Tuesday, February 10, 2015

In Pursuit of the Completed Spider Web Top!

My spider web is still on the floor in the way of anyone who tries to walk through that room.

Design floor.  It’s how I work!

I have JUST today to get this top together before I leave for San Antonio tomorrow morning.

I had planned on getting it assembled yesterday, but a fun lunch with Rick & Mona turned into a fun afternoon of antique mall hopping with Mona while her hubby Rick had an appointment near by. 

I mean, really – why should Mona have to sit for hours in a waiting room helping him fill out paperwork?

We were girls on a mission!


Ohio Stars for an Ohio gal!

Mona was raised in Ohio and as a new quilter is just learning block names, technique names, quilting pattern names – and antique quilts in a mall is the PERFECT way to show her a wide variety of things to feed her eager mind. 

Me: “This is an Ohio Star block, very popular, very traditional.”
Mona: “Why is it called that?”
Me: “I don’t know, it just is!”
Mona: “Okay!”

((I love how she doesn’t question me too much! Makes me feel smarter!  But WHY is an Ohio Star called an Ohio Star? Anyone know?))

Because these blocks were large it was easy to talk to her about things like block breakdown – “ It’s a 9 patch format, you will see this a lot!” 

Most of these blocks are lighter fabrics on darker backgrounds, but there are a couple of mavericks in there!


Checks and solids – kind of hard to date!


Florals and stripes!

I pointed out the frugal piecing in the center square, where the maker had sewn bits together to get a piece that was big enough to fit her template.

Mona: “You mean it’s okay to do that?”
Me: “Of course it is!”

((I haven’t told her about the quilt police yet, I don’t want to scare her off!))

The points did match fairly well on this one, and she remembered that this style of quilting is called “Baptist Fans” so she is learning!

Mona: “Why is that pattern called Baptist Fans?”
Me: “I don’t know – it just is!”
Mona: “Okay!”

((See how this works? LOL!))


Funny toile type print!

If we are going to date this quilt at all – this would be the one fabric that is going to give up the secrets of when this quilt was made. 


It’s a stylized scene that makes me think of the 1950s.

It may even be early 1960s?

Can any of my quilt appraiser peeps out there shed any insight on this one?  The people look very cartoonish, not your typical romantically styled toile at all.  The scenes are more modern. At any rate, it was great for a bit of learning on our fun afternoon out!

So where does this leave me with the Spider Web quilt?

UNDONE!  I ran out of time to sew it together – I came home by dinner time, and we had Quilt-Cam last night so there it still lays --- on my living room floor:


I need to fill in with half blocks!


I will be making them this way!

Six of these to fill in the holes at the ends of the alternate rows and I can start assembling the rows and then join them.

That’s today’s job.

Tomorrow I fly!

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  1. Anonymous8:56 AM EST

    Love, love, love the lay out!!!!! I also love that you choose such a pretty yellow for the center. Just lifts my spirits to look at this quilt top in the making.
    Nena from NY( anyahta@aol.com)

  2. Anonymous9:33 AM EST

    Barbara Brackman doesn't even say where the name Ohio Star comes from. It was first used in the early 1800s and has also been called Variable Star, Eastern Star, Western Star, and Texas Star. I love quilt history and I love that you show us old quilts and explain them. Thank you.
    Barb in SD

  3. I have to be honest, Bonnie, the Spider Web quilt has never been one that I've ever had any desire to do. Until THIS layout! Doggone it, Bonnie, you've done it again... added to my wish list of "if only I had unlimited time and resources for quilting anything I wanted".

  4. I LOVE your offset layout of the spiderweb! Never seen that done before.... You are such an 'out of the box' thinker, Bonnie. Thanks for updating this old pattern in such a charming way.

  5. I love this layout for the spider block. I have many of these blocks in red/white/blue think I will try this. thanks

  6. Old quilter10:15 AM EST

    I agree, this spiderweb looks very different - but - is it actually different or just that she's photographed it from a different angle? More like spider (or snake) trail from this angle. Reminds one of Drunkards Path almost. Certainly an impression to file in one's "someday" project memory. I should live so long - lol

  7. I can't even say how much I love your layout. The zig zag effect of the string sections is reminding me of something very specific - I just can't think what, and it's going to bug me until I figure it out. :) Some kind of faceted, segmented tube that I've seen somewhere.

    Well, I don't know what it reminds me of, but it looks really, really cool - almost 3D! I might need to take a look at that growing string bin!

  8. Pam Sherman10:31 AM EST

    This is a quilt I would love to make! I'm thinking it would be pretty done in any pattern of fabric.

  9. The blue flowers in the frugal block remind me of the blouses my mom used to make in the 60's. But if someone tried to date one of my quilts now they'd have a heck of a time since my stash includes 60 years of scraps between me and my mom's, but none from the past decade....yet.

  10. No doubt in my mind that you will have that quilt finished today! I LOVE that you have taught Mona to quilt and that she is jumping in with both feet!!

  11. I agree with many others...really like the layout with the offset half block on the spider web quilt. It looks like ribbon trails. Thanks once again for the inspiration that you share with us!

  12. Bonnie! You are killing me! I have already made two spider web quilts and now here you are with an amazing alternate layout! Ahhh! Its not like there isnt enough strings in that huge bin right?? I "might" make a dent in them! LOL!

  13. I think Baptist were know for having fans in their hymnal racks in years past before air conditioning. (And, those fans usually came from the local funeral homes.)

  14. I would call this spider web layout, Wiggle Worm! I can imagine thiuscquilt for a little boy with some fuyssy cut I spy strings. Love it.

  15. I have the spider web on my wish list to do. I might try the zigzag going horizontal, but it would mean a few more half blocks. Love the happy yellow in yours.

  16. Anonymous12:49 PM EST

    The layout of the spider web quilt top is great for bright fabrics like you have chosen. Trying to imagine it in softer colors it would lose the impact of the movement. This is a good choice for bright scraps.

  17. I'm a little confused about the pattern of the quilt you and Mona saw. First you called it Ohio Star, and then later you said it was Baptist Fans. Are those two names for the same pattern?

  18. I love your layout for the Spider Web blocks. Offsetting them like that gives the quilt such great movement! Can't wait to see it all together.

  19. Once again your work never ceases to amaze me! I love your yellow background for your offset webs! Yesterday I finished the center of my Celtic Solstice!! Woohoooo! Maybe next week I can tackle the borders :) I can't wait to show you a picture of the completed top someday!! I love it!

  20. Itsounds like a dream to have a Pro breaking her into the Quilting Crazy world. I'm so glad you are taking the time to ease her into it. LOVE that you found her a Featherweight so quick.
    Th Ohio Star is a fun quilt. Maybe it will be her next Block to make. Have fun stitching on your day befroe flying out again. It's guild night, so I have to get my BOM/Lotto ready. Story BOard, check, Fabric, check, Patterns, check, check- Whew, I just need something for show and share...LOL Grand Illusion still not together, so sad, been too busy with other new projects. Quilter's ADD

  21. I found this on the 'net: "The gov' s wife made a quilt block and decided to name it the Ohio Star. If she had been the wife of the gov of KY, it would have been named the Kentucky Star." This makes the most sense to me :) So many names for a single block! It seems it was the whim of the maker.

    Love your spider layout. Incredible!

  22. As my Grandpa used to say "Everything has to have a name". He must have used this a million times with me.

  23. Great layout for the spiderweb block Bonnie,it's looking fabulous. May have to add this one to my ever growing "to do" list!

  24. Haven't like spider web until your layout, but still thinking we should call it something else (get rid of the spider connection!). Envying Mona her special "classes" and knowledgeable teacher!

  25. First off, GREAT spiderweb layout. Love the movement in it. So much fun ahead looking at all the different fabrics.

    Pat Cook, to answer your question, Ohio Star is the name of the quilt blocks and Baptist Fan is the name of the pattern used for the quilting portion.

    And whomever commented about the fans in the pews was correct. I have been told that they were a solid arc and were actually used to draw the quilting pAttern on the quilt. A very early template. They certainly made do with what was on hand.

    The toile fabric in the quilt looks like something from the 60's and the floral print from the late 50's. Had the same fabric around our house back then.

    Have a super trip Bonnie. There's some lucky people this week that get to share some time with you. Safe travels.

  26. Bonnie, that blue floral fabric in the Ohio Quilt is the same that my Dad gave me way back in about 1944 or 5. I made a skirt out of it and like the girls say bits of these fabrics can be around for ages. I have many in my stash.
    I also LOVE the layout of the spider quilt. Safe travels. Eileen

  27. I agree with Andresa Strahm, never been tempted by the spider web block or strings, but do like your layout!

  28. Awesome is all I can say. i wondered what you were going to do with those string blocks. I thought I had a lot of scraps, but not near enough to accomplish this wonderful quilt. Bonnie, you are amazing.

  29. The blue flower fabric has a familiar look to it. I think 1950's (late) or the 1960's would be fairly accurate for a date. I've never seen a toile like the one in the quilt, but it does have a contemporary feel. I think there were Methodist fans too. I think the first time I heard of this particular quilting pattern was from the days of Gwen Marsten and Joe Cunningham. I have seen such fans in church pews, but I can't remember where.

  30. Like everything that you sew Bonnie,you're spider web is just beautiful!

  31. Ditto to Barb Peters-now I'm excited about this -have never even thought of saving "strings". All changes with a layout! I think the fabric you BH is asking about is the toile pattern,red/white. But, I don't know the answer. rjc2cam@gmail.com

  32. Hi Bonnie, thank you for sharing your exciting life.

  33. Love the staggered layout!

  34. I read somewhere, but can't remember at all so it might be made up, that the quilting was called "Baptist Fans" because it was easy - going across the work and not following seam lines is easier I guess? While the Baptists called it "Methodist Fans". Haha! "My god is better than your god" name calling.


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