Monday, December 09, 2013

Of Ferries and Castles!

Ruhpolding_Dec2013 088
Sunday morning, we loaded up the bus, and drove about an hour to Lake Chiemsee, boarded a boat and ferried across the lake to Herrenschiemsee Castle.
Before we could even board, we were busy taking photos of the view of the lake, of ducks on the water, and of the glorious mountain range in the background.
Yes, you can tell we are all bundled up – it’s chilly on the water, but all in all – the weather was not bad, and those who chose to stay INSIDE on the ferry were warm and dry.
And then there were those of us who had to capture everything we could from the upper deck as we began to make our way across to the island and the castle.
Ruhpolding_Dec2013 092
Snow capped mountains ---beautiful!
When the ferry docks, we disembark and find ourselves on about a 15 minute walk to where the castle is located:
Ruhpolding_Dec2013 103
Folks behind me
Ruhpolding_Dec2013 104
Up the rise they go – two by two, chattering all the way!
Ruhpolding_Dec2013 105
Pretty soon I’m taking up the rear – I better get a move on!
Ruhpolding_Dec2013 106
But maybe I’ll stop and take a photo of this little creek first.
And there it is,   Herrenschiemsee Castle:
Ruhpolding_Dec2013 108
The story of the castle is an interesting one.  With Herrenschiemsee Palace, King Ludwig II planned a "New Versailles" after having studied the architecture at the original. As with Linderhof, George Dollman was chosen as the architect and the foundation stone was laid on May 21, 1878. It was completed within three years. Its similarities include a Latona Fountain (in front), The Hall of Mirrors, a Hall of Peace and a Hall of War, but the interiors exceed the brilliance of Versailles in gilding alone. Not to be missed -- the Bath, Dressing Room and the Small Mirror Gallery. King Ludwig only occupied this castle a total of nine days.
Unfortunately we were not allowed to take any photos of the inside ---but I was able to find many photos of the interior with a simple google search for images.  Click HERE to view them!
Ruhpolding_Dec2013 115
Christmas tre in the entrance hall before starting our tour.
Ruhpolding_Dec2013 111
Me, getting silly with King Neptune!
Ruhpolding_Dec2013 117
It does look a lot like Versailles!
Afterwards we hiked back down to the abbey for lunch at the panorama restaurant.  Food was awesome, company is even better!
Ruhpolding_Dec2013 123
Oh lawsy!  I’m about to channel Julie Andrews as Maria at any given moment!
Ruhpolding_Dec2013 124
Part of our group  headed back to the ferry –we better hurry lest we find ourselves left behind!
Ruhpolding_Dec2013 125
One more glance over my shoulder at the mountains in the distance and off we scurry --
Ruhpolding_Dec2013 129
The ferry ride will bring us here –to the Christkindlmarkt auf der Fraueninsel!
More photos to follow in another post!

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  1. Where is the snow? It looks as though you had a very bright day for your castle trip. I expected to see you walking up to a snowy scene at the castle. It's a very lovely place though. Enjoy.

  2. Is this just a pleasure trip or will you be teaching some where along the way?

  3. Stunning - and to think it was built in only 3 years! Your pictures are marvelous - hope you are having a wonderful time.

  4. Miss Bonnie, from where I sit -- you are having far too much fun!!! LOLOL Truly do "wishing I was there..."

  5. Oh my it's beautiful. It seems you are having a great time. Hugs

  6. There would be plenty of room for a quilting studio and fabric storage in that castle. Maybe they could hold quilting retreats! :)

  7. Bonnie, I am very impressed with your grasp of the German language. "Auf der Fraueninsel" is letter perfect. Gut gemacht!

  8. I've been singing along with the TV versions while I stitched my Chevrons. When I saw you picture at Saltzburg, I had to hear it in my head again---Do Re Mi, MI,MI,MI. I wanna SING with Julie Andrews.

  9. Even my stash could get lost in that castle ;-) Thanks for sharing this trip with us. I love everything. Merry Christmas. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  10. Oh how fun!!! That Ludwig was a crazy fellow - spent tons of money but tourists keep coming to see! Thanks for the pictures!!

  11. Great fun reading your commentaries about everything you see. Its fun taking a break from sewing and being an armchair traveler with you.

  12. Hallo Bonnie,
    Ich verfolge gerne deine Aufenthalt in Deutschland und reise in Gedanken mit,
    das ist mein Traumschloß.
    Liebe Grüße Hannelore


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