Friday, February 20, 2015

A Visit to One Quilt Place, Fredericksburg, TX!

On a little country road, outside the touristy hustle and bustle of old town Fredericksburg, Texas is a darling of a quilt shop that must not be missed.

And I almost missed it!

I was in Fredericksburg last Sunday teaching for the Vereins Quilt guild.  Because it was a Sunday afternoon workshop from 12:30-6:30 ---and the shop is closed on Sunday anyway ---and even if they were open, we were finishing after normal closing hours, I was afraid I had missed out on something really special.

Then comes a text message on Tuesday afteroon from Irene with a super idea – if she and her hubby David come to Kerrville and pick me up after my last workshop there is over….it will be still early enough to hightail it BACK to Fredericksburg!  DESTINATION:  ONE QUILT PLACE!


The shop is wide open and airy with great lighting!

They have a little bit of everything, and a lot of charm.  Many samples to inspire, and room to walk around.  I LOVE a shop that is set up to look more like home, and less like a Ben Franklin store, and there are nooks and crannies and vignettes that cause you to pause, and browse and explore.


Antique Bed frame with bolts and bolts and books!


From one end to the other!


And back the other direction!


Quilts hung high and low and every kind of notion you can think of!


Even vintage machines on display!

There is attention to detail and cuteness and FUNCTION everywhere…little drawers filled with fat quarters, baskets full of patterns and other delights – vintage suitcases with a variety of fabric cuts.  It was a joy to walk through here, and of course I had to pet everything.


More vintage love!


The Studio is where classes are held!


The Cottage across the parking lot!

The Cottage is a small retreat house set up for a few quilters  to gather for a long weekend getaway – it sleeps 4 and has 1500 square feet.  What could be better for retreating with friends when there is a quilt shop across the parking lot?

In addition to the Cottage, Quilt shop owners Beverly and Steve Allen own additional getaway B&B type  properties near by.  “The Log Cabin” is perfect for a romantic getaway for two.  

The Allens also offer a cottage known as “The Retreat” located in town about 6 blocks from Main Street.


Beverly and I in the center!

And now that it has been a few days I’m struggling to remember names.  The sweet gal  to the left of me was in my Tuesday workshop and the gal at the far right came to my lecture!  It was a fun visit to a great shop, and if you make it to Fredericksburg, be sure to make a stop and tell them Bonnie sent you!


On the home front:

It’s frozen outside.  Like – colder than Fairbanks Alaska frozen outside, and I’m not lying.

It took us 2 big bags of kitty litter on my driveway to get the van up to the top – the drive is a steep winding sheet of ice.

With the van now at the top of the drive, anything I want to go IN the van has to be walked up the sheet of kitty litter covered ice by me.

I am reluctant to go out!  But there is a post office run to make this afternoon ((Please warm up!)) and then I am headed to the cabin for the weekend.

I was told to WAIT to go to the cabin, because I might not be able to make it up the driveway there either ----so I am going later rather than sooner.

Really, what I’d really like to do is just go back to bed.

Maybe I will ---

Oh, and that Quilt-Cam I announced last night ---I wasn’t thinking clearly! ((of course, it was a travel day))  I don’t fly to Florida until next FRIDAY.  So I want to spend an extra day at the cabin ---which means I’m planning on WEDNESDAY evening for Quilt-Cam.

This was a long trip, and the Florida trip is even longer – so I need to grab my time off while I can.

We’ll do Quilt-Cam NEXT WEDNESDAY!

Have a great Friday, everyone ---stay warm!

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  1. Such a beautiful little quilt shop. Be careful on the ice, stay safe Bonnie.

  2. Anonymous9:42 AM EST

    Icy is never good. I never had luck with kitty litter. I put some down and ended up with a slippery muddy mess. I'll get a bag of safety melt for next time. My sidewalk is dangerous You enjoy your time off. It's hard to come by sometimes.

  3. The safetly melt did NOTHING. Too cold to melt, still couldn't get the van up the drive and I needed to do anything I could to get the van up..our drive is STEEP and winding.

  4. Woo Hoo! Wednesday night Quilt cam means I can catch you live instead of on you-tube! Be safe on the icy roads on your way to the cabin.

  5. Anonymous12:02 PM EST

    I visited One Quilt Place in October...it's a beautiful shop and retreat center! But there was a funny story to go along. We were in Texas for over a month with 2 weddings to attend, lots of friends to visit, and lots of quilt shops to find. As I went shop-hopping with a friend in San Antonio, we asked about other shops at a shop and said how about Fredericksburg? The shop owner replied, "There's 1 quilt place there." So we went on our merry way, and all the quilt shop owners told us "There's 1 quilt place in Fredericksburg," but no one was sharing the name...or so I thought. Finally I asked for directions. My husband and I found the shop on a day out by ourselves. As we were driving there, I told him about my adventure trying to find out the name of the "1 quilt place in Fredericksburg." We had a huge laugh when we pulled into the driveway and saw the name of the shop. I felt like I had been in the Abbott & Costello routine of "Who's on first." ;-) Sharon in VT

  6. I'm glad your trip included a stop at One Quilt Place. I drive through Fredricksburg when I make the trip from NM to see my Mom in San Antonio and I always plan a stop there. Leaving empty handed is never an option. LOL. Stay safe and warm and enjoy your time at home.

  7. Hoping for a Warm wind to melt all that ice by the time you arrive at the Cabin. Drive safe! Happy Quiltvilla time!!!

  8. sewinsusan3:24 PM EST

    Be very careful on the ice Bonnie! As you know it can be tricky. We had -30* here in Michigan today. A bit cold,lol! That was a nice quilt shop you showed, wish it was closer!


  9. Sharon in VT, your story tickled me and made me giggle. Thanks for the laugh.

    Bonnie I hope you climbed back in bed this morning. Be safe and take care of yourself and your family.

  10. I live in Fairbanks Alaska. Actually it is really nice here today, about 15 above. Who knew winter in Alaska would be nicer than the lower 48. lol

  11. Be ever so careful, Ice is so bad. Drive safe up to Quilt villa and enjoy a long weekend! Put your feet up, and take a nap! You deserve it!

  12. Missed this one when I was in Fredericksberg earlier this month. Will go after the move.


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