been a very interesting experience. Thank goodness I joined the facebook group, and received a lot of help, and inspiration. We all wonder if by chance you happen to read any of our post Bonnie??? Safe travels to the cabin. Wendy Ontario Canada

  5. Bonnie!!! Remember Gretchen's tricky cut apart pattern? Someone had thought of this and made it commercially available.

    The packet are called STAR SINGLES. It has 100 printed papers in it that make 800 triangles. Why buy them? Because I need to make the pattern and all. This way I have the pattern, which I can then copy at home for my own use.

    The website is www.spinningstardesigns.com In Edmund OK.


  6. I agree..I have been in Germany over Christmas....the markets, midnight mass, and absolutely the Hofbrau Haus...all magical!

  7. Anonymous8:21 PM EST

    Just trying to see if I can post here. Joyce Weckwerth joyus62@hotmail.com Hello Bonnie and manga tuk for everything you do!

  8. Oh,yay!! Look at all those little squares in squares. So cute! That quilt is just going to be fabulous!

  9. I tried all day yesterday to join the Yahoo group for Bonnie, but it kept coming back to me, "There is an error on the page." Any ideas? I can't have missed the encryption thingy that many times?
    lin3841 at gmail dot com


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