Friday, February 06, 2015

A Bit of Quilting and a Greensboro Local Program!

This was my early start at it yesterday morning.

This is what happens when you wake up at 4am with hive like symptoms and you need to keep your hands busy with sewing so you don’t scratch your arms off!

Christmas binding – scrappy style!

It was fun to sort through my red strips and include even the gifted scraps that arrived from Gayle this week into this binding….fun when it can go right on the quilt!

I needed about 350” of binding…joining these on the diagonal.  It’s going to be great!

I posted on Facebook and Instagram on what do do with this backing fabric that had fold lines:

Can you see it?  That white faded fold line?

It was half way across the fabric…and at first I thought I wouldn’t worry about it but the more I thought about it the more I knew that I just wouldn’t be happy, and this was a great opportunity to just cut it on that line and insert a strip of something else Christmassy and Contrasting – so I did!


Pieced Backing!!

Bye bye old Christmas fabric!


These photos are not color-true!

I was already having to insert the wide red paisley piece anyway to make the backing big enough, so it was no problem to then choose another piece of Christmas fabric, just big enough, and sew it in where I had cut at that faded fold line.

I LOVE this quilting pattern!  It’s Holly Berries by Hermione Agee of Lorien Quilting, Australia.


More true to color! 

Getting a label in the corner!

My binding , label and sleeve are now in place, and I just need a couple of evenings of hand binding time and I’ll be a happy girl!

I’d show you the front of this one, but it’s going off to Quiltmaker for inclusion in a holiday issue.  It’s also one of the blocks from a future Addicted to Scraps column, so we are keeping it under wraps for now but you will see it shortly!


This was my evening last night!!

I met last night with the Gate City Quilters of Greensboro, NC – a 20 mile drive from my home here in Wallburg.  Wallburg is SO small, that even when I told these gals that I live in Wallburg, most of them said “Where’s that? Never heard of that!”  That’s okay.  I kind of like it that way!

We had a really fun evening, and I will be spending the next two days in a two day long Easy Street workshop getting to know these gals that live so close to me!

Oh, we are going to have SEW MUCH FUN!

Our meeting place is the New Garden Meeting building, a Quaker building founded in 1754.  1754!!  There is some definite history here I have to explore.  I saw a sign about an underground railroad house as I was pulling in to set up for my presentation last night.  I need to go back and check what that is all about.  History buff on a mission!  Stay tuned for what I discover on that front.

Oh, and the funny for my warm, local welcome:


Hahahaha!  Poo-Pourri!!

Remember my visit in Charlotte a couple weeks ago and I thought this was the craziest thing I’d ever heard of?

I’ve been Deja Poo’d!!

Prudence thought it prudent that I should have a bottle of my own to try…LOL!!!  I never laughed so hard!

Yes, it’s going to be a very very fun weekend!

Have a great Friday everyone – I’m off to work PLAY!

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  1. Anonymous9:03 AM EST

    Bonnie, I noted from a previous post that you went out for Chinese food the same day you had your massage and facial. Many people are sensitive to MSG and other ingredients found in Chinese food. Even if you have never noticed a reaction to those foods before, it's possible that the increased circulation created by the massage exacerbated your reaction. On the other hand, if this is truly just a topical reaction to the lotions they used, AVOID APPLYING OTHER PRODUCTS in an effort to soothe the itching. You need to neutralize the situation. Gently rinse away all lotions and try applying MILK to neutralize the Ph.

  2. Anticipating seeing all of the different color combinations the quilters will come up with for the workshop. Also, please alert us as to how the gift works. I might want to get some myself. Nothing like hearing first-hand how a product performs. :-)

  3. Anonymous9:16 AM EST

    I bought some poo-pouri for my hubby for Christmas. Sometimes sharing a bathroom with a man is just no fun. ;) I can tell ya that it works great!

    Melissa in Texas

  4. I hope your "condition" goes away quickly.

    I too saw that POO P in a store and thought how goofy.. but the clerk said they can not keep it in stock because it is selling like crazy.

    Me I would rather spend my money on fabric. LOL

  5. My husband and i often travel with his brother, and rent cottages or suites with a shared bathroom. I will tell you that the Poo-Pouri is a MUST have in our toiletries bag! I discreetly go in and pre-spray the facilities, so they don't even realize they are using it. Made my travels so much more enjoyable! ;)

  6. I hope the Poo-Pourri doesn't give you hives. I LOVE Christmas fabrics and Quilts! Can hardly wait for Christmas in July this year. Easy Street for two days. Have FUN with the Local Quilters!

  7. Isn't it fun to stumble upon some interesting history in your "neighborhood". You can imagine how excited I was when watching "Patriots Rising - American Revolution" a few nights ago. The program covered unsung heroes, and the last person discussed was my sixth great grandfather, an Oneida war chief, Han Yerry, as they spelled it. The story they covered was one I was unaware of; he was credited with leading his men on a 400 mile trek to carry 600 bushels of white corn to Valley Forge, thereby saving Washington's starving troops. I knew that he had been at Valley Forge, and was assigned to General LaFayette's unit. It was so exciting, and I a
    M still enthralled! I actually stopped sewing on My Blue Heaven that evening.

  8. Benadryl works great in such cases. It may cause drowsiness but being unconscious during the itchiness might be a welcome reprieve. I hope by the time you read this, the hives have subsided.

  9. Linda Copas how exciting for you. I love history, especially family history. Where did you find the show?

  10. I look forward to all future issues of Quiltmaker magazine, waiting for my first one with my new subscription. Sounds like a fun workshop and nice and close to home. Enjoy Bonnie.

  11. Funny you calling your small town so little when it is more than 3 times larger than the little town I live outside of! Have a fabulous day of sewing!


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