Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sew, Joyce, Sew!

Quilters are resourceful wherever they go, but I really enjoyed Joyce’s story –inspired by her ability to make the best of any situation, and turn it around in giving for others.

Originally from Wisconsin, Joyce has been “living on the job” in California where her hubby is, living in a 5th wheel, and setting up her sewing in a car trailer.

“It has electricity, lights, and air-conditioning”, she says.  “What more do I need?”

Though lamenting the fact that her entire stash is home in Wisconsin, along with her long arm machine, this has also forced her to be inventive with small amounts of fabric she has accumulated while in California, making tops for charity.

I do not have the name or a source for her patterns, many of which can be made from simple strips, rectangles and squares.  I hope it will inspire you in the making of quilts for your own charity efforts, particularly that of the call for  Cover Colorado quilts from the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum in Golden Colorado where they are hoping to cover and cheer those who have lost so much.

RogueRiver_OR2013 122

Simple rectangles.  Very pretty!

RogueRiver_OR2013 124

Ribbon Twist

RogueRiver_OR2013 125

A great masculine quilt for a teenage boy!

RogueRiver_OR2013 126

Framed strips!

RogueRiver_OR2013 127

Loved this one! I think she called it Fire Escape!

RogueRiver_OR2013 128

Shaded Rectangles!

RogueRiver_OR2013 129
Framed rectangles!

I just love that while she is away from home, living on site that she has found a way to not only keep herself busy, but to enjoy it!  To get to know other quilters in the area, ((And find where the SHOPS are! LOL!))  and fill her soul while making quilts that cover others in need.

Perhaps her quilts will inspire you to put something together for Colorado? I hope so!

Joyce, it was so nice meeting  you!  Quilt on!

I am off this morning for a much needed oil change and check up for Shamu.

I am READY to do Quilt-Cam tonight!  Are you game?  Bring a project  --- I'm eager to be sewing! 9pm Eastern, See You There!

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  1. Wow, the lady is inspirational! I've added two more to my bucket list!

  2. Such great tops!!! I am thinking if she needs to downsize in her 5th wheeler, I would be pleased to accept "Framed Strips" ;)
    She must be a delightful lady! Thumbs up all the way around.

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  3. What a clever, resourceful lady! Hats off to her!!

  4. Bonnie, 9pm Eastern is 6pm here. I'm cooking at that time!

    1. That's what archives are for. I can't meet everyone's time zone needs, I have to live in my OWN time zone!

  5. We miss Joyce in Hayward, WI. She has always been a wonderful quilter and a great joy to have as a friend. We were lucky to have her in our guild.

  6. Quilters find a way all the time. There are actually tons of quilters in campers !

    We are in 24 ft RV I keep two machines there plus lap top beside me. I have several bins of fabrics under the bed. When I can I cut up 'kits' at the house. This year I quilted a large top for the fair on the picnic table with lake side view.. The quilt recvd a blue ribbon. our hobbies and passions dont stop no matter where we are !

  7. What an inspiration to all! We sew where and whenever we can. Great job, Joyce!

  8. Good for her. It is wonderful to see she is still going strong.

  9. Great work! I recognize Fire Escape as a Terry Atkinson pattern.

  10. Thanks for the inspiration-great patterns for simple and quick sewing but yet
    very memorable !

  11. Todo muy hermoso, cuanto trabajo!!! Saludos desde Costa Rica :)


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