Thursday, February 12, 2015

Galaxy-Gram! Sew, Sew, Sew &Go, Go, Go!

We have had a busy day in San Antonio today!
Breakfast out--a visit to Las Colchas quilt shop!

Blissful hours of tandem stitching in Irene's studio--I'm making great progress on my on point 4 patches!

And to top it off we made an impromptu run to New Braunfels for a bit of antiquing and a BBQ dinner out.

My tummy is stuffed with fork tender smoked brisket and all the fixings.

On our way back now to head back to our projects and quilting the evening away. So happy I came a day early so we had this day to play!
I took many photos of awesome quilt finds--be watching for those in tomorrow's morning blog post!

Yeehaw from Texas!


  1. Oh I can't wait to hear all about it! Looks like some pretty antiques quilts to share! Have fun sewing!!

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  3. Bonnie, You are in my neck of the woods. We love Granzines and they also have a meat market. Best meat in town. Glad you got to do a little antiquing and our weather, altho a little cool, good for Feb. Have a great stay in San Antonio and come back soon.

    Marj Polay
    Canyon Lake

  4. Anonymous8:53 PM EST

    Gosh Bonnie......now you are making me want to make 4 patches. I can't since I'm making 9 patch blocks to trade with a friend. We are making a quilt from your book of Leaders and Enders.

    Will have to put 4 patches on the list of things to do.....maybe later in the year.

    Thanks for all you do.........

    Beth in IL

  5. Sew glad you and Irene had such a great time together!

  6. I think you are about 1-2hrs from LaGrange ,Texas. The state quilt museum is there and shouldn't be missed. Plus,the Best Little Whore House was filmed there. Several nice quilt shops in surrounding towns

  7. The next time you're in New Braunfels check out Quilt Haus quilt shop.
    Las Colchas is soooo wonderful!
    I am so looking forward to being in class with you this weekend! Whee!

  8. Fransancroft@gmail.com10:09 PM EST

    I love the 4 patches. I'm making them with 21/2" squares. How big a square should I use to make the outer squares like yours. I need two of each fabric cut on the diagonal, right?... How do I calculate the size?
    Thanks for all you do! I love your blog and the Grand Mystery....
    FYI we are at -18C today here in Ontario, Canada... A bit cold! :-)


  9. Wow, the buildings there are gorgeous, old and look in great shape.,nice to see them left that way and used for our " necessities" ......quilt shops, restaurants,great shops.
    Beautiful old quilts too. Have fun!
    Hugs Marg

  10. Anonymous9:51 AM EST

    One of these days I'm going to meet you when you come to TX. Glad you have some genuine Texas hospitality with Irene! Y'all have fun now, ya hear!

    Melissa in Cibolo, TX

  11. Las Colchas is about my favorite store in all of Texas. I always come out with a lighter pocketbook and a heavy fabric sack! Enjoy your time in Texas and "Y'all come back anytime"!

  12. I was there 2 weeks ago. Las Colchas was very nice. I will be moving to Texas in May. Hope to make these places regular stops for me.


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