Friday, September 20, 2013

Three girls on a Road Trip!

Yesterday was a day of getting me from place to place.  My cohorts, Karen and Gerri gathered me and my bundles of stuff, loaded me into the SUV and off we headed ---but before we left town there was a bit of wandering to be had!

Days had been busy driving from Grants Pass down to Medford for two days of classes. 

We left early on class days, and returned too late for any antique wanderings to happen ---so we decided to hit an antique mall in Grants Pass --- ready to be there right at 10am when they opened for business. 

And THEN hit the road north – making it back to Roseburg by lunch time.

I’m game for that!

RogueRiver_OR2013 185

Old Town Antique Mall!

The beautiful summer flowers are just on their last legs.  Starting to look tired – just waiting for the first frost to call it good night for the winter months. 

RogueRiver_OR2013 169

Beautiful beaded handbags!

Some of these were so small – I think all you could fit in them would be a lipstick and a nickel for a phone call.  But SO beautiful!

RogueRiver_OR2013 179

We wandered the aisles, checking out vintage linens and beautiful glassware always in search of that ONE perfect thing that would just have to come home.

RogueRiver_OR2013 180

Maybe we’ll find it around THIS corner?

RogueRiver_OR2013 174

Oh My!!  Look at the hand quilting on this beauty!

RogueRiver_OR2013 175

I love this…three points with orange!

RogueRiver_OR2013 176


This was definitely a meager scrap bag project.  All of the stars are scrappy….but the quilting is so exquisite.  Doesn’t it make you wonder about the maker?  No matter how little she had, her work is spot on with no mismatched points, no primitive elements anywhere other than the fabrics she used to make this lovely quilt.

RogueRiver_OR2013 177

Love it!

It made me wonder what I would do with a limited collection of scraps ---she certainly treated these meager bits with class and charm.  Oh, I wish I knew who she was and the story behind this quilt.  It didn’t come home with me ---but I am sure someone will swoop it up in no time.

RogueRiver_OR2013 165

THIS I would have taken home but it didn’t fit in my luggage!

I have never seen a parlor cabinet quite like this one.  I almost missed it as a sewing machine except for the needlepoint covered foot pedal down below.  Look at all those drawers!

RogueRiver_OR2013 168

It’s almost worn away, but I bet it was lovely in its day ---can’t you see little vintage feet just working away on it?

RogueRiver_OR2013 166

We lifted the lid and the machine is down inside.

I tried to lift it, but it didn’t want to budge, and I wasn’t going to force it.

This machine looks to be a 3/4 size.

RogueRiver_OR2013 167

The right side panel opens up to reveal where the belt would be hidden.

If only I didn’t live across country!  This is the FIRST of this kind of cabinet I have seen!

RogueRiver_OR2013 171
White Rotary with Embossed design.

This was a neat one too, although electric.  Isn’t the embossing pretty?

RogueRiver_OR2013 172

It’s usually the silver bobbin area cover that goes missing…and this one has it there!

It would be a great machine for someone just starting to get into vintage machines.

RogueRiver_OR2013 170

There was also a 301 – but the price was about $300 which I thought was way too pricey --

Further up the road we went, stopping in Roseburg for lunch and heading farther with our destination planned ---Pandora’s Box in Cottage Grove!

RogueRiver_OR2013 193
Retail Therapy and Stash Enhancement in progress!

This is Gerri – what a fun gal!  Karen is around someone still pawing through bolts :c)

There were even a couple of machines in the shop d├ęcor…look:

RogueRiver_OR2013 192

This one was made by National and was on top of a cabinet!
See the round access cover at the top of the pillar?

RogueRiver_OR2013 191

Fiddle base Singer!

I think this is a model #12 due to the low body, but I’m not sure.

RogueRiver_OR2013 195

One slide plate missing, but the shuttle and bobbin are there!

Considering this is an 1880s model, that’s pretty amazing.

RogueRiver_OR2013 199

My purchases!

I picked up the vintage iron for $13.00 at the Old Town Antique Mall in Grants Pass.  The stash fabrics came from Pandora’s Box!

It was a great road trip with a couple of new-found friends.  Memories made, laughs shared ---

RogueRiver_OR2013 197

We topped the night off with a lecture with the Emerald Valley Quilters of Eugene, Oregon!

RogueRiver_OR2013 198

I took these pictures as we were being called to our seats to start!

Lots of folks were still milling around back at the library and the various tables, by the time we started there was not an empty seat to be found.

This is an exciting, vibrant group and the show and tell was awesome.  I’ll be teaching a workshop here tomorrow – but today, I get to rest and sew and take a day off!

Love from Eugene ---

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  1. Loved that you shared your antique trip. The quilt was awesome. On the machine you could not lift.... The botton by the door you show open is what you push to bring the machine up while holding onto the machine. Nifty idea, huh?

  2. I love that cabinet with the belt and stuff inside--too bad I live too far away, too! thanks for sharing your trip with us --I hope you have extra time here when you come out this way!

  3. I LOVE Pandora's Box! I live in Eugene, but I shop there whenever I can. There is nothing in that store that I wouldn't love a chunk of! :)

  4. Love those machines, especially the parlor cabinet! I recently bought a 201P for $70 (Aust) sews great and I got a zigzag attachment in your labour day yard sale:) fun, fun, fun. I also found a Singer 66 in one of those cabinets with three draws each side, just like my grandmothers. Brings my machine total to 6, my DH thinks that's enough! Maybe I'll just look at photos on the net from now on, costs less. Thanks for sharing Bonnie.

  5. Loving all the antique machines. I have two featherweights and a treadle - I'd have more if I had the money, and more importantly, the space.

    We were in the Eugene area in June, and loved it. Be sure to check out Somthing to Crow About, a lovely quilt shop in next-to-Eugene Springfield.

  6. Ha,

    A good thing I don't live too near that antique store; I would have bought that quilt.

    Looks like it is a wedding gift quilt with the wedding bands and the hearts.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures with us.
    Carole Y. from Canada

  7. I used my Singer 301 last night to put on a border. I purchased a walking foot for it (slant needle) and love it. I paid $15 for it at an Estate Sale. I named it "Mi Bonnie"

  8. OMG! I collect the old mesh and beaded purses. Those were amazing!! I feel the need to go to Ebay.

  9. Lucky for you that you live across the country. I could see you buying many of those items and stuffing them into Shamu. I do like that quilt, though...

  10. love to read your travel related posts...lucky me i get to go with you varicariously...and in my pjs....LOL

  11. What a great idea! A fabric store connected to an antique shoppe selling all things sewing related! What a fun business but a lot of work.


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