Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Piece-Full Afternoon!

This post is a test. 

It's a test to see if I can just upload my photos via Windows Live Writer, and then just insert my text over in Blogger where I can actually SEE what I am typing.

It is NOT the screen resolution.  I can change the screen resolution and the size of the text for the computer until the cows come home, but it doesn't change what goes on within Windows Live Writer.  

The font stays very small as a default and I can't see to write it.

When I forward the post as a draft -- everything is normal once I open it up within the Blogger interface -- it's something with Live Writer that is not Windows 8 compatible --it's too small to read..I mean minuscule... Like calibri in size 9.  dinky!!

Anyway, I think this will work for now.  What I like MOST about Live Writer is that I can set the default size for my photos...nice and large like this:


Blogger doesn't offer this size --their LARGE photo is the size that you see at the top of this post...and I'll often use that for the first photo in a post, but I like to be able to really SHOW You what I'm doing.  These photos are set at 550 wide. 

Can you see I'm working on my Wonky Wishes blocks?  The Cheddar Sampler is done --and I needed something quick to grab and go and this was it!  I need 30 blocks...which is 120 stars total.  Tutorial found HERE.

Masses of 2.5" Squares and light crumbs -- that's all that is needed!

I'm sewing on the Singer 15-30 1921 treadle with the Tiffany decals I brought home for $65 last June.  Click HERE for the story!

I've moved the treadle machine to where I can see the TV so The Hubster doesn't feel neglected.  Is there anything better than piecing during an NCIS Marathon the day after Christmas?  I'm a pretty happy camper!


The pile grows!

Remember that tomorrow is PART FIVE of Celtic Solstice!  Are you ready??

Our Mystery Monday Link-Up closes tonight at 11:55pm Eastern. So get your progress posted if you are still working on that! And you can check out all of the folks who have linked up on this post HERE.  142 persevering quilters have joined us in this link up!

And with that, I'm back to the machine for more star piecing.  This is the year of depleting the 2.5" square bin!

Have a great evening, Everyone!

**Post Script**  Sending over the post with just the photos still made my font VERY SMALL after publishing it here through Blogger.  URGH.  And the search for the right interface goes on ---

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  1. wheee, gorgeous. glad you're getting some sewing in. woohoo!

  2. Everything looks big and clear. I'm loving your blocks!

  3. Looks good here in Australia! Merry Christmas!

  4. I think it looks great, not dinky at all.

  5. Looks great! Pretty blocks.

  6. Mystery part 5! I'm ready and rarin' to go! (Cute star blocks, by the way.)

  7. Bonnie, Thursdays post was easier to read though than the previous posts, and I love the larger photos!!!!
    Thanks for trying so hard for us viewers!
    Cindy from MI

  8. I am ready for the next clue! I work tomorrow all day though so may not be gettting to it til tomorrow night, but it will be the first thing I check upon awakening tomorrow...gotta see what is next! Hope you figure out the font thing. Wish I was more help in that regard, but nope! :)

  9. I use live writer in windows 8 without issue.

  10. I LOVE the larger size photos!!!!
    Great to see you are sewing your heart out!
    XOXOXO Subee

  11. Great results, here, and on your quilt! love it

  12. So glad you had a lovely Christmas, Bonnie. We all marvel at how you manage to do so much, it's great to see you enjoying the cabin we all feel like we helped you pick out! Kathleen

  13. Everything looks good here on my Kindle.

  14. Font in this blog is larger than the font in the previous blog (The Best Gift of Christmas). I can't tell if the pictures are bigger but they seem sharper somehow.

    So glad you had a wonderful Christmas time with your family.

  15. The photos and text are great, Bonnie!

  16. Love NCIS marathons! I worked on my Celtic Solstice - I'm way behind but loving my first mystery with you.

  17. The font for this post is larger than the last post. The photos
    Ok great. I'm using my ipad and all is good.
    Can't wait for the next clue of the mystery.
    Hope to start it after the new year.
    Well done and thankyou

  18. I absolutely get giddy when I look at your beautiful scraps and the fun you are having with them.

  19. Hi Bonnie, you may have already read this but here is a posting that offers tips on windows live writer for windows 8 http://weblogs.asp.net/jgalloway/archive/2013/08/12/8-windows-live-writer-tips.aspx

    1. The tips included how to change the font size which is set in the template used and therefore needs to be done in the CSS.

  20. Anonymous9:15 AM EST

    Use up the 2 1/2 squares - I doubt it. LOL. Cool that you understand or are even able to get your mind around making these two programs mesh. It has all gotten so far beyond me. Pictures do look different - not so tight to the print.

  21. I am just now looking at this post. I think it looks great, and you shouldn't worry at all. I am just amazed that you are posting right after Christmas!


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