Wednesday, December 25, 2013

On a Bright and Shiny Christmas Morning

 It’s a clear and crisp sunny Christmas morning in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

Breakfast has been leisurely enjoyed.

Presents given and unwrapped.

Laughter shared, stories and memories recaptured as we talked about Christmases past ---Like the time we completely CANCELLED Christmas because both boys, 6 years apart in age, attending completely different schools, both came home after being suspended from school on the SAME DAY.

It wasn’t funny then – but it is funny now!  It’s all in perspective.

Last evening I finished getting the binding machine sewn to the Boxy stars quilt:


Purple Binding next to a yellow border.


Sewing on Petula, my 1967 Wizard!

I couldn't get the binding sewn on at home before coming up – the Hubster was too anxious to get up here – so I packed the walking foot into my travel bag and planned to finish it up here.  I don’t have a walking foot for the slant shank 301 ---though it is on my bucket list!

It didn’t take long to get the binding sewn around the quilt – and the hand stitching began last night as we watched Christmas movies and relaxed.  THE BEST!

Christmas Dinner is planned for later on ---but as a family tradition, we’ll be heading out to a movie matinee at noon!  Just can’t break with tradition.

I’m sending  wishes for a warm and wonderful Christmas wherever you are, whoever you are with, whatever you are doing ---may it be filled with love and happiness, togetherness and lots of quilty good cheer!

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  1. Boxy Stars looks great. It's hard to beat the yellow and purple complementary color combo. Merry Christmas and Frohe Weihnachten! Thanks for everything - your blog, wonderful patterns, mystery quilts, and inspiration

  2. Merry Christmas to all! May God bless you the day and all thru the new year!

  3. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  4. Merry Christmas. Yours sounds wonderful and cozy--so happy you all survived the year of the cancelled Christmas!! We had dinner yesterday with 3 combined families, and this morning I am enjoying leftover dressing and gravy alongside my egg. We get to relax until mid-afternoon when we'll load up all the leftovers to spend the rest of the day with my in-laws--no one has to cook today, just reheat the goodies! Merry Christmas to all!

    1. Oh, BTW, my 12 ft LAQ resides in the only room large enough--the living room/dining room. Add and a Christmas tree, and something had to give. So the rails and machine were removed to wait beneath the table, which was then pushed against the wall and adorned with holiday tablecloths and poinsettias. Who knew how much I needed a 12 foot long banquet table to serve dinner? It was soooo handy. But I will be glad when the tree is down and the LAQ is back in working order! LOL

  5. The quilt looks soooo good. I'm going to have to move Boxy Stars up on my want to make list.

    Yellow & purple: crocuses. Such cheery flowers, such cheery colors.

  6. Merry CHristmas Bonnie!
    In addition to all the wonderful quiltiness you have brought to my life, you also bring a parenting perspective that is so needed... thank you and may you receive as many blessings as you give!

  7. http://www.ebay.com/itm/VTG-NIB-Singer-Even-Feed-Sewing-Machine-Foot-Slant-Needle-Machines-w-Instruction-/390731829361

    This is a link to the old original style of walking foot that I feel works properly.
    I have found that the new walking feet are horrible. I was helping my Dad sew some stuff for his airplane and they just hardly have any depth to the grippy part of the foot. I got out my old walking foot (which works terrific) and found one on e-bay for him. Then I bought one for my slant needle 401A. This one is pictured with the same old packaging as my original one from back in the day. You might already know all this but just thought I would share my experience.

  8. Merry Christmas Bonnie. Glad to see you have a sunny day to enjoy this special day.


  9. Merry Christmas, Bonnie! Enjoy a lovely family day! Our family's celebration was last night and brunch this morning, so now it's hubby's naptime and Celtic Solstice happytime sewtime for me. Thanks! Pauline (Cherry Boom)

  10. Merry Christmas Bonnie! It sounds like you are having a wonderful time.

  11. Merry Christmas, Bonnie! Have a wonderful day! Thank you for all you do for all of us day in and day out! Enjoy!

  12. Greetings from damp Sydney , Australia

  13. Merry Christmas Bonnie.

  14. Merry Christmas to you and yours and all the best in the New Year.

  15. Tracey Honig5:34 PM EST

    Merry Christmas, Bonnie!! I hope you are having a wonderful day... loving the "Boxy Stars" quilt you are working on! I can't wait to start the "Celtic Solstice" when my quilting partner AKA my MIL comes back from her Christmas trip! Thanks for all you do!

  16. We do a movie as well, after the short afternoon nap! Mr. Banks?

  17. Christmas day in Nova Scotia is cold with early morning flurries, followed by bright sun. Merry Christmas day to all of you. Have a wonderful holiday season

  18. Anonymous9:10 PM EST

    IMHO don't waste your money on a WF for the 301. Any slant wf currently on the market is for a zig zag capable machine. There are no slant shank, straight stitch walking feet for sale. Any zig zag WF foot does not fit the 301 feed dogs properly and at best they help move some fabric, but don't work as a WF is designed to work. They are too wide. Simply lowering the pressure will help or keeping the quilting needing a true fitting WF to another machine is the way to go.

  19. Just woke up from nap. The sunshine has worn us out down here in sunny country Victoria, Australia. Can't wait to get back to my sewing.

  20. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  21. What great pictures Bonnie, so fresh and cheerful

  22. Love your Boxy Star Quilt! Have a great time at the Quiltvilla-cabin! ;)
    Christmas-greetz from the Netherlands, Ria.

  23. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas with your family. Hoping your brother is doing well, I was in his shoes last Christmas but doing well this year. We are keeping him and his family in our prayers.

  24. Nice Christmas! Boxy stars is looking like a very happy quilt!

  25. Love the binding!! The stripe will look awesome!!


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