Friday, February 27, 2015

An Afternoon in Tampa! Let the Fun Begin!

If you saw this scene up on some silver screen, looking all other-worldly and other-timely ---what would you imagine would come riding out of the mist?

It was eerily foggy this morning – with temps below freezing.  The fog hung low to the ground, but a blue sky was doing its best to shine above, thanks to the help and efforts of a determined sun beginning to rise.

This was my view out of the window at one of the vacant gates at the airport in Greensboro as I waited to board my fight to Atlanta – the first stop on my trip to Tampa, Florida.

Camels could come riding out of that mist?  Or maybe ORKS from Lord of the Rings.  Or maybe knights on white horses?

The only horse I was looking for was a winged one –but it took some de-icing and special treating of the plane to get us ready and able to leave on our way.

As it was – we were running a bit behind, and though we landed and pulled into gate B-26, and I only had to go straight down the terminal to B-6---the plane for Tampa was already boarding by the time I hoofed it down there.

Cloudy to Tampa, all the way.  No gorgeous views of crystaline water, no sandy beaches or sail boats to view as we descended.

Just clouds, clouds, clouds, and then….hello ground!


I was whisked off to lunch!

I am being hosted for the next several days by the Cypress Creek Quilters in Lutz!

We had a fun fun lunch at the Chart House, salads all around – you know how women are!  And I enjoyed a beautiful view – though temps are cool and hanging just below 60 degrees with winds.  It still feels wonderful to me.


What’s not to like about palm trees and water!?


I can tell we are going to be fast friends already!

It was still a bit early when I was dropped off to my hotel where I will be the next 5 nights.  On the way in, a walking park with trails was pointed out to me and I went out after unpacking to stretch my legs and make an EFFORT to get reacquainted with my fitbit after a long long winter.  It’s time to get back into a walking routine now that evenings are longer and temperatures are much better ((At least here in Florida!))


Crane? Heron? Ibis? Hello big white bird!


Oops, I think I got too close!

Do you see what I see?  Besides the bird?  GREEN!!!  And LEAVES!!  Oh, it’s been a very long winter!


I smiled up at the palm trees flanking the side walk.

((I think they waved back in the breeze!))


Park!  With miles and miles of walking/skating/biking trails!




And even swampy cypress too!

It was a good leg stretch.  I know I’ll sleep better tonight since I did more than just sit in a plane.

I had to laugh when unpacking my suitcase though…oh TSA…don’t you know me by now??


Hello!  You’ve been inspected!

I guess it didn’t help things having a shrink wrapped 10 pack of books and two big zip lock bags of scraps and project parts….I’m sure they thought I was trafficking something!

I’m a lucky girl.  I’ve got a dinner date with Terri, a friend I haven’t seen in a while.  And I have a borrowed featherweight so I can sew in my room over the next 5 nights --

I brought my lozenge project.  It’s time to sew these in rows--way past time to sew these into rows!

Life is good in Florida.  I hope it is good where you are too!

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  1. good and green...how nice to see green again! take care and play on!

  2. Glad you got there safely. I know you will have a good time. Had to laugh at inspection. Wonder if they x-rayed it & couldn't figure out what you had?

  3. I am in Alabama and we are pretty warm compared to lots of other folks. The weeds in the grass are turning green.

  4. Excited to see some lozenge progress!

  5. Too Funny...I am making string blocks and pulled out the same thing you did for leader enders...almost have the string blocks quilted and just pulled out the fabric to cut the sashing...focus and finish is my goal for 2015

  6. I at that restaurant in May 2012 - and it was HOT! Nice place to eat and enjoy the ocean though. Have fun in the warm country.

  7. Anonymous7:18 PM EST

    Welcome to Florida.. even tho it's a bit cooler than usual... See ya tomorrow



  8. Life is good in Florida...that's where I am! You will enjoy much warmer weather next week...its like we planned it that way for you! lol!

  9. Florida is great----I;m just down the road from you!

  10. Welcome to Florida! Hope you brought some shorts...it's gonna be in the 80's in a couple days. LOL. Can't wait to see you Tuesday night. :o)

  11. I love the designs in this magazine! Please, please, please pick me!

  12. You are making me homesick!! I was born in Tampa and still have friends in the area. Also, my Granny lived in Lutz so I spent a fair amount of time there over the years.

    I live in NC and was hoping that you might pack me in your suitcase. You are lucky to escape all this snow!

    Have FUN in Florida!!

  13. Is the white bird an egret? Enjoy some warmer weather.

  14. Bonnie glad u made it. I tried to get to florida today to meet up with my sister and mom, and do u believe from Phoenix my flights were cancelled twice. I was going thru Dallas who was having ice storms.... Who would of thought. I have a flight out tomorrow through Charlotte this time...


  15. Oh, to be in Tampa where the temp gets higher than 12 degrees for a high. I bet the TSA people just shook their heads over what's in your bag!!

  16. You made it out of Texas just in time! We have lots of snow in the Dallas area!

  17. big white bird is a Great Egret

  18. Anne and I are in your hotel tonight, looking forward to
    taking Cathedral Stars course tomorrow. Listened for the sweet hum of a Featherweight as we walked the halls but no luck. See you tomorrow. Pat

  19. Green? I am so looking forward to mother nature's splendor of spring! Enjoy! Deb

  20. Enjoy the west coast for the next several days....then it's back to the east on Wed....tho we don't have an ocean view....two words: Antique Mall ....lol

    Temps in Orange Park on Wed are predicted to be around 80....sadly,extended shows high 60s after that...but our quilters are hot stuff ...we'll keep you warmed! :)))

  21. Would love to win Bonnie!
    Thank you Linda

  22. I have got to watch your schedule better!! You are not far from my FL house and I'll be there in a few days! Have fun and enjoy the weather.

  23. The great egret (Ardea alba) also known as common egret, large egret or (in the Old World) great white heron,[2][3][4] is a large, widely distributed egret. Distributed across most of the tropical and warmer temperate regions of the world, in southern Europe it is rather localized. In North America it is more widely distributed, and it is ubiquitous across the Sun Belt of the United States and in the Neotropics. The Old World population is often referred to as the great white egret. This species is sometimes confused with the great white heron of the Caribbean, which is a white morph of the closely related great blue heron (A. herodias). [Wikipedia] The black legs indicate that the bird you saw was the egret and not the heron--which is smaller, with yellow legs.


  24. i would love to get picked bonnie. thank you for a chance at a magazine. good luck with the lozenge quilt.

  25. Not to worry. Warm weather is coming in a few days. Hope you brought some light weight clothes. The 80 degree weather will be for a few days.

  26. Welcome to Florida, where winters are calm and no snow!

  27. Anonymous8:18 AM EST

    I am just an hour south of Tampa and we had the same fog. Here in Sarasota, along the gulf coast. Rainy here today, always a day to quilt! Enjoy your time here, I will do the same. Then back to Michigan! Burrrr

  28. I am just an hour south of Tampa and we had the same fog. Here in Sarasota, along the gulf coast. Rainy here today, always a day to quilt! Enjoy your time here, I will do the same. Then back to Michigan! Burrrr

  29. Anonymous8:31 AM EST

    Bonnie girl, I would love to win. Have been entered into every offer you have had for the last several years. Enjoy Florida.

  30. Bonnie, I'm happy for you that you're basking in 60+ degree FL weather now! I am Winter-weary too! I'm quilting a QOV today and reading your newsy Blog of course! Enjoy your FL stay!

  31. I often do wonder what the TSA agents think of the things they see...or what triggers a peek inside one bag over another! Enjoy your greenery and scenery!


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