Monday, February 02, 2015

Happy Ground Hog Day!

From what I understand, Phil saw his shadow indicating 6 more weeks of winter.

But Beauregard did NOT see his shadow, so it will be an early spring in the south.

I say either way, let’s give it 6 more weeks of quilting just to call it good!

I was home by 10am and at the computer about 15 minutes later taking care of things that needed taking care of.

Mail had to be sorted.

Book orders needed to he processed and sent out.

I’ve been gone 2 weeks!

But somehow it feels like much longer – you should have heard Sadie squeal when I came in the door.  She nearly threw her puppy self at me in a dog hug tumble.

Oh, happy girl, it is so good to see you!

I got right down to business:

Print em out, pack em up, ship em off!

Everything that has come in over the web in the past 2 weeks went out today.  Those that were mailed in snail mail will be processed tomorrow.  Those checks have to be deposited before I can do anything.  We should be good to go in a couple days!


What’s in this box?

When I got back form the post office, the delivery guy had left a package at my door!

((Yes, my address is public knowledge, it's a business address, it's on my website, and I'm not worried about it so relax and breath!))

A box.  With no return address??  Oh oh oh oh oh!

Post marked…MINNESOTA!  Well, that is ONE clue at least ---


Holy Scrap, Quilt Girl!!


Oodles of neutrals all over my dining room table!

Yes, I just dumped it out looking for a note that would explain where it is from.  NOTHING.  NADA.  There is ONE sneaky quilter out there in the wilds of frozen Minnesota!


At least half a jelly roll!


I think patirotic looks BEST with LIME GREEN, don’t you??

I am going to have so much fun with this, wherever it came from. 

Thank you thank you thank you, whoever you are for the gift of scrappiness!

How about a Quilt-Cam tomorrow night now that I’m home and able to do it??  I have the urge to sew!  9pm EST.  See you here!

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  1. Wow, that is better than Christmas! And someone you can use to boot!

  2. I meant something you can use! Not only can I not spell, I have a hard time figuring out the I am not a robot words (guess I can't see either).

  3. How fun! Some lovely fabrics in there. And Quilt-Cam when I am home - Yippee!

  4. Anonymous6:59 PM EST

    So glad for a live quilt cam. I've been catching up on the archived episodes, but it isn't the same. That will be fun.

  5. "Quilt Villa" is a great name for your cabin; perhaps you can call your main home "The Scrap Orphanage"!

  6. Six more weeks of quilting. Love it!

  7. Marking my calender for tomorrows quilt cam, can't wait!!!!

  8. mynanamaree@yahoo.com7:33 PM EST

    That address is the "Home for Wayward and Unwanted Scraps"! :-P

  9. Quilt Cam is coming, oh so cool. Yes, Sadie is happy you are home! My little Miguel is the same, gone half a day and I come home to love, kisses, sqeeks and squills, Happy Dance. Get Rest. Betty in Michigan.

  10. What a great surprise box!! Those patriotic strips would work great in a QOV quilt. Lucky lady!

  11. Anonymous10:23 PM EST

    Yay Quiltcam!

    Susan L.

  12. Yay, my first live Quiltcam.

  13. Wow, they look freshly cut just for your Scrap users system. Have fun sorting the strips. I'm sure we will see them on Quiltcam sometime. 4-patches will have more variety now.

  14. Sadie JAne wanted to give you a special 'ain't seenya Mom" puppy hug...did you sit on the floor and see her face to face? Every dog we have had loved that!

    Isn't getting an unexpected box in the mail fun! You hit the mother-lode of neutrals....

    Smiles, JuieinTN

  15. What a super surprise!!! Just what you needed today. Isn't it wonderful how a warm "hug" comes in the form of an anonymous box. You are so loved by so many for all you do. Can't wait for quilt cam. I just started cutting pieces for the new mystery in Quiltmaker and am getting four patch units going. Great leader-ender pieces.

  16. I'm home tomorrow. I think that is the right time. Let's hope. So looking forward to it

  17. Referring to the earlier post: won't Quiltmaker back you up about the copyright issues at least with their magazine infringement? JAT. Thinking of you.

  18. Funny you read my mind about the address!!! But if surprises like that keep coming could you share my address too!! haha Lucky you what a box of scrappy goodness for sure. Whatever will you do with it all?Looking forward to quiltcam...DH will be out so I can hog the computer for the evening!

  19. What an awesome gift to receive, looks like some beautiful fabrics!
    Yea... quilt cam tonight, I am looking forward to it.

  20. Love Sadie's reaction to you homecoming. I wish the scrap fairy would send a box to me. Yeah Quiltcam!!!

  21. Wow what a lovely gift, I will take any boxes like that, that someone would like to send to me. I sew for charity quilts and am always running out of scraps.
    how nice

  22. Are we allowed to feed the quilter again?

  23. Karen in Florida7:36 PM EST

    I can't figure out how to log into the live quilt cam. Can someone help? I have looked for the arrow but do not see one except to go to another link for ads. Does it only appear when the cam is in progress?


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