Sunday, September 08, 2013

Winner Winner, Quiltmaker Winner!

Sitting in my little hotel room in Abilene…this is the funniest thing.

You know you are in West Texas when the hotel WiFi is wimpy, but you get a GREAT signal from the Lowes guest wifi up the block!

Gotta love it!

Any WiFi port in a storm, as they say  ---

This drawing was a bit hard to do, because I would draw someone ---and then find they had no way to contact them.  No email address linked to their profile or in their comment, which meant I had to draw AGAIN.

Next time remember --- if I can't reach you, you can't win.  Sorry folks, that's the way it is!

And on to our winners!

Come on down, BETH!!


Congrats Beth!  I have sent you an email, please get back to me with your snail mail address so I can get this in the mail to you!

And…….come on down,  SHERI!!


Oh Sheri, you are so funny!!  I've got a ways to go on my crumb strips yet, so just keep sewing girl, just keep sewing!  It may be a while before the world sees what we are doing with these :c)  Please get back to me with your snail mail address also…I’ll mail this ASAP to you.   Hope your hubby is doing better!

Congrats ladies!

I’m off in a few to go meet the gals from the Abilene Quilters Guild!  Another day, a new city, a new group of fun waiting to happen! 

It’s been a nice morning off…I actually threw on the running shoes and took an hour long power walk before it got too hot to continue.  I've showered and tackled some stuff on the must do list ---I am using my air miles to bring my dad here to NC to spend Thanksgiving with us at the cabin this year ---it felt so good to be able to do that for him.  Can’t wait.

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  1. How nice to be able to spend time with your Dad at Thanksgiving and show him your cabin.

  2. That is awesome about your dad. That will be such a great Thanksgiving celebration.

  3. How nice that you can give that gift to your Dad. I'm sure it will be a fantastic visit at the cabin. Enjoy!!!

  4. GREAT and HAPPY news about your dad coming for Thanksgiving ... it was my dad's favorite holiday of the year ... he loved the big turkey feast and the football games. Would so love to be able to spend another one with him again ... ENJOY!! Linda

  5. Awe, so nice you still have a Dad. Sure miss mine.

  6. Anonymous4:48 PM EDT

    Congrats Beth and Sheri!

  7. Thanks Bonnie! I've sent my snail mail address! Glad you get to spend the holiday with your dad. I miss mine every day.

  8. Congratulations to the lucky winners.

  9. I think that I stayed at that same hotel last time I was in Abilene!!

  10. Yes love your dad while you can i miss mine so much you are lucky n we love you Bonnie must make you feel good to know so many love you n your wonderful work love you Bonnie Thanks for all you give us love you Debbie Kelly

  11. Congrats to the winners!! The BIG winner is your Dad -- so glad your frequent flyer miles will bring him to the cabin to celebrate Thanksgiving with you. It will be here before you know it! Safe travels my friend, Allison in North Texas

    1. Anonymous2:13 PM EDT

      Hey Allison, I should have known I would see you in some of Bonnie's pictures. I met you in March at "The Barbaras Betsy Retreat"

  12. thank you for the win I needed a little good news this week. Sorry ladies but sure am glad I got picked for this.. Woot woot.. And I am so glad that you are getting to spend time with your dad for Thanksgiving. I usually travel with friends to Amish country in Ohio and let the world slow down a bit before the holidays. But I have marked my calendar for the new mystery quilt can't wait to try one this will be my first...
    "Lady in Blue"

  13. Anonymous2:12 PM EDT

    As someone who I am sure also would come up no email address I have to wonder.... you have told those who have blogs how set their settings to show email.

    I have no blog and each time I make a comment the Google account takes over.... and originally I put in my Google email address.... so why is it you can't "see it"?

    No doubt once I get it figured out, it will change again, but still wondering.

  14. Hmmmm, Do I have an open ID....I'm not sure. Will have to check.


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