Sunday, September 29, 2013

Antiquing Day in the Blue Ridge!

This was the view of the beautiful trees as I descended Buck Mountain and headed toward West Jefferson, NC with an antiquing road trip on the agenda.

The leaves are turning!  The air smells so wonderful – I had the back windows cracked down for Sadie, and the sun roof open for me.

Maybe I was a day late, but I didn’t know it when I started out.

I was at my SECOND Antique place before I saw the flyer for the West Jefferson Antiques Festival downtown!  Oh my goodness!

It started on Friday – and all the *GOOD* stuff was probably long gone, but you know what? I wouldn't have missed two days of treadling on my patio looking at the beautiful view of the Blue Ridge Parkway in the distance for anything.  At least I was getting in on the second day of it!

cabin_Sept2013 071

We stopped here!  Antiques on Main….

cabin_Sept2013 076

With Quilts on the Brain! Ha!

cabin_Sept2013 079

And I wasn’t disappointed!  LOVE this Thousand Pyramids quilt with its extra thick batting and primitive quilting.

cabin_Sept2013 080

Close up of fabrics – wouldn’t it be great to do this in recycled shirt prints, throwing in some indigos and reds and shirtings?

cabin_Sept2013 082

1880 Churn Dash--

This is an old top that was more recently quilted, it had poly batting and a poly blend broadcloth backing.  But LOVE those fabrics!

cabin_Sept2013 083

1940s Ocean Waves!

cabin_Sept2013 084

mid 1800’s Hovering Hawks….this one was pretty shredded, but the fabrics were gorgeous!

cabin_Sept2013 085

Close up of one block, all points intact!

cabin_Sept2013 086

I really like this frame-and-sashing setting.  And the half blocks on the edge!

cabin_Sept2013 087

A blue and gold churn dash.  Another setting I like!  On point, and sashed.

cabin_Sept2013 088

Close up of one block – love those indigos!

cabin_Sept2013 089

1940s radiant star!  The prints in this one are so splashy!

cabin_Sept2013 090

Love the prints mixed with solids.

cabin_Sept2013 077

And I spotted this!  It HAD to come home with me!

cabin_Sept2013 123

It is now living  in the kitchen at the cabin over the door to the powder room!

cabin_Sept2013 130

And I picked up THESE because I love old irons that are heavy, not plastic, and have no auto shut off!
I love the yellow one!  It was $2.99 and the black one was $1.99

How do I know these are the real deal?  Because they say things like “Acetate, Dynel” “Acrylon-Creslan” “Dacron-Fortrel-Codel” “Lurex-Arnel-Triacetate” on the yellow one and “Acrylics-Acrilan-Creslan-Orlon-Zefran” and “Silks-Polyesters-Dacron-Fortrel-Kodel” and “Nylons-Antron-Caprlan-Triacetates-Arnel” on the black one. 

Do we even HAVE these fabrics anymore?  I’m getting visions of  the dress I wore to prom one year, it was made of Quiana!  Slinky stuff!  And those disco shirts and leisure suits…lol!

There are more photos to edit down and upload – I haven’t even posted ANYTHING from the outdoor festival yet, but I want to spend my last day at the cabin sewing, so be watching for those in tomorrow’s post.  I took several pictures of some really cool vintage sewing machines, so look forward to those tomorrow as well.

Tonight when I get home, I’ll be drawing the name for the winner of our Lily Ashbury give-away!  Have you entered?

Some have asked why they can’t see ALL the comments.  We are up to 712 comments, all of which *I* can see – but Blogger will only let readers scroll back through the first 200.  I don’t know the answer to that one, if anyone knows how to change it so they are ALL visible to everyone, let me know, okay?  So if you can’t see your comment post, don’t worry – it’s there and I can see it!

But for today – I plan on enjoying more of this:

cabin_Sept2013 129-001

Love from Buck Mountain ---

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  1. lovely antique quilty finds bonnie....

  2. Love the quilts and the views! Thanks for sharing with us all Bonnie.

  3. That sky looks surreal. You and Sadie enjoy your last day of stitching outside--for this week at least!

  4. If I were Bonnie and had a weekend at Quiltvilla at the end of September, what would I be doing? Sewing on? Um....I expect I'd be working on an upcoming mystery!! Which if I read correctly on FB is exactly what you are doing! :D I must finish Easy Street so I can play along in November. Enjoy the rest of your day there. Sounds like you and Sadie had a lot of fun together.

  5. Wish I were here. We used to go to Franklin, NC all the time. The thing I like best about antique quilts is they always get me out of my color matching box. They put fabrics and colors together which I would probably regard as YUK at the fabric store. I love the color inspiration I get from old quilts.

    1. My thoughts exactly! Quilters of yesteryear showed much more freedom in what they put next to what and where. Perhaps it is because they worked from more limited scrap bags which forced them to make choices from what they had -- -without a whole quilt shop at their fingertips to even THINK about being matchy matchy!

  6. Have a wonderful relaxing Sunday Bonnie!

  7. So interesting to see how people put their blocks together, the different sashing and settings. I love seeing all the stuff you find at antique shows.

  8. Thanks, as always! Just enjoying your life, with you (sigh), and I am quilting/sewing, today, as well!

  9. What lovely quilts, especially the Thousand Pyramids.
    And I remember Quiana all too well as I'd ordered a wedding dress, for a wedding that didn't happen, and would 'visit' it when it was displayed in the store window afterwards, 1976. What WAS I thinking? Both on the dress, and on the intended marriage, lol, so thankful it didn't happen.The dress was lovely though, and that was then and fashionable.

  10. Enjoy your day sewing in peace and solitude {with Sadie:)} Julie

  11. Loved the quilts and the irons but look at the purple in the sky!! Oooo.

  12. Great find. Beautiful quilts. Wonderful view from the cabin. Enjoy your last hours in paradise,

  13. I wanna know how many quilts and tops went home with you??? AND THAT VIEW!!!!! WOWZERS!!! enjoy every minute of it--will you be at the cabin in the Winter if you are not on the road? I look forward to your pictures--thanks for sharing! *~*CAROLE*~*

  14. You have the best luck finding old quilts! Someday - oh my list!!! - I am going t do one of the small pyramid quilts.

    I love your sign. It is a Pa Dutch saying!!! We had one in our other house.

    Have fun, snuggle with Sadie you know she loves that.

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  15. Ack Bonnie I have that cross stitch in aqua! I got it with other unframed pieces last year at our church yard sale! Getting my Dad to make a frame for it. I plan to hang it over the door in my sewing room!

    1. I love old stitcheries! Get that framed and hang it, girl!

  16. That stitchery would have come home with me too! Grandma had it hanging in her kitchen! I never understood it as a little girl... but totally get it now! What a fun weekend for you!

  17. Just another day in paradise! THanks for sharing. So much to be inspired by! Have a wonderful week.

  18. LOL Bonnie. I so want a Quiana dress because they were slinky and flowy. But they were pricier too, so I think I had to settle for regular double knit. Thanks for the memory nudge.

  19. Beautiful quilts and the colors are just great in them! Thanks for sharing.

  20. Seems like a nice day out. What a pretty little hovering hawks quilt, I like that sashing too. Happily you found a nice souvenir and décor for your cabin, and two nice irons as well. Happy weekend!!

  21. What fun! Thank you for sharing your adventures. The last photo looks like a painting!!

  22. Lovely quilts and what a view!

  23. Thanks for sharing! I sure wish we had antique stores here. ...but I spen my day working a gone fishin quilt for my grandson. A bit of embroidery, appliqué, and piecing. Can't wait for Christmas. Also finished the grand kids Halloween costumes so that I can deliver next weekend when we go for their mom's birthday! I am so blessed. ...and you blog helps it stay blessed.

  24. The blue and "gold" churn dash MAY possibly blue and "cheddar?" I have the yellow iron and just love it!

  25. I HAD that yellow iron! I think it was the late '70's, and I would love to have it back. I have gone through three irons in the last two years - good brands too - and they don't last but that old one was around for years and years; it probably finally died in the mid '90's. What great antique stores you find, there are few around my town and they never have wonderful old quilts. Thanks for the tour.

  26. I still carnation pink /turquoise embroidery thread quilt squares my mother an her friends started embroidering their names on and added a flower , back in 1943 ? Not sure anyway I found them 20 years ago and have tried to make a quilt out of them. I was going to add similar blocks to it so I gave a block to various members Of my mothers family and they all returned them , but life goes on and needless to say they are lost somewhere hopefully in a box. Looking at these antiques has made me NEED to find them. But will have same problem. THE colors are bad bad bad how do I get around them???

  27. Talk about "pressing matters" . . . Those are some serious irons!! Nothing travel sized about them. Happy pressing and thank you for documenting your finds at the antique malls/stores. I can always count on you for a much needed "fix". Hugs, Allison


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