Sunday, September 01, 2013

Rain, Rain, Rain!

Yesterday was brought to you by the color BROWN!

The afternoon the sky opened up and just dumped itself all over our end of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

I mean…..it didn’t just rain…it was HOSING rain.  BUCKETS!  Cats & Dogs!

We have a large trash can on the side of the house, and it was full by the time the rain was done.

The Hubster wanted to go to town for some stuff, but when he got down the mountain, a guy stopped him and said the road was covered with water and it would be at least an hour or so before the run off slowed down and the road was crossable.

Where does the run off come from?

The creek that runs along the right side of the road, then crosses under the road through a culvert to the other side happens to be the direct path of water that flows over our water fall.

So instead of going to town, we went to the waterfall itself to see what was going on.

WOW!  It was running rampant and muddy brown….what a difference from when Mickey was here just a few weeks ago!

Needless to say, there was no going to town for me!  I stayed behind and sewed all day.  Isn’t that what Labor Day weekend is about?

And to go along with the muddy brown of the Buck Mountain Waterfall:

Cabin_August2013 076

My summer favorite!  A creamy brown rootbeer float…while sewing at my creamy brown two toned 301A!

There will be more of the same going on today – in fact we had a huge sleep in.  I can’t believe it’s 10 am already as I am writing this, but then again, that’s what Labor Day weekends are for too, right?  Naps and Sleeping and Eating and Sewing and just BEING with no stress.  Bliss!

Tonight there is a gathering of neighbors down at the pavillion for a BBQ of “Bring your own dinner” --- we may do it.  I’d like to meet more folks from the area.  But then again, I do like my away-ness as well.

I’ll keep you updated!

Remember, tomorrow morning, 7am Eastern Time.  Labor Day Yard Sale, here on the blog!

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  1. So pretty Bonnie even when it's running muddy!

  2. I think you should have a Quiltville sew-in at your cabin. Do you have room for about 5000 busy quilters?

  3. Don't step in a poodle. .................. OK I know ..........

  4. Anonymous2:38 PM EDT

    always good to meet the neighbors when you live somewhere the roads can go out...just sayin';)

  5. It's monsoon season in Las Vegas. Last week the chemicals used to put out the fire in the mountains were swept down with the floods and produced bubbles 5 feet tall! This was only a couple of blocks from our house. Enjoy your mtn. retreat this weekend. I'm going to relax with some hand applique.

  6. I sure wish you could send some of that rain to central Minnesota! We are soooooooo dry and the crops, lawns, trees, everything needs it so bad. We are tired of drought and it is scary too!


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