Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Wednesday Blues

This girl is moving just a bit slow.

My lower back went out while up at the cabin ---I spent part of yesterday in therapy at the Chiropractors, followed by an adjustment.

I spent the afternoon resting, trying to find a place that was comfortable.

I slept okay, but I am sure stiff and sore this morning.

I am headed back to the chiropractor in a bit for another adjustment and a round of therapy – and then off to a much needed massage.

I can’t be walking like a pretzel!  I head to Dallas in the morning!

Sitting at the sewing machine is hard right now, treadling is uncomfortable on my back so it looks like Quilt-Cam will have to wait until I get home from Texas.  I’m bummed!  I wanted more time to work on the crumb strips, I am SO close to having the amount done that I need.

So while I don’t have much to share because I’ve been flat down ---Here is a lovely quilt to inspire by Rita C of Ireland!

She writes:

Hi Bonnie,
And hello from lovely sunny Ireland!  I have been a follower of all things Quiltville for some time now and I just wanted to show you a quilt I made from one of your patterns in your 'Leader/Ender' section.  I have decided to name it "Queen of Scraps" as a tribute to you and also because I reckon it is big enough to be a queen size quilt. 


 It finished up around 80" square.  The triangle border idea I got from a stash-buster idea on TQS and just brought the two together.  I did the quilt as a QAYG project and used my walking foot to do the quilting. 
I love this quilt and want to thank you so much for the free pattern from your blog and also for all your wonderful inspiration.

I was so disappointed that I was unable to make it to any of your classes at the International Quilt Festival of Ireland this year so I really hope that you will come back again someday.  (I know how busy you are because I looked at your teaching schedule - put the heart crossways in me just thinking about being booked up that far in advance,  can't imagine how you must feel!)


Kindest regards and many thanks,
Rita C.

 Isn't her quilt gorgeous?  All from a wide variety of scraps.  Four patches, half-square triangles,Strings in the border. Quilted in a quilt-as-you-go fashion in simple straight lines on her home sewing machine.  Yes, quilting a big quilt on a home machine is possible!  And it’s lovely.

Thanks for sharing your quilt with us, Rita!  Wishing you many more Quilty Happinesses to come!

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  1. hope you get your back in working order before you have to be sitting in airports and planes again - that won't be fun!

  2. Hope your back is backnin goodmworking order soon! Take care.

  3. Oh dear! I feel your pain Bonnie. Happens to me every so often. Have had two back surgeries so if I am not careful then I am in bed for several days till the spasms go away. We would never want quilt cam while you are in pain. I am making the crumbs strips too and I love them. Each one is a new work of art. Can't wait to see what you are doing with them.

  4. Hope you recuperate enough to be ready to fly tomorrow and perform at your Dallas gig. I hope to catch one of your classes some day.. as I said on fb I am praying for your back... will see you via quilt cam when you are able to :) Almost done hand quilting my queen sized throw.... should finish the quilting tomorrow and be ready to bind :) Kathi

  5. Hope your back feels better soon!

  6. Feel better, Bonnie! Rest up! I don't envy you and your travel plans, but I'm sure you will make it all happen. You are such a trooper! Be well!

  7. Please rest and feel better soon! I don't think my body could take your schedule as busy as you are every moment!

  8. So sorry to hear that you are hurting. Hope you feel better real soon!

  9. I hope you get feeling better quickly. For me changing to MBT shoes and stretching my back has eliminated chiropractic visits.

    You can't do this when you have strained your back but otherwise if you feel the twinge or achy start lay on the floor, pull your thighs to your chest and rock forward and backward and side to side. I hear a little pop and it is just like an adjustment. I most often have to do this in the morning as I think my posture in bed moves my spine out of alignment.

    I hurt my lower back twice 40 years ago and it is in the last three years using the MBT shoes and rocking/stretching that I have felt lasting relief.

  10. Hope your back is better before you take off for Dallas. Be sure to take a tiny little travel pillow along for the plane ride!

  11. Morning, I so do feel your back pain, my back goes out 1-2x a yr, This last time was March, I've had a herniated slipped disk, MRI, tried chrio, massage, physio,back brace support, and pain pills, muscle relax pills. I am so pleased I tried acupuncture for the 1st time, in July, several treatments later I'm as good as new. I'm able to sit and sew no pain. Among regular life things.
    I hope your back recovers soon.

  12. Beautiful quilt. Great name. Thanks for sharing.

  13. LOVE this quilt!! Get better quick! Love my chiropractor!

  14. I hope your back is better soon. Thank you for thinking of us even in your pain. Who else would write an entry on a blog when they are hurting?
    The quilt is lovely.

  15. Do you think your body is trying to tell you to slow just a tad!!!!!!!!!We will all wait for your quilt cams and be happy to do it when you are able!!!!!!

  16. I'm sorry to hear about your back! I hope you're back in fighting shape very soon. Travelling and hurting don't mix!

    P.S. Love the quilt!

  17. SO sorry about your back! Take good care, your body may be telling you something...

    How do you quilt-as-you-go this type of quilt? I want to do it! Please let me in on the secret, if it's a book, I'll buy it! GORGEOUS!! Thanks for sharing!

  18. I too suffer from a weak back, so I know how you're feeling. Hope it heals up quickly! At least you can walk so, that is something positive. :)

  19. Hope your back issue gets resolved soon Bonnie,there never is a good time to be down and out!

  20. Pretzels are only for eating!!!! I get like this also, and can agree it is not a fun situation.

    RELAX best you can, do what you are told by Dr. and know you are in my thoughts and prayers for comfort and relief.


  21. Oh man! So sorry to hear your back went out! I hope the therapy and adjustments work quickly. Time seems to be a factor with healing...but who has that?!

  22. Sorry your back is out of whack.
    It seems the older we get the more our bodies don't want to keep up!
    Take it easy and I hope you feel better soon.

  23. How did you put your back out? Don't want to repeat that process.

    Please rest and feel better soon! I don't think my body could take your schedule as busy as you are every moment!

    Take care, Carol

  24. kudos rita, it is wonderful!

  25. First yes Rita is is very wonderful! The colors are so vibrant and the quilting is awesome. Bonnie I will be in attendance tomorrow night so what can I bring you to help with your comfort level? An ice pack? A heating pad whatever you need let me know and it will be ther. So excited to get to your lecture at the Dallas guild and I will see you again later this year! Boy am I lucky or what? Let me know what you need!

  26. It is a hibiscus. In MD we call them Rose of Sharon. No smell, but lovely blooms!

  27. Sorry about your back pain. Get an MRI to really see what's going on. I suffered for 3 months before surgery fixed the problem. Good luck.

  28. Yes, lovely! I really like the quilting lines she did!

  29. Feel better Bonnie!
    Love the quilt and the quilting.


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