Thursday, February 19, 2015

Feather-Mate Table Giveaway WINNER!!!

Hi everyone!

I made it home from San Antonio, Texas just a bit ago but boy  --- is it COLD outside!

I am hereby declaring it a 2 quilts plus electric blanket kind of night.

What a SHOCK this weather is.

It is currently about 15 degrees here in North Central North Carolina, and with the wind it feels like 3 degrees.

And as soon as I say this I know that those in the northern climes are going to tell me to suck it up because it is minus-bazillion-degrees there…

But you know what?  We aren’t equipped for this.  We are not used to this.  People don’t have the clothing or outerwear for this kind of ridiculousness ---and baby, it is just DANG cold outside!

So I’m happy to be in, happy to be at my desk, happy to be drawing our winner with a hot cup of cocoa at the ready – even if I don’t drink it hot, it’s great to wrap cold hands around!

1,755 ENTRIES!!


How exciting!  I know you want this table REALLY Bad.


Entry #122!!


Robyn in TEXAS!

((Where it is warm –where I just arrived home from!))


Robyn, I am very excited for you.  Please get back to me with your snail mail address and I will get it to Barbara Greer at Sewingmates.com and she will get your Feather-Mate table out to you!

For those of you who missed what the Feather-Mate table is all about – it’s the perfect little extension table for vintage sewing machines, and you can use it on ALL of your machines because of the adjustable legs.

It’s just PERFECT in every way!

Click HERE to visit the original post so you can see how it is set up and how it works.  You will want one.

I now have two, one at home, one at the cabin, and I can’t live without them!

This was my day!

I finished this section and it will be ready to add to the Mother Ship up at the cabin this weekend.

If you placed an order for books while I was out of town teaching, that is my job tomorrow – to get everything to the post office so I can head out of town late afternoon.

Let’s shoot for Quilt-Cam on Wednesday evening.  I fly to Florida early Friday morning so Thursday evening won’t work for me – sorry to yank you around like the wind, but we have to fit it when we can fit it.  9pm EST – hope to see you here then!

Time to go plug in that electric blanket –it’s been a long travel day!

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  1. Bonnie,

    I bought one of the Feathermates from Barbara and its on its way to me. In Sunday, my featherweight cord got under my foot and when I shifted the machine the connection to the machine broke free. The metal that holds the screw in place broke in half. Guess that is not a surprise since the machine is 80 years old. JB weld to the rescue!!!

  2. Congrats Robyn from Texas. Enjoy. It is a 3 quilt night at my house in Michigan.
    Lou Wolf

  3. Congrats to Robyn from Texas!!

    Temp here tonight is 18, feels like 5. Yeah, yeah, I know we here in Nebraska are supposed to be used to it and all, but we. don't. like. it. either!! Maybe I've gotten wussier in my old age but I've learned to always wear leggings under my jeans or slacks. Otherwise I'm always freezing.

  4. Glad you made it home safe , sorry it is so bitterly cold ther! You keep warm and pile on the quilts!

  5. Congrats on your win Robin.

    Cindy in Florida and YES it is cold here. Even my dog had to put on her long johns.

  6. It is 2 degrees in South Asheville, NC and supposed to get to -1 or more and wind chill right now it feels like -11. Brrr weather for sure. Congrats Robyn. I am going to order one of the tables right now.

  7. It is -6 3. In the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Congratulations to Robyn..

  8. Congrats, Robin! You lucky Girl!!

    We recently moved to Colorado from Arkansas. I understand your comment regarding the right clothes. Seems like we spent the first month shopping. Having the corrects duds makes all the difference.

    And yes, long underwear is a must on those really cold days!

    Stay warm everyone!

  9. Congratulations to Robyn on being chosen to get the sewing table may you enjoy sewing with it and your Singer 221.
    Here in California it has been warmer than usual but what we need is rain and snow up in our mountains it's the snow pack that gives us our drinking water and irrigation water for 3/4 of the year. No complaints about our tempature just need more moisture
    Colleen in California

  10. Congrats to Robyn. Lucky you get to go to Forida next week. Hope you have good weather there. Yea for QuiltCam Monday.

  11. 1755 entries?? That is just crazy. And to think we must all have a featherweight. Thats hard to fathom also. Anyways, guess I will have to go order one for myself. Keep on keeping on:-)

  12. Congratulations, Robyn!! I wish you many happy hours with your new featherweight and table.

    Bonnie, Quilt Cam is great any time you can fit it in.

    It's a brisk 0 degrees here and warming up!

  13. I really feel for you folks down south this winter, nasty weather. And I agree here where the temps dip so low , we are prepared. Have a great weekend.

  14. Woke up to another ice/snow storm in eastern TN. A day to stay in and start putting my hexie Flower Garden together. Congrags to the winner and I hope your bruised hip heals quickly, Bonnie!


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