Sunday, February 01, 2015

Cleaning, Oiling and Test Runs!

This is the treadle head that I brought home from Belmont, NC just over a week ago!

It came up to Quilt Villa in the van along with Lori and Randy, and today I finally had a chance to take a good close look and see what was what with her.

$45.00 could mean I ended up with nothing but a parts machine, and she did have some good parts on her ---

But it also could mean that with a bit of loving care and some cleaning and oiling that I’d have a lovely addition to my treadle fleet.

First things first…she had some masking tape stuck to her bed to mark a dress making seam allowance, a generous 5/8” by the looks of it.  While the tape came away, the residue did not and I need to get some goo-gone or something gentle to remove the years old sticky without damaging what is left of the finish.


Ancient lint!

Looks like someone was sewing with red thread at some point!  There was a lot of yucky in here.  And also in here:


Time for cleaning!

Her face plate is rust spotted.  I’ve also got some metal polish at home that may help with that, but it wasn’t up here at the cabin, and being a 25 minute ride from the nearest small town means that “clean is better than perfect.”

when all points had received a perfunctory cleaning and oiling I went to go try her out in the cabinet that holds my 66 with the Lotus decals. I didn’t want to have to un-staple the leather belt, and because both of these machines are model 66, they will take the same length of belt.


Ready to roll!

I released the belt off of the Lotus, placed this one in the cabinet and lifted the belt back in place all without un-stapling.  Perfect fit!


Stitching front side!

It sounds crazy, but I test sew with two different values of thread.  Light on the top and dark on the bottom so I can see as well as feel when the tension is balanced.  Wonder of wonders – I didn’t even have to adjust the tension!  She sewed beautifully from the get-go!


Black thread on the back!


And here she sits, machine with a view!

No name for her yet.  Maybe I’ve run OUT of names, or I just haven’t been inspired yet.  I look forward to getting to know this girl a lot better.  I’m looking forward to some spring sewing out on that front porch as the weather warms.  For now…I can just look at the view through the windows.

I’m headed home from Quilt Villa in the morning.  It’s time to get back to the land of the living!

Feet up and stitching with Downton Abbey tonight – no Super Bowl for me!

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  1. Anonymous7:03 PM EST

    Wow! You do have a good eye for a special vintage machine. I am glad you were able to spend time in a friends retreat. Everyone needs to recharge their batteries once in a while.
    Cathy Odle in Kansas

  2. Anonymous7:42 PM EST

    Name her Downtown Abbey!

  3. Or Violet ...who keeps us in stitches :-)

  4. Anonymous7:56 PM EST

    Abby would be good.

  5. She looks like a Myrtle to me, sure is a sweet looking machine, so happy she is working for you.

  6. My first adventure into vintage machines was a 66 with the red eye decals. I found mine in a 5-drawer cabinet for only $75. Took some work to get it cleaned up and some cosmetic work on the cabinet. Sews beautifully. Thanks for sharing your love of vintage machines!

  7. Bonnie, She is a redeye why not something simple like red.
    Upstate NY

  8. You found her in Belmont... How about Belle?

  9. Looks like "Black Beauty" to me! What a find!

  10. Christy for the girl in the book who taught school in the mountains.

  11. Christy for the girl in the book who taught school in the mountains.

  12. Wow, Amazing! I'm still looking for one. Lucky you. So glad you finally got your "retreat". Take care and safe travels. Jane Martyn

  13. I learned to sew on one just like her.wish I still had one!

  14. Anonymous10:11 PM EST

    Auntderanged at h9tmail.com said in the hospital recovering from brain surgery, I got a new head,you got a new head, Sweet Lorraine it should be. Hope all is well with my CT scan tomorrow am so I can go home. Will be able to piece a bit as I recover but not on a treadle, will use one of my FWs. Would have loved being with you at quilvilla rather than in the OR having a small part of my brain removed. It's a long story... Hugs

  15. Hi Bonnie, because she will be bunk mates with Lotus, perhaps her name should be Orange Blossom... Have fun stitch'in and treadle'in.....

  16. Hey, I would love to be sewing with that view, how bout you name it after me and I can live vicariously through your treadling.

  17. Hi Bonnie! Given she had red roots (for all the lint you found), I think her name should be Lucy! As in I Love Lucy!
    Take care, Leslie

  18. I think she looks like a Tess to me. Old Tess

  19. Beautiful machine, I think her name should be Phoebe, she just looks like a lady with class

  20. Name her Lucy, for the red thread and lint you found in her.

  21. You'll have to get to know her, but perhaps Miss Scarlett or Scarlett Belle will fit her personality.

    So glad you've had some "girl time" with good friends and that you will be home with family for a little while.

    Happy Groundhog Day!!!!

  22. Anonymous1:10 AM EST

    how about sticky wicket because of all the sticky stuff you pulled off of her.

  23. Red Eye machine? How about Scarlett O'Hara! Wonderful find.
    Smiles, JulieinTN

  24. Maisie came into my head, goodness knows why. Enjoy being back at your other house.

  25. I like Black Beauty too.
    She is black and what a beauty she runs like a charm what a find....

  26. I love your posts about old machines. I don't have any, but am always interested to see what you can do to get them working.

  27. I like Belle, too, or maybe something like it for her most recent home in Bellmont. Bellma? Bella?

  28. Bonnie, I'm suggesting Georgia since you got her on a trip to that state!

  29. She looks like an Eleanor to me! She is beautiful!

  30. your new find is sewing happy that you rescued her from the land of recycle! and she will continue to be a sweet girl knowing that she is loved.

  31. How about Caroline since you found her in North Carolina?


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