Sunday, February 08, 2015

Quiltmaker March/April 2015 Winners!

It’s time to draw our winners for the 3 issue of Quiltmaker March/April 2015!

I have been deep in the studio today, sewing like crazy ---loving every minute.

I just looked up at the clock and it was after 7pm my time and I had forgotten!!

So I am firing up the Random Number Generator and will be drawing our 3 lucky winners out of the 873 that have left comments to the Giveaway post from Tuesday.


Drum roll please!

And our first Random Number pick is:




Joy V!!

I hope you do make some Twirl Around blocks in the colors you mention – it sounds fabulous!

Next up ---Come on Random Number Generator – give me a good one!!

((This one took two tries because the number drawn had a private profile with no details at all so….had to draw again!))




Come on down, Lee!!

Sounds like she is gone and away, so I emailed her to let her know I would ship it when she is ready to receive it.  Just get back to me with an address and time frame, Lee!

And last but definitely not least!!  Let’s roll it again!




Cindy Tidwell!!

Thank you, Cindy for leaving your email address so I could reach you!  You too are one of our lucky winners!

Get me your snail mail addresses, ladies and I will be rushing these issues right out to you.  I love these giveaways – so much fun!


Also so much fun!

I’ve been deep in string piecing land today –I’m down to seeing the finish on the number of spider web blocks that I need from my strings –which of course have NOT gone down at all!  Loaves and fishes, my friends – Loaves and FISHES!!  But what fun!


Using phone book foundations!

The free pattern for the String Spiderweb is found under the Free Patterns Tab at the top of the blog.  You can make your own!  EVERYTHING is going in these…and I love that the pieces get smaller as I work my way out toward the points, so I am able to find a home for some very small precious bits.

Check this out for a hoot!


Find the bathing beauty! LOL!


Chain pressing of half blocks!

I’ll share more as this gets closer ---I’ve got a plan, oh yes I do!

Today’s viewing pleasure while sewing has been watching episodes of Hinterland on Netflix.  It’s another UK cop drama.  Nothing like sewing away to a bunch of murder, thievery and mayhem. Ha!

Back to it ---Have a great Sunday Eve, everyone – remember QUILT-CAM tomorrow evening at 9pm EST!  See you HERE!

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  1. Wow!! Thank you Bonnie or the random thingy...) for drawing out my number. I thought with so many I didn't have a chance, but I was the first out of the box. I have emailed you my snail addy. Thank you again. ps I will try and sort my black/white/grey scraps and make some of these blocks....Joy, (very happy in a hot Aussie sun today).

  2. Inconceivable! Thanks for my book arrived yesterday, as I worked the weekend, just got it! It will be my reading at the beach in Fla!

  3. Bonnie, I can't find that pattern for the spider web pattern under the Free Patterns Tab at the top of the blog. Could it possibly be saved under another name?

    Pat Cook

  4. Pat Cook, it is there. It is called Spiderweb. I just looked at it. They are in alphabetic order. Hope you find it.

  5. I've watched 5 seasons of NCIS during my current sewing jag, and I think I need to watch My Little Pony, or Care Bears from now on. I'm a bit over the mayhem, LOL.

    The Brits do those sort of shows so well though, I'll look into Hinterland and see if I can get hold of it.
    Happy stitching on those Spiderwebs!

  6. Congrats to all the winners! :)

  7. I'm gearing up to do a string spider web and have a sneaking suspicion that I have enough strings for three or four quilt tops. I think you just confirmed it!

  8. Anonymous10:45 PM EST

    Whoop Whoop first time winning anything on blog give aways. Thank you Bonnie!!! and thank you friends Pat Kelly Chubb and Lois Barker for alerting me. I was actually going to go out and buy a copy today but got the Lazyies and stayed in. Cindy Tidwell.

  9. Congratulations to the winners! I also did some seeing to an episode of Hinterland and then Jack Taylor.

  10. So excited to return to my dad's after a weekend shop hop to find I'm a winner of one of the Quiltmaker mags, so cool! Now I can't wait to get home (around the 19th) and see the magazine...I am so tickled right now. I've replied to your email with my snail mail addy, thank you so much!

  11. Congrats ladies . Hard luck to me.

  12. Absolutely love the placement of one paticular strip of fabric. What a hoot. Your quilt will be so much fun to just sit and look at all the different fabrics.

  13. I've made that pattern for the spider web and it's great because it used up so many odds and ends of snippets I just can't bear to toss. I used a neutral background on mine and had family members put their signatures and memories in the space for a 60 th Anniversary gift to my parents.

  14. can't wait for quilt cam...hope my sewing space is warm enough to join in....

  15. I love the phonebook page triangles. The Bathing Beauty is just that, but the colors are stunning. I am a fairly new quilter and just love it. My problem is I have not color taste. I've tried and tried and just group awful colors! I am grateful to see your combinations. My mind's eye can't put things together, but I sure can copy and follow instructions, so that is what I do. Love your blog! Thanks!

  16. Thanks, Bonnie for the response to "joining in!"

  17. I've been saving phone books! :)

  18. Can't wait to make the Pineapple Blossom.


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