Sunday, February 22, 2015

From Frozen to Hot Water!

This is what I woke up to this morning.

I know it looks awful, but temps were on the rise and that is what was causing the fog – Where are my mountains??

38 degrees is a WHOLE lot warmer than 21 degrees and things were beginning to thaw.  Add to that a bunch of rain that fell over night and we were well on the way to saying good bye to the snow – at least that snow that was still on the roads.

And now we are dealing with mud.

But I don’t care as long as I have running water!



The plumbers were here about 11am and worked for quite a while to fix the broken pipes down at the pump house.  No amount of water left dripping inside the cabin would have helped…this is a shared well and it is on the edge of our property, between us and the vacant cabin down the road that shares it with us.  the problem was at the pump house, not the pipes underneath the cabins.

And our neighbors, who we have been unable to locate, had a much worse breakage to the pipes that lead to their property than our pipes.

All is fixed now.  And I will be grateful for shared repair expenses – that is as soon as we get a hold of these neighbors.  As of yet we have been unable to reach them.  Their email bounces back.  Must explore further or be saddled with the entire water bill.

While this was going on – I sewed.  A lot.


Loving this block!

This is Pinwheel Fancy and you can find it in my Addicted to Scraps column in the Jan/Feb 2015 issue of Quiltmaker Magazine!  I have been a bit limited to fabric I have here up at the cabin and some of these neutrals are proving to be very interesting!

This neutral was a gifted 1/2 yard with all kinds of designers on it –ala Moda.  What do you do with a 1/2 yard of something like this?  Slice it down and just let it play wherever it wants to.  Think of it as a color, not as a print, not as complete words, just cut it up and let it go.  It’s turned out more fun than I thought!

I also had a gifted piece of Downton Abbey fabric that is much the same – images of the castle, and the words Downton Abbey across it – but what do you do with a fat quarter of something like that where you can’t fussy cut the images?  Just slice it and let it go!


My design wall is filling!


I’m really liking the warmer toasty neutrals with the blues and blacks!


Polka dots!

And old 1990s ticking stripes!


Some centers meet, some are close enough – That’ll do!


My happy piecing corner of the sewing nook!

I’m not sure how I’m going to set these yet.  I’m playing with a few different ideas, but I admit I like them this way – so much motion…so busy!

I hope you have enjoyed your Sunday.  Now that the water is working, dishes have been washed, showers have been taken, and even better – a load of laundry has been run, I am ever grateful and mindful of so many things we take for granted every day.

Steaks going on the grill – potatoes in the oven!

More binding in store tonight ---

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  1. So glad you have water and that the outside temps are warming up. I really like that little block. Lots of personality there.

    As regards the water repair bill - eventually you will catch up with the neighbors. You will probably have to front the money but if they are as nice as everyone else on Buck's Mountain, it will probably be settled to everyone's satisfaction at some future point.

  2. When we purchased our retirement home in Northern Michigan we had to leave it "sit" for 10 months until we retired and moved there. We winterized it but we have WONDERFUL neighbors who kept an eye on the place and had our number in the event of an emergency. It helped to know there was a watchful eye on the place. Since we've moved here we've taken care of their places and/or their dogs on a few occasions. Nice to know that neighbors can still be neighborly. Glad your water issue is behind you ... UGH!!

  3. Happy days are here again......
    Spring around the corner! Janet in WA

  4. That picture of hot soapy water brings so much joy in your situation - happy dancing all round

  5. Glad you have water again. It's something that is so easy to take for granted...until it no longer flows.

    I like your blocks too...and I recognize several of the blue prints as being like some in my stash.

    Enjoy your evening.

  6. Loving the Blues, Blacks and Neutrals! I have some of that Downton Fabric. It will be the lable on my Downton Mystery I am finishing from Ebony Love at Lovebug Studios. I emailed my inquiry to Two Friends and a Retreat. It sounds like a great way to spend a week-end in August!

  7. Pleased you have sorted out the plumbing problem. Love the neutrals/blues combo, especially the warmer "toasty"ones. That grey polka dot fabric is super.

  8. I just love the view from your porch! So glad your weather is warming up, even a little. have a wonderful, relaxing time!

  9. Your VIEW is Christmas card worthy! So much pleasure in the simple things - water!

  10. SOOO glad your water is back! Boy, we really don't realize how such an ordinary event can really mess up our routine! Plus, look how much you got sewed by not having to take time off to shower and do dishes, hahaha!

  11. Glad to hear that you are up and running again!

  12. Bonnie- I am glad you have thawed pipes, and the breaks were not under the cabin floors! It has been warmer in Alaska, than a lot of the lower 48. It was above 42 today, but I can't say for sure how much, as my outdoor sensor is somewhere (I could not find it after a storm last fall) that when the sun shines, the temps shoot but it will get down to 2up! But, it only got down to 31 last night, it will be colder tonight. One more day of warm weather, then it will return to normal, not the rain we had yesterday. Stay Warm and Dry. I am glad you had electricity to sew!

  13. Freezing and broken pipes is one of the reasons I love the warm weather. You're lucky you could even find plumbers!
    PLEASE TELL US WHAT MATERIAL YOU USE FOR YOUR DESIGN BOARD! I use a flannel sheet and still end up having to pin blocks to keep them from falling.
    Thank you Bonnie!

  14. Hooray for warmth and water!!!! I know that you are not a fabric snob like I am, but those do look like nice traditional and historical choices in your fancy pinwheels. Now I have to buy the magazine, LOL!

  15. ah...challenges of country life....love your blocks!

  16. Anonymous10:54 AM EST

    Owners' permanent mailing addresses for their tax bills are public record. Info would be available either on your county tax assessor's website or in person at the tax collector's office. Those frozen, waterless neighbors (if not for you!) can run but they can't hide. ;)

  17. Loving those pinwheel blocks. I have some of that Moda fabric and used it in a strip piecing project that got made into a cover for stitchery patterns. I like fabric with words on it! Glad you water woes are behind you!

  18. I'm in the Pacific NW sitting in beautiful spring weather. I wanted to send a picture but this doesn't have up send a picture feature. I'm sure we will live to regret these days in the summer when we are suffering drought conditions. But I'm thinking of all of my friends on the east coast!

  19. Your town or county should have the name and address of the owners of the cabin. Good luck.


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