Thursday, February 26, 2015

Oh the Weather Outside…

This was my view first thing this morning from my bedroom window at the side yard.


While they really messed up the weather forecast for last Monday up at the cabin – they NAILED this one right on.

Yesterday afternoon temps were not that bad and I had no trouble getting the van up the driveway and the mail to the post office and back.

I had been reminded to please move the van back to the top of the drive by 6pm because bad weather was coming.

What bad weather?

In other words, I got busy, I fell asleep for a nap so I would be wide awake for Quilt-Cam, and then I got busy in the basement….

During Quilt-Cam I received a phone call – and I answered it because it was The Hubster.

“Did you move the van?”

 “No!  I’m in the middle of Quilt-Cam!”
“Oh,  Sorry.  I’ll move it when I get home from tennis because it is starting to come down.”

And down it came!


More side yard with the window open!

The trees are bending over due to the weight.  That is the scary part.  We lost some large limbs overnight.


But isn’t it just beautiful?  Frosted!


Heavy laden!


Front porch, looking up our steep covered driveway --


Oh, poor flag and bending bushes!


My woods off of the back deck.  Hot tub gazebo is covered!

The only thing I was supposed to do outside today was a haircut appointment at 11am.  Until roads are cleared that will likely not happen.  I’ll give her a call in a bit to see if she is even coming in. 

It looks like it’s another Snow Day Sew Day in Quiltville!

Oh, and a heads up everyone ---our Vegas retreat in August with Charlotte Angotti and Debbie Caffrey is SOLD OUT!  Full to the gills, long waiting list.  My congrats to those who got in and got in early.  I look forward to seeing you this summer!

And believe me – I’d rather have Vegas in August than North Carolina right now, any day, any time!

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  1. Have a great snow/sew-day!
    It looks gorgeous, all that white..... but, I must admit... I'm so looking forward to Spring and all it's lovely colors.
    Love from the Netherlands, Ria.

  2. Snug in your cabin (Sadie nearby?), food, warmth and SEWING!!!! Perfect I have to sew day...or a day long nap? :)
    East Tennessee in my area is just the same... LET IT SNOW!!!

    Have fun,
    Smiles, JulieinTN

  3. Sheryll Gray8:54 AM EST

    Stay safe and warm!! I can't get the vision out of my mind of your dh playing tennis in that weather!! Sorry it's just because we've had a long hot summer in Oz!

  4. Ve-gas! Ve-gas! Ve-gas! It will be H-O-T!! Yay!!! See you there :)

  5. Hi Bonnie! You were mentioned on yesterday's "Quilty" video with Mary Fons! You can find it here:

  6. Your snow is very pretty and I hope you get to keep your power! Hug Sadie from me.

  7. It does look so pretty but breaking limbs on the trees is not a good thing. Stay safe if you do venture out but staying in and sewing sounds way better!!

  8. I hope you can get out for your hair cut. I know I'd rather stay home and stitch! That was nice of your Hubster to bring the Van up for you. Looks like he had some fun in the snow this am. Travel safe to the far South. I didn't get into the Retreat. I know how fun you 3 are. Maybe next time.

  9. What a wonderful reason to have to stay in....and such a beautiful view. Quilt on, Sistah!!

  10. Anonymous1:05 PM EST

    Ooooooh, soooooo beautiful! Here in South Georgia, overcast and rainy, drizzly:( I'd love to fly up to the snow-covered land, sit by a blazing fire, drink hot chocolate, sew, sew, sew the day away:) I know it's not good weather for those who are trying to get around, work, etc...., but still so beautiful! After living in Ontario Canada for 10 years, I do miss the snow a bit...just a bit:)
    PS...as you can see by my email address, since living in the South I've now taken up the beach life.

  11. If I didn't know better I would say these photos were taken in our neck of the woods in Noth Central Wisconsin...although it must be aggravating it isbeautiful!

  12. Anonymous9:41 PM EST

    Retire the flag before inclement weather hits. If it is left up after dark (and in good weather) it should be illuninated with a spotlight or other kind of light.

  13. Those images of the snow on the trees are so pretty, but it looks very cold where you are!!

  14. Beautiful photo of your driveway with the trees arching over it!

    All I can say about your preferring 115 degrees in Vegas to this is, "Some Like it Hot"!!!!

    I would love to be snug in a house with snow outside and quilting to be done!

  15. Anonymous9:39 AM EST

    Beautiful, wish we could get some of that moisture here in KS/MO. It has been a cold winter but not enough snow/rain for our crops. Stay safe & warm - Quilt on!! Cindy at cwienstroer@amuniversal.com

  16. Vegas got snowed on, too! That is a rare thing except for the mountain areas nearby.


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