Tuesday, February 24, 2015

SNOW is a Beautiful Four Letter Word!

I slept through a silent, soundless night and awoke to this!

This is the view from my bedroom window…HOLY Snow Globe, Quilt Girl!  This was not in the forecast!

I was supposed to leave the mountain today ---I have appointments and plans for the rest of the week before flying out on Friday.

Uhhhhh---I can’t get off the mountain!  Not in Shamu, and not in weather like this! 

The mountain roads are winding, untreated, and a bit treacherous.  There are drop offs with no guard rails.

And even if I could make it off our mountain, there is no way to make it up the hill at Pumpkin Run, the road that leads to the highway back home.

I have heard reports of traffic accidents and stalls on the interstates as it is.

Some friends are leaving on a cruise today – and they are stuck in a bad mess somewhere down I-77 between here and Charlotte.

Old Man Winter – you are really getting on my nerves!


This is our ROAD!

There are several inches of powdery white stuff and it was still coming down when we came in from our walk.  Sadie was in heaven!

And I have to admit – my inner child came out to play and we had a good walk fluffing through the snow together.  I mean – what are you going to do when it snows like this?  Really??


Our neighbor in the distance..in his 4 wheel drive –much braver than I!


Oh Quilt Villa!  So happy we at least have water!


Sadie having a ball in the snow.


Are you coming in, Mom??


Just one more look at the side yard.


Over our retaining wall and down the road…

No, we are not going to be able to go anywhere.  Officially snowed in at the cabin.  And thank heavens I have a few more days in my schedule that this will work out just fine.

Temps are supposed to reach 40 tomorrow.  The Hubster, who is back at home due to his work schedule said he could come get me in the 4WD pickup tomorrow evening if things are still too bad for me to get the van down the mountain.  

I’ll be okay.

I have food, I have running water!  I have a snowed in cabin with WIFI!


And all the fabric a girl could want. 

And a batch of blocks to continue working on.

This MAY affect Quilt-Cam for Wednesday Evening.  I’ll let you know.  Hopefully if I get home at a decent time we can still do it, and then I have Thursday for tying up loose ends for leaving for Florida on Friday.

Enjoy your day, everyone!

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  1. Tip for changing out vintage sewing machines
    Put a small rubberband around the pins then you can more easily slip the sewing machine on to them.....of course you sacrifice the rubberband but it sure is easier to get that heavy machine lined up with both pins.
    Your snow is so pretty.

  2. Brenda Wilkinson, WL, BC8:54 AM EST

    A Keurig, netflix and a quilt to work on with a quiet companion. Sounds like heaven to me! Enjoy your day and be careful when you do come down the mountain.

  3. You don't have to be anywhere..so sit back and enjoy the view..a snowy view!

  4. S orry but it was -15 here this morning and we have many feet of snow. I just can't feel sorry for you. Thank goodness for fabric and thread. LOL! It has been a looooong winter here in the Northeast!

  5. Anonymous9:23 AM EST

    Bonnie,,, Please bring the sun and warm weather when you come to Florida on Friday.

    Pat Hume Paattt@live.ca

  6. Just stay put and enjoy your quiet time. Love the quilt that is on the design wall. What block is that?

  7. I'm right there with Material Girl. I am looking forward to Saturday...supposed to be 20. Even my dog doesn't want to go out and he's a Lab. Think of how many more blocks will be on that design wall by tomorrow! :) :) :)

  8. I always love the Sadie pics. Those snowed-in days can be gifts of much needed "me" time. Enjoy! I'm loving how your quilt is coming together. Another one for my growing list!

  9. You may not believe this but you are living one of my dreams...snowed in in a cabin in the woods! And with fabric and a sewing machine no less...hope you can just sit back and enjoy!

  10. I'm glad you got to enjoy an extra day sewing. Do take a few minutes and clear the light fluffy snow from your steps and your driveway & shamu; while it is light and fluffy. Once it crusts over, it is NO fun!!

  11. Had to cancel dad's appt for today. Too cold for an 89 year old to be out today. It was a minus 16 when we got up this morning

  12. Glad you have the option of staying put for another day! Enjoy and at least you have Florida to look forward too!

  13. WOW! It sure is beautiful, although inconvenient. Sounds like the perfect place to be stuck! Have fun during your forced being stuck time in your most favorite place to be.

  14. thankfully that snow didn't come our way! we have enough troubles with ice here from the last storm!
    Quiltvilla is the perfect place to be stranded! wish I were there with you!

  15. yeah, sent you some....LOL...but we still have plenty left and more coming end of week....

  16. Life gets so busy with so much to do in so little time! (Especially for an "Energizer Bunny" like you;-)It's SO FRUSTRATING when Mother Nature reminds you that you're not always in control! Once you wrap your head around the fact you're staying put you realize a "snow day" is a wonderful gift! Glad you have a buddy to share it with, food, water, fabric and ELECTRICITY! Enjoy the day! Everything else will fall into place!
    PS. Do I see a 4-wheel drive vehicle for you in the future?! haha!

  17. If you have to be stranded, it couldn't be in a more peaceful place. Enjoy!

  18. And here I thought I was lucky having the day off for jury duty! Enjoy your day. :-)

  19. Anonymous10:57 AM EST

    Bet you are glad your next stop is Florida!

    -Melinda E. in Los Angeles

  20. Old quilter11:17 AM EST

    Time to check out Subaru,

    Gotta agree though, if one is going to be snowed in, you have a great setup. It's a quilting day here too, minus 14 at 8:00 am

  21. I think Sadie and old man winter are in cahoots with each other, SJ just wanted ONE more day of mommie and me time! Stay safe girls!

  22. I know people are sick of the snow, but the pictures you posted are just beautiful. We don't get to see much of that kind of beauty here in California's central valley! I'm a little bit envious.

  23. I love this pattern

  24. A day like that? If we ever have snow again here in the west....A day for crockpot soup and sewing by the window. My idea of heaven :)

  25. Even though it throws a wrench in the works, that snow sure is pretty.
    I am so impressed with the blocks on your design wall. Love them!

  26. Snow is a Four-letter word. So is WORK! Glad you get the extra play day before heading back to work in the "real world" Sadie Jane is good company. I saw the weather today and thought of you.

  27. Anonymous1:08 PM EST

    Since I am officially retiring this coming April, I am looking forward to being snowed in next year. Have a great day sewing! Kids aren't the only ones who get Snow Vacations!

    Carole D

  28. OK ... I'm trying to feel sorry for you ... let's see ... snowed in at a cabin in "paradise" with your pooch, a sewing machine, WIFI, food and no one but yourself to worry about? Hmmmmmm....let me get back to you on that, okay? Glad you were SMART and didn't try and get out ... it could have been a nightmare! Things happen for a reason ... enjoy your extra day! Linda

  29. lol....check the forecast for Thursday! More on the way, so I hope you get off the mountain. Your views are beautiful.

  30. Stay snowed in!! I know you have things to do but if you can't get safely off the mountain until Thursday morning, the Universe is telling you to stay put and stitch. Enjoy!! Stuff will wait and so will QuiltCam.

  31. SNOW DAY!!! I still love snow days as much as the kids...especially if it's a day I should have been working, even though I don't get paid for them.

    Maybe instead of Shamu you need something with 4-wheel drive now that you spend time in the mountains...Suburban maybe. They have lots of room for quilting stuff.

    Enjoy!! See if you can find the Snow Day movie on Netflix. Perfect for the weather.

  32. Anonymous4:26 PM EST

    Hello from Australia! I cannot imagine how you in the U.S. cope with the winters you endure. It is summer for us now and here in Wagga Wagga (inland NSW, halfway between Sydney and Melbourne), we have not had a day below 80 degrees since it Christmas! Enjoy your spring/summer when it arrives.

  33. Anonymous4:29 PM EST

    Sorry left my email off my post. I'm Wendy in Australia, email is Wendy.criokeru@yahoo.com.au

  34. Anonymous4:31 PM EST

    Sorry left my email off my post. I'm Wendy in Australia, email is Wendy.croker@yahoo.com.au.

  35. Sorry that you have interrupted plans. It is a bug for sure. The up side is that the ground is being nourished, and life slows a bit. We have over 5 ft of snow in our yard, but spring will come. I guess we are all a little vexed with old man winter.

  36. Bonnie, enjoy the time you have it will be over soon, but be glad you only got a few inches, we got 14 1/2 inches on Friday Feb.20th and we still have 7 or 8 inches on the ground I haven't been out since the 14th. That is when we got our first snow. And I live between two tall mountains where if we do get sunlight it doesn't last long enough to melt anything. My mom's water is still frozen, and it is too cold to get anything un-thawed. But I keep telling myself it could always be worse, we could be without power. Sounds like you have what you need to spend another wonderful day of sewing. Oh wanted to give you another movie to watch on Netflix it is called Elsa & Fred, starring Shirley MaClaine & Christopher Plummer. Hope you have safe travel's for when you do come off the mountain. That is going to be one beautiful quilt on your design wall. Happy Stitching Markay

  37. Think you should have expected this to happen sometime. This is one snow we here on the blue ridge in Maryland didn't get. Thank Goodness,
    I was in for 10 days this past week from snow etc. Not as deep in the mountains as you. Enjoy your extra day for sewing.

  38. That is so beautiful. I wish people would stop and just enjoy nature. It is WINTER! It snows in Winter.

    Some of us never get to play in snow, don't have a day where we are given the chance to relax and not meet deadlines.

    Enjoy the gift!

  39. I love your snow pics. Somehow in the years to come i'm thinking that you will look back on this time with real pleasure and be grateful for time spent at Quiltville in the snow.

    p.s. you might want to consider adding www.weather.com to your list of helpful computer links.

  40. Welcome to my world Bonnie! I love being snowed in! It's my favorite time to sew. And bake! 😊

  41. Welcome to my world Bonnie! I love being snowed in! It's my favorite time to sew. And bake! 😊

  42. sometimes mother nature has to make us slow down and enjoy the moment...

  43. sometimes mother nature just makes us slow down and enjoy the moment

  44. Take this as a sign that you should rest and relax. forget about quiltcam, get done what you need to for you! So glad that you have water, electricity, food, Sadie and CLOTH!

  45. Sadie Jane seems to like the snow! I keep telling John, we COULD BE in Boston. Snow melts, sunnier days come and then WALLLLLLA Summer heat!

    I am enjoying the white stuff, and sewing up a storm of UFO finishing....

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  46. Lucky you! We have been deprived of our usual winter out west! Missing my snow.....I have a 4-wheel drive pickup that doesn't slow me down much!

  47. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. Now I bet you are glad the pump broke a few days ago! You won't be going through that problem alone and snowed in.

    Maybe time to look at something like a Honda CR-V that can switch to 4 wheel drive when needed? They can carry 5 people and plenty o' stuff. Or getting some chains for Shamu and ice cleats for you? Sounds like snow is part of your life now. Then you'd know you could anywhere, anytime!

  49. I love your quilt on the design wall. Glad you can work on things at the cabin. You have lots of snow. We in California want moisture of any kind. Hope you can make it out when you need to. I finished my Celtic Soltstice! Yippee! I love it so much. I have the Grand Illusion top done too. Now I am percolating on the back. I have lots of fun with my backs. Thanks for your wonderful patterns and inspiration to go scrappy. K-

  50. At least you have a beautiful spot, running water and power to be able to sew. If one must be snowbound those are essentials! Bonnie do you ever travel up my way (Maine)? I'd love to get into one of your classes! I suggest summertime for a visit as travel can get a bit unpredictable! Have a great day!

  51. Happy Sewing. Living in Florida means no snow but we have had a relatively cold winter as Florida goes. Had to drag out a coat and worn it lots. You can get a lot of blocks made. Thankfully you have all the comforts of home and even water!

  52. Anonymous6:50 AM EST

    It's what is called, in our family, a "Found Day"! A Found Day is a special treat, you are given permission by the Universe to do whatever your heart desires! Enjoy!! ijs

  53. So glad to see you and Sadie enjoying your morning walk! Stay calm and quilt on!

  54. As pretty as the snow looks I am so tired of this cold, cold and snowy weather Wish I was heading to Florida too.
    Love your quilt in the background.

  55. But the blocks are looking fabulous!!!!! Enjoy the peace and quiet of snow --- and then let it loose tomorrow!

  56. Anonymous9:29 PM EST

    do you want those three blues together in the middle?


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