Saturday, February 21, 2015

Lots of Scraps, Loads of Strips, and NO WATER!

We do have a date with a plumber willing to come on a Sunday ---TOMORROW!

What a winter cold snap this has been for the Carolinas –and how long it has lasted is the thing to be marveled.  We have always had “wintery mix” come through about this time of year, but wait 24 hours and we are back to normal temps.  I would describe winters in North Carolina to be mild at the worst --

Yes, we get four seasons, but winter is SUPPOSED to be really mild here --

Until this year.

Come to think of it, there was a really bad ice storm last year that took out trees and power.  But the water stayed ON!

I guess this year is the opposite.

We checked on Mona & Rick’s place – remember they said we could use their showers or haul water from there, or whatever we needed to do?  Guess what?  They don’t have water either!  They are gone for the weekend so had no idea that it had frozen over as well at their place.  It’s a doozy.  I tell you.  Up here on the mountain over half the properties are owned by part-timers, so I’m sure there are more without water than we can even imagine.

But we’ve got a date with the plumber tomorrow.  I hope the pump house can be fixed quickly and easilly.

In the mean time ---we have bottled water to cook, wash, and flush with.  It ain’t pretty, but it works.

And I can sew!


My Accuquilt Studio got busy!

It was already up here from my week long retreat with Lori and Randy earlier in the month.  Good thing because there was no way that I could have loaded it into the van at the top of my drive yesterday.

I am low on black strips, so I dug into what was left up here from Grand Illusion and sliced away.  You can see the bounty in my hand in the first photo above.


They are being paired with these!

These are the other neutral strips from my last scrap harvesting adventure.  I love my neutrals and always need a supply on hand, so there are now some living at the cabin as well as those at home and I have started to keep a neutral stash of fat quarters here for when I need them as well.  These two piles of strips came in handy today:


I paired and cut and paired and cut!


My Pinwheel Fancy block from the Jan/Feb 2015 issue of Quiltmaker!

You can find the directions for this block in my Addicted to Scraps column in the Jan/Feb 2015 issue!  I love this block and want to play with it some more, so I have cut out sets of parts for sewing on the road when I leave for Florida next Friday.  However, I just can’t help myself, and just like potato chips – I can’t sew just one!


Four on the wall!


Or maybe on point?


My 301 loves it’s Greer Feather-Mate table from SewingMates.com!

Tonight though, there is binding on the horizon, with feet up and some TV watching time ---

But before I sign off I want to let you in on what has been percolating behind the scenes.  Do you know these two fun and lovely ladies?


Debbie Caffrey and Charlotte Angotti!

We have something very special and very exclusive in the works!  I will be releasing the details in tomorrow morning’s blog post, so remember to come back and see what  the fuss is all about!

You won’t want to miss it --

Have a relaxing Saturday evening, everyone!  And remember to think of me any time you turn on a faucet, start your dish washer, turn on the washing machine, take a shower or flush that toilet!

Waterless near Wilkesboro,

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  1. You could melt snow for the toilets, and save your bottled water.... Just a thought.

  2. Oh Mercy! The blocks look great and I hope your water comes back on soon. :)

  3. Bonnie, I hope all goes well with the repairs tomorrow !!!!!

    I have a cutting question. Do you use your accuquilt dies to cut your half square triangles? Or just for strips then use Easy Angle ruler ? Just curious. ��
    Mary from Buffalo, NY

  4. Bonnie, you are priceless. I love your attitude. And how lucky are you to get a repair guy out there tomorrow! I hope by tomorrow evening there is happy flushing going on.

  5. yes melt some of that snow for the toilets!

  6. It is so 'interesting' when something we are used to is out of order...when there is no water I will go to the faucet out of habit and turn it on - 10 times - without thinking or remembering it isn't there. Or if the electricity is out, turn the light switches on EVEN though I KNOW it is out! Then when the power does come back on I have to go from room to room shutting lights off. I suppose it is muscle memory. LOL! I hope that tomorrow the plumber will come and you will have water again AND that the weather will warm up for you soon. Well, warm up for all of us! I am ready. Sherry

  7. Happy Binding. Take Care and wished for a good week.

  8. A question about your accuquilt - I can see that you're pretty particular about how you lay out your place your fabric, in order to make sure it's cut on the straight of grain. Is it easy to achieve cutting straight on the grain with the accuquilt, or does it take a while to get the knack? BTW my local quilt shop says not to worry about the straight of grain when cutting, it frays less if it's a bit off (does that make sense?)

  9. Bonnie you sure are a great one for finding and using terrific colors combos. Hoping to see this as a big quilt. Wonder how you will be setting the blocks and which of your borders, new or old, you will choose.

    Have a nice time at the cabin....give Sadie Jane a human to doggie hug from me.

    Smiles, Juliein TN

  10. So sorry to hear about your ice issues. Been there before, and it can be a real challenge. Hope all goes well tomorrow. Get some rest, girlfriend!

  11. I can't wait to see what you are up to with Debbie & Charlotte. I have attended workshops etc with both of them at Quiltmarket when I used to have a store. I specifically said to myself if I ever get a chance to hear Charlotte speak again I would love it as she was hilarious.
    Good luck with getting your water fixed, frozen pipes are never fun.

  12. I LIKE that block! Just remember, quilting does not require water!

  13. I feel your pain... This happened to us at our cabin in Wisconsin last year...had to wait for warmer weather to thaw the septic...ugh. On a happier topic, please tell us more about how you manage to juggle so many projects and get so much done...any tips would be welcomed��

  14. THIS WINTER HAS BEEN VERY COLD IN GEORGIA also. Stay safe, watch out for falling tree limbs. your attitude always cheers me.

  15. I can't wait to hear what's in the works!
    Good luck with all of the ice and here's hoping the fixit man can fix it!
    Enjoy your day ahead!

  16. So sorry to hear about the frozen water pipes; would "heat tape" help? They sell it in hardware stores here, sort of an electric blanket for pipes.
    Your blocks are lovely with those smoky blues!

  17. So very sorry to hear of the bumps and bruises and now, no water! This, too, shall pass and you'll have a really good story to tell. Love your blocks. Love every little thing that you do.



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