Thursday, September 05, 2013

Hopelessly Devoted To Scraps!

Another little envelope from Quiltmaker magazine arrived in my mailbox yesterday----

I tore into it with wild abandon!  My mailbox has been FULL of great news over the past few weeks!

Devoted to Scraps is a brand new book brought to you by Quiltmaker Magazine and the folks at Leisure Arts!  And I‘ve  got a quilt included!

A year ago while walking in downtown Williamsburg, VA, Quiltmaker's Editor in Chief, June Dudley and I had a little conversation of what we might include in a future book, but I had filed it in the back of my mind...WAY BACK..until it showed up at the end of my driveway.

I quickly thumbed through the lovely glossy pages, delighted with the sweet aroma of new ink with oohs and ahhs…I  am absolutely over the moon with the quilt on the cover, aren’t you?  This is Fandango by Karen Griska.

The back page says it all about the contents of this little 64 page book:



Discover how easy it is to gather and use all your fabric leftovers in these creative projects from Quiltmaker.

Thirteen scrappy patterns, ranging from wall-size to king-size, are sure to fire up your creativity and inspire you!

**Ahem!**  Just who’s quilt do you think they are referring to as KING SIZE?! Look at that bit of Blue & White in the upper right hand corner of the back cover!

quiltmaker 032

Lady of Lake Erie!
((You know how I love blue and white quilts ALWAYS!))
Quilt Size: 110” X 110”

I seriously forgot about this quilt in my quilt-stash!  Isn’t that terrible?   I think it needs to come out of the closet and go live at the cabin until I get the new quilt made for that king-sized bed!

What else is included?

Meet Me at the Manor by Connie Walker

Cactus Cluster by Margot McDonnell

Winding Road by Janet Mednick

Rosie Posies by Theresa Eisinger

And more, so much more! 13 great scrappy patterns in all.

I am also excited to be adding Devoted to Scraps to my Quiltville Bookstore.

This means that those of you who have been WAITING for a new book so that you could order a single seam guide can now order BOTH!

I return home from Dallas and Abilene on Tuesday – orders will start shipping Wednesday!  Click HERE to order.

And as always, book orders of 3 or more books ship free within the USA.

And with that – this crazy quilt-girl is on her way to Dallas!  Be watching for my updates from there. Smile

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  1. Way to go, Bonnie! Love all those HST's!!

  2. oh my gosh, that looks awesome! I will have to order when I get my next paycheck! Yay!

  3. These quilts are looking awesome It will be my goodness If I will use your quilts in the Laura Blair Villas because She has very good and luxury villas.

  4. My heavens girl you are always on the go. I don't know how you find the time to accomplish all you do.

  5. Will have check the new book out more. Have a great trip.

  6. Will have check the new book out more. Have a great trip.

  7. Will have check the new book out more. Have a great trip.

  8. The quilt on the front cover blows me away. I also love your blue & white quilt.

  9. I made that "Fandango" quilt on the cover for a string challenge for my guild and won first place. Thought it was appropriate quilt for that challenge? You can see it on my blog:

  10. I'm patiently/anxiously waiting, for this one to show up in my mailbox ;-)

  11. Anonymous9:14 AM EDT

    now i"ll have that tune in my head all day..."hopelessly devoted to yooouuuu". can't wait to buy the new book.

  12. well, I always thought you were the scrappy queen--I also love the quilt on the cover! my my---and the blue and white does need to be in your cabin! wow! *~*CAROLE*~*

  13. Yeahhh - the Lady of Lake Erie was the one I/we did for our Raffle for 2013 - it turned out beautiful as well. We made ours a tad smaller, and added 4 blocks of soft red, and added a piped binding in soft red. I sure didn't want to lose it. We named it "Prairie Schooner" in honor of the early settlers crossing Nebraska. Thank you again for the inspiration, Bonnie. I'll be looking for the book!

  14. You are a force to be reckoned with, GirlFriend!! How you stay on the go like you do is beyond me!! Must be those Carolina pines and their aroma!! Have a safe trip ~ and lovin' the looks of "Devoted to Scraps"!

  15. ......and by the way, living 11 miles from Lake Erie in the lake-effect-snowbelt of Chardon, OH, I think Lady of the Lake should be my favorite quilt of all times!!! (sorry for the P.S. - it was an afterthought!)

  16. Oh, That book looks like a MUST have. Thanks for sharing the info. Will have to order.

  17. Oh I wonder if you had room to put some of these in your bag for Dallas? I think I need one... See you tonight! I am leaving work early so I will be on time ... can't wait!

  18. Bonnie, Lady of Lake Erie has been on my To-Do list since it appeared in Quiltmaker Magazine. My home is just behind that cherry orchard (Cherry Boom!) on the bank of Lake Erie. Today we are watching a parade of ten Tall Ships coming into Erie for the celebration of the 200th year of the Battle of Lake Erie in the War of 1812. Happy and safe travels to you! Pauline

  19. Love the Blue and white. How nice that it is already made and in KING SIZE! Perfect for the cabin. Safe travels in the big State of Texas.

  20. Wonderful new book! Love the preview! I have lot's of scraps to start something new. It's going to be hard to choose what to do first.

  21. Love the book and what is included

  22. Already bought it when I was in Salem, OR last week.


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