Friday, February 20, 2015

The Bigger They Are ---

The bigger they are – the harder they fall!

The harder they fall – the bigger the bruise on their hip as they come crashing down, legs sprawled out from under them…

It might not look steep to the average on-looker, but it is definitely a scary ice-covered descent down our concrete driveway to the bottom where the garage is.  And on top of that, the driveway winds around….it’s not a straight shot.

Last night after trying icy melt and finding it was doing NOTHING to the ice –we had to use two containers of kitty litter and repeated attempts to get my van to the top of the drive or I would not be making a pilgrimage to Quilt Villa this weekend until we have a thaw.

The temps have stayed with highs in the 20s for several days now, and the shady bits on this drive never see the sun –that ice wasn’t going anywhere.

So here I am – van finally at the top close to 11pm last night.  This morning I tackled all of the book orders that have come in while I’ve been gone, only to realize that I have to hike those books in a USPS mail tub to the top of the drive over the ice to get to the post office.

I made it UP just fine….it was tricky, but I stayed mostly to the edges walking on frozen plants and fallen leaves and avoiding the ice covered concrete.

However,  on my way back to the house after once again parking the van at the top of the drive, I hit a slick spot on my way down – and I do mean down – because down I went. 

I didn’t break anything.  But I am sore.  All.  Over.  My right hip will be purple for a while, my right wrist feels a bit stiff and jammed, and my pride…let’s not even go there!


Ridiculous that after all of that I STILL had to pack what I needed for the cabin, and also trek THAT back up the drive to the van.  Jeff was at work and wouldn’t be home until way after I left.  The Hubster has been working in Hickory this week – so unable to help me.  His plans were to meet me in Wilkesboro after he got off work and we would end up at the cabin at the same time in two different vehicles coming from different directions.

Someone please send some above 32 degree temps? I need this ice GONE!

But we made it.


I love that first view of mountains up Highway 421!


Sadie’s nose in high gear!


Yeah..those are MY sliding tracks trying to get the van up the ice covered gravel drive!  Notice her feet are NOT leaving prints in the snow.  There is a hard layer of ice on top of everything.  It is not the lovely fluffy white stuff that we find pretty.  It's solid.


But OH, it is SO quiet and so beautiful!


And yes, those mountains ARE blue!


Sun going down behind the ridge through my side yard trees.

I’m planning a lazy weekend ahead.  I brought two quilts to bind. 

I plan to sit in my comfy chair, icing my sore hip, stitching down my bindings and watching copious amounts of Netflix.

I plan to drink loads of hot cocoa.

I plan to make a big pot of potato soup that will last us for 3 days.

I plan to sleep in, take naps ---

And count down the days until SPRING!

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  1. Ok...so I think I can spare a few degrees of our 75+ weather today...I'll send them right out!
    You really should be careful using those 4 letter words like "snow" "icy" "cold"...yukky yukky yukky.

  2. Anonymous8:21 PM EST

    I too as well as most of the rest of the country am on the lookout for spring....another blast of snow and then freezing rain and then another arctic blast in store for the next 2 days. I am staying put! Those falls are not fun. Been there and learned a valuable lesson. Enjoy being in warm and comfortable!

  3. Anonymous8:23 PM EST

    Watch your bruises carefully, I had a bad bruise and it almost turned into a hospital stay for IV antibiotics. Any swelling see the doctor. We love you, take care of yourself.

  4. Passing you a fresh ice pack and a cup of tea! The trials and tribulations of winter. Glad you made it, sorry it took so much effort and pain. Be well!

  5. I hope you have a nice bathtub in the cabin. A nice hot soak will do those muscles good. Sorry, but, it will hurt more tomorrow than it will today. Take it easy. More yucky stuff is headed across the country.

  6. So sorry for your bruises - both physical and to the pride. Hate ice - hate it. Treat yourself kindly and actually, make sure to move around, even though it may hurt. I am binding my CS this weekend so will think of you tucked up in your cabin. We will both be watching Netflix!! I may put some Bailey's in my hot chocolate.

  7. Oh golly the first thought I had was that you broke something in the fall. Glad it was not serious. Watch the bruises. Stay well and have some advil with your tea.

  8. "My heart goes out to you. I know (first hand) how fast one can fall. Ice is just so treacherous. May you have a full and uneventful recovery.

  9. You're right it can be more dangerous to have temperatures around freezing to form ice than those of us who are enjoying much colder temperatures (-21C). Two pieces of advice--boot soles matter. Get a pair of boots which are meant for ice and snow--right now I have Merrels. And order some ice grips, that you wear over your boots, they are generally around $20-$30. I don't have any but a lot of people swear by them.

  10. Hi Bonnie, That was me at work, went to get food. So I walked to the House of Pizza. stupid me, down i go in the snow. I think my pride was bruise. Get better. K.W.

  11. Feel better Bonnie! Enjoy your weekend! :)

  12. Angie Peele8:49 PM EST

    You are a braver woman than I am. My grandparents lived in Fleetwood and we would go there to visit and winter weather was no fun. Many times we would slip and slide on the ice. I still to this day won't go to mountains in winter. Stay warm and safe.

  13. Sorry you fell. I hope you get better soon. I also have made a big pot of potato soup for the weekend

  14. Sorry you fell. I hope you get better soon. I also have made a big pot of potato soup for the weekend.

  15. Anonymous8:59 PM EST

    Any sports equipment store (online or brick/mortar) that sells ice fishing equipment will have ice spikes that prevent most falls on ice! I have an older pair that I keep attached to my thick Sorrel boots at all times. Those spikes are on a metal frame & THEY MEAN BUSINESS. I've also bought smaller ice spikes on stretchy rubber pieces made to go over smaller shoes or boots. You can keep those in your pocket or car for when needed. Do not walk on wood or vinyl floors inside with the spikes on, or you will have Swiss cheese floors! Seriously - invest in ice spikes & maybe some pointed hiking poles for everyone in the family. You will not be sorry!!! P.S. - Even spiked golf shoes work in a pinch, although not very warm.

  16. 27 days, 21 hours and 44 minutes until Spring! It can't get here too soon for me. We've got a "wintry mix" aka ICE in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow morning. Double YUCK!! Rest up this weekend and take care of your hip!

  17. Anonymous9:09 PM EST

    So sorry you fell. Hope you are able to move around in the morning. We have ice and snow here also. Been to work every day this week but don't plan on going anywhere this weekend. Good thing I bought all that fabric on sale in December!!

  18. Be careful out there! Last summer I was power walking/jogging on a very slight downhill grade and hit some loose gravel. Went down like a cargo plane without landing gear. Was dumb enough to try and catch myself(Yes, I really DO know better and know how to "fall" correctly...but...).Fractured my humorous at the shoulder ball and was out of function for 5 solid weeks. Didn't have to have surgery, but only missed it by about half an inch in the split. Still don't have complete range of motion back. It all happens so very fast...NOT fun. Enough of my pity party...Wishing you a full and quick recovery with no pain. We are supposed to get freezing rain tonight, so hoping power stays on. I'm TOTALLY DONE with this winter weather. We went to TX for a couple of weeks scouting out a place for the winter next year. Personally, I am ready to head back there to stay. Have a great time at the cabin and stay warm.

  19. Anonymous9:13 PM EST

    Take it from a Mainer with an up hill driveway....wood ash works so much better than kitty litter and consider warm soaks in tub...have felt your pain...wishing you speedy recovery

  20. Bonnie, I am glad you are safe and warm. I loathe falling so I get it.
    I hear you on the cold... which is why I am moving home to Sarasota, FL from Cleveland, OH at the end of next week. Too. Much. Cold.!!!

  21. Count fast and recover quickly. You have too much to do for spring to arrive tomorrow.

  22. I fell last year, my feet hit ice and I was flat on my back. Sore for a long time. Baby yourself this week end,we love and need you. Take care. Oh, at home in Charlevoix , Michigan, it was -20* degrees. No that's cold!! LOL

  23. Take care! I agree with everyone regarding the ice grips. I am no nurse, but watch the bruises. Rest,and some of your fave pain meds. Hopefully a few days at Quiltville will work wonders. {{HUGS}}

  24. Anonymous9:28 PM EST

    I agree with the wood ash . nothing works better , but make sure there are no nails in that ash . Even opened up bales of hay spread around will give you traction . Stay safe , get the ice spikes for your boots . put a lettuce leaf on the bruise for 30 minutes and replace with a new one . do that for few hours and again tomorrow .

  25. Anonymous9:31 PM EST

    oops did i say lettuce leaf , I meant Cabbage , sorry !!

  26. check out ll bean....stabilicers....just what you need....

  27. Good thing you are OK

  28. I feel for you, bonnie. Spare a thought for us poor Aussies...currently having a 111 f day down the bottom of australia, while the top has two cyclones and floods. The only ice I'll be spending time with is what's in my glass!

  29. I feel your pain more than you can know! Sunday on the way up my cousin's driveway I saw the ice at the bottom but- in the dark when I left, I felt the ice, full force on my knee and back side. I'm finally starting to feel better so I know you'll feel better soon. Knitting and kitty cuddles have seen me through this week. Tomorrow I'll give quilting a try. Take care!!

  30. Suzanne Montgomery10:16 PM EST

    Try putting big old socks over your shoes to walk on ice...worked for us on steep ice road. Hopefully you will heal quick.

  31. Sorry you fell. I pray you feel better quickly.
    Who made the soup ?you should ask for help even from neighbors.
    Stay warm and recover soon

  32. Feel better. I. Have extremely steep drive and purchased irubber things that go over my boots or shoes soles with spikes for ice. Best $20 ever spent. Especially after several falls. I know, you aren't supposed to be having this weather down there!

  33. Anonymous10:58 PM EST

    take care on that ice! I live in northern MN and ice is an all winter item, we will have it until sometime April/May.... so step careful go slow and be good to you!!!

  34. Oh Bonnie, sorry about the slip and slide and fall.....what you need are some steel toed cleats to wear to dig into that ice so you don't slip!

    Such a beautiful area where your cabin is.....I have cabin envy!

    Enjoy your stay there in the peace and quiet. It's like that at my place and I treasure every moment on the lake with the mountains surrounding me. Esp. in the winter cause no one is around but me and the birds. :)

  35. Anonymous11:55 PM EST

    My stomach gets tied up in knots every time I hear or see ice on the ground -- I've slipped on ice several times in my lifetime which resulted in sprained or even dislocated knees each time. This even happened once when we lived in San Antonio, TX. If my current area had ice concerns these days, I'd sure invest in those ice grips for my shoes/boots!
    Of course, I obviously don't live north of the Mason-Dixon Line these days!! Am I ever glad!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Dearest Bonnie! Sure hope you are feeling some relief soon! Your comfy chairmsounds like the perfect place for you! Stay warm and I'll try to send some of our Texas temps up your way! xox

  37. Leslie W.12:59 AM EST

    I am in Greenville area in eastern NC, and everything has melted well, except the front and side of my house. My steps are covered with ice that has not changed in 4 days, even with the stuff to melt the ice. Tonight I went out the back deck and through the yard to go to the mailbox! If anyone saw me, they would think I was breaking in.... I have a big fear of falling on the ice. I hope your bruised and battered body responds well to a quiet weekend at the cabin. Enjoy the peace and quiet....

  38. Ouch, ouch and ouch again Bonnie!
    May your bruises to body and pride heal quickly!

  39. Ouch! I feel your pain. I did similar but no ice as an excuse, I tripped in my laundry, landing on one knee. First I iced it - you had an over supply of that - then I rubbed Arnica into it & all the other sore bits. Arnica is a plant, a natural anti inflammatory, its extract blended with a cream or oil. It stops the bruise from bleeding excessively & reduces the pain in the area. Try it, it is not too late, it works amazingly, I swear by it. Unfortunately it doesn't work on our bruised pride. For that I suggest chocolate, soup & TLC. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
    Cheers, Pam

  40. So aorry to hear of your tumble on the ice. Sounds very painful! Do hope you manage to have a relaxed, quiet and restful healing weekend.

  41. Oh Bonnie! I'm so sorry you fell! I hope you are ok today. Sometimes you feel worse the next day. Hot cocoa, Advil and naps are good medicine. Ice grippers for your shoes or boots are a lifesaver! Ask me how I know. Will be thinking about you!

  42. Bonnie, I hope that you heal quickly. Instead of salt on the ice, try a Urea based fertilizer. You should be able to get it at a feed store. It melts through ice quickly and I'd better for the plants and leaves a rough surface instead of mushy. I don't know if it's regulated there or not, I use it all the time here as it doesn't burn the grass or 4 in the paver like salt.

    Get some rest,soak in a tub and enjoy a glad of wine.

  43. Oh no, big hugs and sympathy to you. Now that I am in my 50's, falling is awful. It takes so much longer to recover. The thing is that I think I am still invincible and do things without fear and it has bit me in the butt several times lately. Hoping for a quick recovery, maybe a trip to Chiro and an uneventful weekend! Sending warm wishes from a frigid MN(Windchill warnimgs here)

  44. Stock up on SAND! If your local town garage doesn't let the public get a couple of five gallon buckets of sand/ salt mix, then get sandbox or pool filter sand. Not cheap but a mix of sand and salt, some kept in the van and a quart zipper bag in your pocket or purse, is a good idea.
    Marcia in snowy Maine

  45. Ouch! So glad nothing is broken except perhaps your pride, lol! Take care, long hot bath with Epsom salt will work wonders for the sore spots! Happy weekend!

  46. Hi Bonnie ...
    Been there, done that, myself! So, I "feel your pain"!! We certainly don't fall the way we used to when we were younger! And a seemingly innocent fall can go on to develop into something much more serious, so they are to be avoided - at all costs!!
    No advice for your car in the ice, but for your feet ... "Yak Tracks"!! (They go by different names, depending on who manufactures them). They are brilliant! Rubbery, stretchy things, with metal "bites" on them, that you snap onto your shoes/boots .. and they grip the ice and make you as sure-footed as a mountain goat on icy surfaces!!! They are cheap and super-effective .. I have several pairs of them and leave them ... in the car, in the house and in the garage - always on hand! Just make sure and remember to remove them just before entering a building - since they are very slippery on tiled or finished floors. But .. they are absolutely brilliant!!
    Best of luck with your recovery!!
    Suzanne xx

  47. Bonnie, get some ice spikes that slip over your boots--the kind with spikes, not just smooth coils. They are a must-have on ice. Camden, Maine

  48. So very sorry to hear about your fall. I had a serious tumble down icy concrete stairs years back. It's a good thing I was young at the time. If it happened to me now, I would shatter in a million pieces. I hope you're able to find a pair of spikey boots or a pair of these (found on Amazon) http://tinyurl.com/q4zymye

  49. Of course you powered through all - you're a quilter, with super powers! One determined quilter. Sending you all the beauty and warmth from So. California - take as much as you need.

  50. Bonnie, I hurt for you and understand how lucky you feel not to have broken anything. I've broken both hips in separate falls that "shouldn't have happened".I guess my days of getting away with just bruises are over. Ironically, the worst falls have happened when I had people nearby and even had a walker. In addition to other ideas, try walking sideways when going up or downhill. Provides more control.

  51. Anonymous11:05 AM EST

    Would not be without yak tracks here in NH. There is no need for the heavy duty ones, the lightest ones are fine for most places. Used ashes once and only once because of the incredible mess it made tracking into the house.

  52. Ouch, That hurts. Luckily I haven't fallen on ice this winter and we are have such beautiful weather up here in the White Mountains of AZ, I would be happy to send you some. I took the fall facing forward on concrete in the movie theatre yesterday so I feel your pain.

  53. Spring can't get here soon enough for me either. We live way out in the middle of nowhere, on top of a hill, surrounded by woods. The driveway is a half mile long and steep. Because it is in the woods and on the west side of the hill, it doesn't get any sun to speak of. We can usually get up and down in the Rhino UTV, but not this winter. Too much ice from the freezing rain. It is treacherous. So now my husband parks his car at our neighbors farm. I take him there, so he can go to work, by driving the UTV through the woods on a snow-covered winding path, through the farmers fields, down his access road to the main road and the car. It's especially interesting at night. I'm praying for an early spring so I can be out among people again. Take care, Bonnie. Stay safe.

  54. So sorry to hear that you fell and hope you heal up and feel better soon!

  55. Ouch. Made me squish my face thinking about the fall. Glad it's only bruised and nothing broke.
    I was wondering how Sadie got from point A to B and not leave prints.
    Beautiful pictures but I'm like you I'd hunker down with quilting, hot chocolate, naps and a book. LOL
    Great pictures


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