Friday, December 20, 2013

Escape to Buck Mountain!

Cabin_Dec2013 030
I was in a rush to get out of the house and get the grocery shopping done this morning – this Christmas holiday has really rear-ended me!

Are you feeling that way too?    Goodness, Thanksgiving better come earlier next year to give me more of a heads up!

As it was, I was ready to leave when the insurance inspector for our home owners insurance showed up, his car blocking my way out of the drive way.  AARRGHH!

And by the time I really got going –it was later morning, and I had forgot COMPLETELY to add the link to clue #4 under the Celtic Solstice tab.  Well hello --- if folks had LOOKED at the front of the blog they would have seen the post, but I think folks must have bookmarked the TAB and not the main blog address because my inbox was full of emails all day while I was on the road asking why clue #4 wasn’t posted yet.

It’s my fault.  I’m frazzled, and naturally blonde!  It’s fixed now – the link is now on the tab,  even if the post was here right on time at 7am all along!

This was the view from the front porch after arriving at the cabin this afternoon.  It’s CRAZY WARM here this week! 

After the ice and snow of Germany and Austria last week ---it just feels unreal, but then there is a reason I live south.

Cabin_Dec2013 031

It got to 64 up here today!  66 projected for tomorrow and Sunday?

Looks like BING won’t be the only one just DREAMING of a White Christmas this year!

I received a special gift from my mom and I am SO PROUD of her.  She is a fairly new quilter, though she has been very supportive of me all along.  It wasn’t until the past few years that the bug finally bit her hard enough.  She’s joined a guild, she goes on RETREATS and everything --- WITHOUT me!  Imagine that!

But she made NINE of these this year, and gifed them all:

Cabin_Dec2013 029

How festive!

She did a great job on the machine quilting..and I love the stripe backing fabric brought around to the front as binding….and oh so scrappy.  Thanks, Mom!

I braved the crowds today – I thought better today than tomorrow – and did all the grocery shopping for the upcoming week, including ingredients for baking cookies while the boys are here.  Sam’s Club was a madhouse, but the grocery store ((for everything I didn’t want in industrial size)) was worse!  If you are going out to do the same thing ---be brave.

And just so you know, you WILL need a nap after!  I did!  And I enjoyed every minute of it Smile

Cabin_Dec2013 032

My work station tonight!

I’m sewing boxy star blocks tonight!  You can see the block quarters on my table – and next to them the bin of 2.5” squares for making the split 9-patch blocks as my leader & ender project.  I’m on a mission to finish this top in the next day or two, so this is where you’ll find me.  The top has to go with me to Texas on the 29th ---and I’m FINE with it just being a top –but a pile of blocks just won’t do, so it’s pedal to the metal, baby!

Bring on the Netflix – I’m deep into Miss Marple at the moment and just loving it!

And this was a funny I thought too hilarious NOT to pass on!  Have you seen the photos of the pets with signs owning up to the bad things they’ve done?  This one came through facebook yesterday – hysterical!  And I so agree on the Elf being a tab bit creepy in a Chuckie kind of way!

Cabin_Dec2013 026

what a hoot!

I’m thinking we need quilters with signs held up confessing their recent fabric purchases or something….or where they hid the fabric once they got it home…LOL

Have a great evening, everyone!  I'm heading home on Sunday, and we'll be back up as a family on Monday.  Best idea ever to find a getaway that was only an hour and 20 minutes from home.

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  1. Love that table runner - so cool that your mom also enjoys your craft.

    Traffic and the stores around here have been crazy here too. Thank goodness I've finished Christmas shopping or I'd go nuts in the parking lots. Truly looking forward to heading to NC for Christmas to be with my children and grandchildren.

    Enjoy your weekend sewing. That and making cookies and fudge are my to do's :-)


  2. I'm not going to tell all my secrets! Hope you have a Merry Christmas. Thanks for Celtic Solstice, I'm a little behind, battling pneumonia all week

  3. Bon, you are very lucky to have found such a perfect hideaway so close to your house. Mine is 8 hrs drive, on a good day!! Still, we love our getaways. Hope you have a great week with all the boys around!

  4. How absolutely wonderful to have such a precious keepsake from your mom! Enjoy your time up the mountain and precious sewing time without interruptions!

  5. I love your mom's table topper! Awesome job, and fmq, too! Wow! And yeah, those dogs are hysterical! Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your Christmas week on the mountain! Hey, that sounds like something out of the Waltons! Always my favorite xmas movie, The Homecoming, but I don't think it airs anymore.

  6. I was out after I dropped the kids off at school. By 11:30 I had a pounding headache. I'm beginning to not like the holidays. :-(

  7. My dog, Ivy, would have a sign on her that said "I am responsible for the sheep in the nativity scene only having three legs and no ears..." Sigh. And yes, elf on the shelf is very creepy and I do not like it one bit! Have a Merry Christmas
    Tammy K. in Illinois

  8. If I had that getaway like you do, I definitely would have wondered off up there by my self today!

  9. Quiet time with little or no interruptions? Sounds heaven to me. Get sewing girl. You will manage all you have to do, I have every faith in you. It's a wonderful bolt hole you have, I'm really jealous.

  10. love it all! enjoy and relax!

  11. Have a wonderful Christmas Bonnie. Mind you, if I were already at the cabin I'd stay put and just let the rest of the family join me there :)

  12. oh yeah i was out all day friday as well, half day with car problems, other half finishing shopping and i certainly had a nap when i got fnished...game me the energy to bake a batch of cookies

  13. Bonnie why you are not standing there spinning into the ground what with all of the traveling, I just don't know. A good friend of mine, who was older, told me "It will all happen ready and not". I have to laugh now, because Mary was correct! Besides it is the people you love who make the holiday... and remember Who is the reason for the season.

    Waiting to see snow around your cabin with smoke coming to the chimney .. what a grand site.

    ALL IS WELL, trust that.

  14. Lovely present from your mum! Don't worry about the tab. I always check your home page first, why wouldn't you?!?! So many interesting things to see and read.
    Merry Christmas and enjoy your family time in the cabin xx

  15. lol, like you i'm currently in need of about 4 more days added on to my Christmas schedule. But whatever gets done will be fine by me. Dreading going out today to shop for food, but it must be done. After that i'm staying home, feet up, all wrapped up in a Christmas quilt, baking and munching on cookies, sipping hot apple cider, and watching Christmas movies galore. Will miss having a white Christmas this year, but the pics of snow blizzards from the Weather Chanel will have to do as a substitute.

  16. My "Buck Mountain" getaway is the family's place in Michigan - 2 and a half hours away from me and sadly closed for the Winter. So wish I was there right now - fire going in the fireplace, hot cuppa tea and my sewing machine on the dining room table. I too braved the wilds of Walmart yesterday & crashed from a nap afterwards - thankfully I only needed a few things as it was a madhouse. Love your Mom's hexie runners!

  17. Love the table runners your mom made, they are very festive looking. Also, I checked the calendar for the holidays next year......same thing again. Thanksgiving isn't till the 27th, only one day earlier than this year was. It is suppose to get to the high 70's with 100% humidity here in the Florida panhandle today, so much for the first day of winter feeling. Enjoy those mountains, that is something we don't have here.

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  19. Not a good time for your insurance inspector, right? Anyway, I'm sure he/she talked about something very important. I hope you don't have any problem with your insurance coverage. You can use those plans in case of emergencies. – Mary


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