Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Plano Day 1!

Plano_TX2014 009
Yesterday in Plano at Fabric Fanatics – what a GREAT day and a Happy Reunion!

This is the third year in a row I have spent New Years in Texas, teaching up a storm and playing with quilters –when it’s a holiday it just FEELS like a party, you know?

The Hubster is happy to see his brother while I’m at the shop, and in the evenings we have family dinners and get to visit.

Tonight’s plan for New Year’s Eve is to head out to the movies ((A family tradition)) and plan to see “Saving Mr Banks”.  Should be fun!

Yesterday’s class was a Mystery – and we are teaching it TWICE while I am here, so this post isn't going to include many photos of the actual project – we can’t have any spoilers on the blog!  But I bet you can see and feel the excitement and want to sew right along with us!

There were several lovely vintage ladies in class --- of COURSE you know I am talking about MACHINES, right?

Plano_TX2014 010

How about a beautiful short bed 301 set into a custom table top extension table?

This table was as beautiful as a piece of furniture!  It was made by the quilter’s carpenter friend – there is no source for these, it’s a one of a kind.  Oh, how I’d love to have one of these!

Plano_TX2014 011

The 301’s were plentiful and the featherweights were many!

This is a Long bed 301 in mocha!

The goose-neck lamp is from IKEA – there was much discussion over where the nearest IKEA is here and several ladies were making a pilgrimage about 30 minutes drive away to go get one last I heard!

Plano_TX2014 013

We sewed and we sewed and we laughed and we chatted!

Plano_TX2014 014

It was such a great day!

Because I can’t share the project with you I CAN share with you the show and tell that everyone brought for our lunch time break!

Plano_TX2014 012

Lazy Sunday was our last year’s New Years Mystery here – and several brought tops or completed quilts in!

Plano_TX2014 024

Still waiting for borders, but isn't it fun to see?

Plano_TX2014 030

Pieced, quilted and BOUND!!

We also had a couple from the year before ---Texas Tumbleweed!

Plano_TX2014 022

Bordered in Brown and Black for a very masculine effect!

Plano_TX2014 025

How about this one bordered in blue – and the 2014 color of the year – RADIANT ORCHID!

((The whole color thing of the year baffles me….but it’s fun to hear the buzz about it!))

Lazy Sunday and Texas Tumbleweed are making an appearance in my next book as both of them contained units I had built as Leaders & Enders while working on other projects at the same time!  I don't have an exact release date yet, but it's getting much closer!

Plano_TX2014 026

We even had a few Blue Ridge Beauties in the house!

Plano_TX2014 031

The border fabric on this one was a large blue print and was PERFECT!

Plano_TX2014 019

This one was an ooooh and aaaaahing SHOW STOPPER!

It started as crumb piecing as a leader & Ender project and then it took on a life all its own in the form of stars…the black is awesome, isn't’t it?

Plano_TX2014 020

Close up of crumb stars with itty tiny pieces!

Plano_TX2014 021

OH so fun!!

Plano_TX2014 032

Everyone loved Sherry’s Double 9 patch and the way the reds chain through one way, and the blues the other….fun fun fun use of  1-1/2” scrap strips!

Plano_TX2014 007

Thanks gals, you made yesterday a ton of fun!

And today we do it all again with Roll Roll, Cotton Boll!

Tonight after the movie I’ll be drawing for the winner of Lucie Summers book, Quilt Improve.  Head over to that post HERE to leave your comment to be entered into the drawing!

Whatever you do today, make the last day of 2013 the most memorable, the best ever!

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  1. I think I'll drag my Dh to see Saving Mr Banks tonight. He's not one to stay up and watch the ball drop in Times Square. One picture shows a pieced unit. More shaded 4-patches coming our way in QM. Have a great New Year's Eve! I started the Boxy Stars early this AM, thanks to your scrappy inspiration.

  2. Last summer on a one day trip to Dallas I visited both Fabric Fanatics and IKEA. Thank you GPS!

  3. You will like Saving Mr banks I think. It is very good. Thanks for all the inspiration! Happy 2014!

  4. I love those Texas Tumbleweed quilts. The pattern looks familiar. Was it in a Quiltmaker magazine?

  5. I love the 301 table, so I have a carpenter husband who now has a honey do!

  6. I heard that movie was really good! Let us know how you like it! The workshop looks like fun--as always!

  7. Take tissues with you! I loved Saving Mr. Banks, but it did make me cry.
    Happy New Year Y'all!

  8. Just got back from seeing Saving Mr. Banks, loved it!! It is a tear jerker, but great movie, much deeper than I expected. Enjoy the movie, the family time, and all those great quilters! Looks like fun! Happy New Year!


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