Thursday, September 12, 2013

Projects in “TIME OUT!”

Remember these beauties?

Oh GOODNESS, this is probably my most neglected UFO – I think I am even short a few blocks, but I wasn’t sure how to set them, I got busy with other things, lost my love ---

And put them in TIME OUT!

There are so many ways to set a quilt, but just putting these together block to block was too similar to another orange sampler quilt I’ve got.

Setting them on point with alternate blocks? No, I’ve done that to a quilt, and that really leaves wide open space that looks best with really fussy quilting.  I wanted something different than that.

But simple sashings and 9 patches looked pretty predictable too….and what to choose for sashing?

And then it hit me.

Or I tripped over it….

sowalong 014

Thank you Davidson County for another string-piecing-foundation book!!

This was waiting for me at the end of my driveway yesterday and I couldn’t help but notice that the smaller page size just might be perfect for…

sowalong 015

and I happen to have a whole giant tub of….

And how about we do something really folksy for the cornerstones like:

sowalong 016

Yeah, Baby!  Now this feels like a Bonnie Quilt!

String sashings and square in a square cornerstones!

But you know how it goes…..I have a MYSTERY to sew.  I already have ONE crumb strip project going.  Just HOW do I think I’ll find the time to work on these puppies?  ((It’s hard to tell in the photo, but those cornerstones have solid black triangles.  I like how they look!))

Too many quilts, too little time…..but what a way to go!

You can find the block tutorials over on Randy’s blog HERE.  I really enjoyed making them, plan to catch up and finish them all, and get this quilt to completion….when I can!


For those that ordered “Devoted to Scraps” from me….I have tracking numbers PROMISING they will arrive on my doorstep on Friday, so they can go out to you on Saturday so I can go to Oregon on Sunday –this is my crazy life!

I know we sold more than the first order so while in Texas I placed a second order because those moved so fast.   They should arrive while I am in Oregon, and I will mail those out upon my return ---thank you for your understanding.  My supplier was OUT, and I had to go to another distributor and get them drop shipped.  They are on their way.

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  1. Love the way your setting your blocks. I especially like the look of the cornerstones!
    As you say...not enough time...but what a way to go.

  2. I've been struggling over how to set my Barristers Blocks too. I recently discovered a Tula Pink Modern block Sew along site and a sample shown there provided the setting inspiration I needed. But I need to finish my Lazy Sunday and 2 other WIP's first😃

  3. How funny! I got a new phonebook in the mail this week too and thought - now what can I make with this. I used to just put them in a recycle bin. Now I recycle them in my sewing room. Love the way you're setting your blocks.

  4. amazing how much better I like those blocks now. screamed too much cheddar before. woohoo!

  5. I love this set up!!! Aren't scraps so much fun. Imagine if you had made these in BORING (aka normal fabrics) that were matchie-matchie. What would happen if you didn't like that fabric as such any more, or you couldn't get enough to finish the quilt top etc?

    Keep scrapping Bonnie --- "you are good at it" and of course, we should do what we are so good at, shouldn't we? lol


  6. I love this setting for the Barrister's SAL blocks, Bonnie. Those square-in-a-square cornerstones just pop amid the scraps with the black outer square. Genius!

  7. It amazes me how we as quilters can stress over settings or borders for days or weeks, imagining every possibility. Then suddenly it smacks us right up in our face (or we trip over it, lol), the perfect option that never even crossed our mind before! I think you found a great setting, especially the black square in a square cornerstones.

  8. My choice would have been a dark burgundy solid or small print to give your eyes a place to rest between the busy blocks. Or maybe a creamy tone on tone or single shirt print to let the blocks shine. Notice how many people comment that they like the cornerstones.

  9. Ever inspired you are Bonnie! The string pieced sashing and on point cornerstones make the blocks just sing!! Way to go. Safe travels to Oregon. Hugs, Allison in North Texas

  10. Bonnie!!! You just have to pop over to my blog and see the quilt I am finishing up...great minds think alike, LOL!!! I love your cornerstones, they are perfect!!

  11. Awesome way to figure out how to set these blocks! My Dear Grand-daughter used my phone book to color in a couple Sundays ago. I asked her mother why she didn't go in the toy room and get a "real" coloring book and she told me, "you aren't going to call any of those people in that phone book anyway". I had to laugh at her Mom of 4 logic!

  12. Bonnie , thank you for the reminder that I need to finish my blocks for this quilt. I have 6 more to complete. I'm going to the sewing room right now to get them going. Thanks again. Love your setting idea, but will be doing mine another way.

  13. Wow! Your plan for that sampler quilt really looks great!What an inspired idea.

    I really sympathize on the subject of not enough time to sew what you want to sew. I struggle with that ALOT.

    Good wishes for your next trip.

  14. Wow what a cool setting! although even for you it is kinda busy..... I LIKE the cheddar! What about a tiny cheddar sash BEFORE the strings???? I know, easy for me to say, I'm not the one trying to find the time!!!
    You are as always SUCH an inspiration to me - THANK YOU for all you do!
    -Maria in Tucson
    (PS - I am counting days until you get here in February!)

  15. Bonnie - I really like the idea of putting the blocks in time out. I tend to put mine on a shelf til they've "aged properly".
    :-) I like the look of the scrappy sashing with the square in a square cornerstones, but the blocks seem to disappear by doing that. What if you add a narrow dark border around the blocks to set them off a little?? Just a thought. Thanks so much for your blog, I love it!

  16. Love the cornerstones! And I love the "projects in time out" idea. I have way too many quilts in time out!

  17. I would add a narrow sash or three around the blocks with a black, nuetral, solid then follow with your strings and cornerstones and add a pieced back and wow your magic happens again. I love the mix. You are such an inspiration.

    1. Maybe just one narrow black sash to frame the blocks so the edges of the blocks don't moosh into the pieced sashings.

  18. Phone books NEVER go in the recycling at my house any more. The old ones go to my sewing room of course! Sewing room = the "other" recycling facility.

  19. Yep, sometimes you just lose the mojo for a project & you just need a little inspiration to get that fire roaring again. Looks like you did just that! It's going to look awesome!

  20. I love the sashing idea you've come up with, but I think I would like to add a thin strip of black around each block to seperate the block from the sashing. That's my humble opinion. Love, love, love the cheddar!

  21. Ack!! I just threw my old phone book into the recycling bin! What was I thinking??! I must have an extra one somewhere that I can pounce on while I'm reminded of what good foundation paper they make!! Glad to follow you Bonnie.

  22. This is becoming a real Bonnie quilt. I love it. Love to see your identity in it :-)

  23. Thank you so much for sharing the inner gyrations of your design process! I have some blocks in "time out" too, LOL! Safe travels for you in my prayers.


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