Sunday, February 22, 2015

Debbie, Charlotte & Bonnie QUILT VEGAS!!

Feb 26, 2015 Update!

The Retreat is now FULL to the gills with a LONG waiting list! 

Thank you to those who registered early to get their spot! I'll be seeing you in AUGUST!

Most of you know that my calendar has been closed as FULL for quite a while.

There are times that I reserve for family, but my teaching dates are booked solid and very rarely am I able to wiggle things to make MORE fit.

But I couldn’t resist this one!  Seriously, I couldn’t!  In August I plan on visiting family in Idaho.  And this falls hand in hand with heading west ---

I’m going to be teaching with Debbie and Charlotte at a retreat at the SLS Hotel in Las Vegas August 13-16, 2015!
((After the retreat I’ll head to Idaho!  Best of both worlds!))

From the SLS Website:
Rediscover the charm of vintage Vegas at SLS Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, Curio Collection by Hilton. Located at the burgeoning north end of the Las Vegas Strip on the site of the legendary Sahara Hotel & Casino, this destination hotel adds a unique twist to classic Vegas glamour, with personalized service and unforgettable experiences at every turn.
Meticulously designed guest rooms in three separate towers, each boast a unique look and feel. The World Tower offers a contemporary setting with a whimsical edge while the Story Tower features the modern design of an industrial loft. The LUX Tower showcases an edgy European design.
Of course, being a Vegas hotel, there are all kinds of things to see, do, experience – but as for us quilters – we will be QUILTING!
We are accommodating 75 retreaters all in one space – MACHINES PROVIDED!
There will be three teachers at this retreat so you will get three different projects, Two Mysteries, one by Debbie, and one by Charlotte! Both will have kits that are included in the price of your retreat.
My project is being released in the May/June issue of Quiltmaker Magazine so you can pick up your pattern ahead of time.  I will be furnishing you with a supply list and a cutting chart so you can have most of your project cut out before hand. This is great because you can use up your stash, small pieces as well as some of your ‘gotta get rid of this’ fabric. (most of us have too much ‘stuff’)
On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, lunch will be served to us in a separate room...this is also included in the price of the retreat. Each day will offer an amazing buffet so you can pick whatever you like. If you have special diet needs most likely something will work for you. If you know that you have food issues that might make a buffet a challenge, please just let me know.
Melinda and Debbie!
Our Registrar, Melinda will be making ALL of your hotel reservations for you!  Being under the Hilton umbrella you can get Hilton points at the SLS. We encourage you to join Hilton rewards if you aren’t a member.  But remember, for our special rate, Melinda will make your reservation for you in our special block of rooms so we are all together!
I can’t wait to play with these girls!
For More Info!
Visit the  Two Friends & a Quilt Retreat page on Facebook.  Click LIKE, and make sure you check FOLLOWING!  You don’t want to miss any updates!
A little note from Charlotte: 
For all the details just email TwoFriendsVegas@aol.com and tell Melinda that you want details. But you better hurry. There is limited space and you don't want to miss this.
Just think, three national teachers, one fabulous time.

Are you up for a fabulous time in August?

Ready for laughter, great food, three different projects?

All at the brand new SLS Hotel...oh what fun!
Summary of details:   
· The special room rates are available to you 3 days prior and 3 days after the event.

· Hotel registration and Retreat check-in will begin at 3pm on Thursday, August 13. Please make your travel arrangements to arrive so you can get to the hotel no later than 4. There will be an event that evening.

· Friday, August 14, Saturday, August 15th and Sunday, August 16th classes start at 9 am with a lunch break at 12 noon, classes resume around 1:30 pm and end at 4 pm. (we want you to be able to enjoy the strip and see a show, have a great meal and even gamble if you like)

· Tremendous buffet lunches will be provided for you on Friday, Saturday and Sunday

· Breakfast and Dinner each day will be on your own (multiple wonderful restaurants are located in the hotel)

· Janome sewing machines will be provided for each person. You won’t even have to worry about that!
· After hours sewing will be available for you with help from Janome reps in the room

· Supply list will be given closer to August .
So there you have it!  Give Melinda an email and ask for the welcome letter and registration packet.
I’ll be seeing you in August in Vegas!

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  1. This sounds fantastic - and my email for more info has been sent. After my missed workshop with you, I'd love to join and hope by then I'll be done with my Hungary work adventure (just got back). Hope you water issues have been solved - and your icy injuries are fading quickly!

  2. I would love to go but I have 2 daughters that are due in August lol. One on the 8th ( in Illinois) and the other is due the 18th ( in Colorado ) I'm still not sure how I will be at both of their homes.

  3. Anonymous10:22 AM EST

    Las Vegas in August?? No thank you. Been there, done that. Seriously, I would love to meet both you and Debbie, but it is just too hot in August for me. When we were there it was 115 in the shade! I'm hoping to see you next year in Iowa.
    Barb in SD barbjek at bmtc dot net

  4. Check with the Hilton about getting those points using the special retreat rate. I couldn't get them in Myrtle Beach.

  5. Yeah, I'm in!! Melinda already has my registration info.

  6. I already sent my registration back. I can hardly wait for August!

  7. I just sent an email. The one thing I am looking for is a cost.

  8. seriously! For those who think that Las Vegas is too hot in August, do you actually think we will be quilting outside? Think air-conditioned comfort in a classy and awesome hotel! Besides--it's a dry heat!

  9. seriously! For those who think that Las Vegas is too hot in August, do you actually think we will be quilting outside? Think air-conditioned comfort in a classy and awesome hotel! Besides--it's a dry heat!

  10. Quilting and Vegas! Now that's quite a combination! LOL

  11. I'm happy for you.. hope we can meet there too :)
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  12. Anonymous4:51 PM EST

    I have requested information. You don't get very near South Dakota, so I might need to travel to take a class with you. I think your upcoming workshop in Iowa is full, and I am on the waiting list. But I need to check the dates as my first son is leaving for college about that time, and I need to pack my baby off to school...........

  13. I would never go to Las Vegas for a quilt retreat! Not my style at all. But I hope you have fun and don't melt in between buildings and autos!

  14. Bonnie: I would love to join you at this retreat, but being I am going down Oregon and Idaho in April, I can not make another trip down, unless something were to come up with family that I had to head south. It Looks like you will have Loads of Fun!

  15. I have sent my request for information. this sounds like a fun trip. Now to start the calculations, will there be enough $$$

  16. Hmmm a "famous" quilter named Debbie or Charlotte is not coming to me at the moment. But Las Vegas in August is not my cup o tea either, AC'd or not. I think it's wonderful that Janome is providing machines tho. They usually offer them at a deep discount after classes then.

  17. Anonymous8:49 PM EST

    I'm laughing because I am Melinda and my sister is Debbie, and it's weird to see those two names together under a picture that is not of us! I'll see if I can make it happen; would love you see you again.

    -Melinda E. in Los Angeles

  18. I would love to meet you all in Las Vegas -- I have never been there. But I am already going to have a class or two with you in Vermont and I took two classes with Charlotte last year.I just haven't had a class with Debbie yet. My vacation to see you all will have to wait - Vermont is my vacation this year and I don't have to fly - just drive a few hours. See you in June Bonnie!

  19. You will be teaching at the SLS Hotel on 13 Aug with Debbie and Charlotte,
    If I also want to come there so what do i do?
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  20. I just moved from Vegas to Montana last month! I really don't think it's that bad in August. You're inside, it's dry heat that doesn't get muggy and thick, and I mostly enjoyed the outside in the evenings, as it's cooling off. Give it a chance!

  21. I recently love quilting and I research in the internet and found your blog, thanks for sharing a lot of info

  22. love it sooo much,i got a lot of info,more power!


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