Monday, September 02, 2013

Evening Edition, Free Kindle Book ((From a Quilting Author!))

This is really exciting!

I received an email from Kristine Rolofson to let me know about a free ebook she has over at Amazon right now!

I finished the latest book I’d been reading, so I was very excited to find something sweet and easy to fill my late evening hours while up at the cabin.

She writes:

Hi, Bonnie--
I'm a longtime quilter (forty years!) and I love reading your blog every day.  Thanks for everything you do for quilters! 

I'm a writer, too (for 30 years) and have written many, many romances for Harlequin. 
My newest one is a free ebook (part of a Harlequin promotion), and I know how you like free ebooks! 

It's set in a small town, is part of the HEARTWARMING series (sweet, family-oriented stories) and even has a quilt show in the third chapter.  :)
I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy reading about your travels and your quilts!
Kristine Rolofson

How nice!  I asked her if I could share it with my readers and she said yes, of course!
Book Description:
Turning bachelors into Casanovas, one cowboy at a time.
Meg Ripley may run the local diner, but she has never been one to get involved in the small-town craziness of Willing, Montana. Now suddenly she's entangled in it?
In addition to harboring a pregnant runaway, she's been enlisted to transform scruffy bachelor cowboys into husband material for a reality dating show. Including her ex-boyfriend, and the only man she's ever allowed herself to love, Owen MacGregor.
Owen is still devastatingly handsome, and the passion between them hasn't faded with time. Unfortunately, neither have the issues that drove them apart. But that doesn't mean Meg is ready to turn him into the perfect man for someone else!
Because despite their past, Meg suspects that Owen is still the one.

 It’s still running as free as I write this post, I just checked – so head on over there and grab yourself a copy.
cabin_aug2013 003
We bid farewell to QuiltVilla late this afternoon.
It will be a couple of weeks before I can make it back up there again.
The sign over the side door that leads into the kitchen says There’s No Place Like Home.  And more and more the cabin IS feeling like home to me.  Can’t wait to send some more time up there.  And it is SO NICE that I can get there in 1.5 hours.  Or get home here in the same.  It’s a short jaunt up the road, but a world away.
For those who have been busy with our Labor Day Yard Sale…I hope you’ve had a good time!  If you haven’t checked back since this morning, there are more folks who have joined up to link their blog full of wares to mine!  Click HERE to give the list a browse!
After my arrival home I found I had sold out of most everything.  There are a few cutter quilts and a couple books left.
I did find 4 more Summer Breeze Charm Packs…so if you were looking for those and fearing they were sold out, there are 4 more up for grabs…but I bet they will go fast at $5.00 each! Head to my Etsy shop to snatch those up.
Tomorrow I’ve got a very exciting QUILTMAKER MAGAZINE Give-Away – be sure to check back, you won’t want to miss it.
As for now…it’s unpack the car, start the laundry and get ready to work an extra short but busy week.  Thursday – I’m off to DALLAS!!  Saturday night…OFF TO ABILENE!  I hope Texas is ready for me, because I am certainly ready for them!

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  1. The Husband School...
    Nook has it free also.
    I found most of the time when you let us know about a Kendal book you can also get it from Nook.

  2. Dallas and surrounding burbs are awaiting your arrival! I cannot wait!

  3. Thank you for the Kindle free book link! Love reading your blog...your mountain retreat is a perfect getaway.

  4. Bonnie - thanks soooo much for the Linky Yard Sale today ! I sold a huge stack of books that needed new homes. You are the Oprah of the quilt world - linking to your blog drives my reader numbers WAY WAY up - I think today was the most readers my blog ever had !

    Thanks again - I hope you'll do Yard Sales again from time to time - maybe every month is too much, just do one when you think of it and want to - thanks much!! Kate

  5. There's also an excellent (and free) book, "An Untamed Land", by Lauraine Snelling.

    Glad you had a relaxing weekend, Bonnie!

  6. thanks for sharing Bonnie! This will be the first book that I will be reading on this new-fangled thing that is my Galaxy tablet. lol

  7. Thanks for hosting the Yard Sale linky party! It's been a nice success, still a few items left on the Etsy shelf.

  8. Bonnie, thanks for posting the link to the free book & I hope you hd a wonderful weekend at the cabin!

    Kristine, in case you stop by, thank you too for the free book! I went searching for your website to check out your backlist. You should really get yourself a website of your own! A facebook page or an author's page at your publisher isn't enough. There are people like me who won't join facebook and a publisher's site doesn't tell all the useful information, like backlist order. I was able to find your backlist on other sites. It looks like this free book is the prequel to 2 you have coming out soon. Is that right? Also, in your boot and booties series, does every hero become a dad?

    1. Anonymous2:01 PM EDT

      I'm so glad you have the free book! I do have a website, www.kristinerolofson.com, that my wonderful daughter in law designed for me. It has links to the backlist. And yes, THE HUSBAND SCHOOL will be followed in Dec. by THE HUSBAND PROJECT and in March with THE HUSBAND SHOW. I love Montana. :)

  9. Thanks for the Husband School link - I downloaded it and and spent a rainy afternoon reading about half!

  10. thanks for the link - it's still working!
    enjoy TX - and enjoy coming home 8-)

    1. Anonymous2:02 PM EDT

      TheaM--the free link should work for 2 months, thanks to Harlequin's promotion of the novel. Hurray!

  11. I was delighted to see your cabin. I have a little one too, but mine is on the Northumberland Strait in Nova Scotia. It is a 35 min drive for me, but a world away from the forest where I live. There are some places that are just good for the soul. I hope this is one of those for you


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